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Eric Piel


Eric Piel (Eric.Piel@etu.utc.fr)

Ranked number 111 in authors with the most files with 38 files.
Ranked number 146 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 182414 downloads.
Ranked number 55 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 135 downloads.


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File Title Category
82mcharm.gif TI-82 Menu Character Map Misc. Informational Files
baryctr.zip Barycenter TI-82 BASIC Math Programs
bombman.asm BomberMan MultiPlayer v0.03 TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
bombmmp.zip BomberMan MultiPlayer v0.21 TI-82 Assembly Games (CrASH)
bougecra.asm BougEcran TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
bougecra.zip BougEcran TI-82 Assembly Graphics (CrASH)
brik.zip Brik TI-82 BASIC Games (Arcade/Pong, Pinball)
calccont.asm CalcControl v1.0 TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
calccont.zip CalcControl TI-82 Assembly Misc. Programs (CrASH)
calccont.zip Calccont (19.006) TI-82 Assembly Misc. Programs (CrASH 19.006)
cambodge.zip Cambodge TI-82 BASIC Games (Puzzle)
chirom.zip ChiRom TI-82 BASIC Misc. Programs
contrast.asm Contrast v3.0c TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
contrast.zip Contrast TI-82 Assembly Misc. Programs (CrASH)
crasm82plug.zip Crasm82 Plugin for AsmStudio Windows Assembly Utilities
facteur.zip Facteur TI-82 BASIC Math Programs
fourmi.zip Fourmi TI-82 BASIC Misc. Programs
graph3d.zip Graph 3D TI-82 BASIC Math Programs
hexeditc.asm HexEditor v1.2 TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
hexeditc.zip HexEditor v1.2 TI-82 Assembly Misc. Programs (CrASH)
janken.zip Janken TI-82 BASIC Games (Chance)
mastmind.zip MasterMind TI-82 BASIC Games (Puzzle)
modulo.zip Modulo TI-82 BASIC Math Programs
monkey.zip Monkey TI-82 BASIC Games (Puzzle)
nbrpre.zip NbrPre TI-82 BASIC Math Programs
pharaon.zip Pharaon TI-82 BASIC Games (Puzzle)
serpent.zip Serpent TI-82 BASIC Games (Snake)
tasm80ssl.zip Updated TASM Z80 Table with the SSL Function DOS Assembly Utilities
techno82.zip Techno 82 v1.0 TI-82 Assembly Sound Programs (Crash)
tetris5.zip Tetris TI-82 BASIC Games (Puzzle)
tron.asm Tron v1.1 TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
tron.zip Tron v1.1 TI-82 Assembly Games (CrASH)
urane.asm Urane v1.00 TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
urane.zip Urane TI-82 Assembly Games (CrASH)
urane.zip Urane TI-82 BASIC Games (Arcade/Chasing, Dodging)
wave.asm WaVe! v1.0 TI-82 Assembly Source (CrASH)
wave.zip WaVe! v1.0 TI-82 Assembly Games (CrASH)
yamm.zip Yamm TI-82 BASIC Games (Board)

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