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BearSoft (bjorn.odelfalk@chello.se

Ranked number 445 in authors with the most files with 14 files.
Ranked number 534 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 58585 downloads.
Ranked number 794 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 18 downloads.


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File Title Category
blob92.zip Blob92 TI-92 Plus Assembly Games
blob.zip Blob2 - Beat this dynamic AI TI-89 Assembly Games (Board)
fifteen.asm Fifteen Game TI-86 Assembly Source
fifteen.zip Fifteen Game TI-86 Assembly Games
impuzzle.zip Impuzzible TI-86 Assembly Games
mnemonic.zip Mnemonic TI-86 Assembly Games
pga97.zip PGA 97 v0.5 Beta TI-83 BASIC Games (Sports)
raytrint.zip Raytrint - Raytracing in TI-BASIC TI-89 Assembly Libraries
raytrint.zip Raytrint - Raytracing in TI-BASIC TI-92 Plus Assembly Libraries
realgolf.zip RealGolf - 3D Golf at its best! TI-89 Assembly Games (Sports)
sun92.zip Sun - Earth Illumination Simulator TI-92 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs
sun.zip Sun - Earth Illumination Simulator TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
trapped.zip Trapped in 3D TI-89 Assembly Games (Puzzle)
treemap.zip Treemap - File Visualization Utility TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs

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