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TI-89/92+/V200 Hardware 2.00 AMS 2.0x TSR support v1.11


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Filename h220xtsr.zip (Download)
Title TI-89/92+/V200 Hardware 2.00 AMS 2.0x TSR support v1.11
Description This is a program which allows memory resident (TSR) programs to run stable on HW2 calculators with AMS 2.xx and without HW2Patch. It installs itself in RAM (it is a TSR itself) and will NOT modify the AMS. It is included in the current version of my memory resident programs.
Author Kevin Kofler (kevin.kofler@chello.at)
Category TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
File Size 26,977 bytes
File Date and Time Fri Jul 11 06:35:33 2003
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Travis Evans
Reviewed on 2007-02-21
Evaluation time: 25+ days (Jan. 24, 2007 to the present (Feb. 18, 2007))

Tested on: HW2 TI-89 with AMS 2.09

* Stability/Reliability: 10/10

* Features: N/A

* Size/Efficiency: 9/10

* Ease of use/Usability: 10/10

* Documentation: 9/10

* Overall: 10/10

Recommended: Yes

h220xtsr is a must for installing TSRs on HW2 calculators when HW2Patch or HW3Patch is not present. (TSRs are generally used to modify the behavior of AMS in a useful way or to make a function readily accessible almost anywhere with a key combination.) h220xtsr eliminates the execution protection "feature" that can cause crashes when TSRs are installed without it. This is h220xtsr's only purpose, and it serves it well. Before installing other TSRs, it is sent to the calculator, run, and it's installed. It can't get much easier than that. When I first tried TSRs, I kept getting random crashes in AMS and BASIC programs. h220xtsr fixed all of these. What can I say? This gets a perfect overall score of 10/10.

I recommend h220xtsr if you want to use TSRs on a HW2 calculator but would rather not modify the AMS with HW2Patch or HW3Patch. However, HW3 and HW4 calculators (i.e. the TI-89 Titanium) must be patched with HW3Patch instead of using h220xtsr.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
developr/asm/h220xtsr.h   2248
developr/c/h220xtsr.h   3089
developr/h220xtsr.a   1652
developr/h220xtsr.asm   17041
developr/h220xtsr.tpr   329
user/h220xtsr.asm   15503
user/h220xtsr.89z   1541
user/h220xtsr.9xz   1541
user/h220xtsr.tpr   329
user/unin2tsr.9xz   797
user/unin2tsr.asm   6110
user/unin2tsr.tpr   329
user/unin2tsr.89z   797
readme.txt   15979

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