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Last updated Friday, 21 December 2012
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kernelfolder TI-92 Plus Assembly Science Programs (Kernel)
yapt.zip321k10-12-01File rated 8.27Yapt (Yet Another Periodic Table)
** fixed for the titanium ** This is a periodic table program. Its got a bunch of cool features like a molar mass calculator, full 2d electron cloud orbital diagramer, smart searches, a trend grapher, and much more.
balance.zip6k04-10-17File is not ratedChemical Formual Balancer
It balances chemical formulas for you. Some Intelligence required.
bce.zip25k22-06-20File is not ratedChemical Calculator
A powerful program to solve chemical equations that calculates stoichiometric coefficients and proportions of reactants and products in moles or mass. Un poderoso programa para resolver ecuaciones químicas que calcula coeficientes estequiométricos y proporciones de reactantes y productos en moles o masa.
curvas.zip58k04-07-24File is not ratedCurvas v2.2
Programa de Viales para calcular los elementos de Curvas Circulares Simples: Sencillas, Compuestas, Punto Obligado, PI Inaccesible.
dct.zip47k03-03-05File is not ratedDCT
Discrete Cosine Transform
dnabase.zip4k01-02-13File is not ratedDNA Codon Solver v1.0
Not only does this codon solver convert between DNA codons, RNA codons, and DNA anticodons, it also displays the amino acid that the codon describes and its common abbreviation and amino code. Very easy-to-use interface! Download now! (Note: Don't let the size of the zip fool you ;)
gaslaws92p.zip4k00-02-28File is not ratedGas Laws
Chem add-on solves for the combined gas laws.
gaslaws.zip11k03-05-19File is not ratedTI Gas Laws
This was just packaged for the TI-86, TI-89, TI-92+, and V200. It displays the 7 gaslaws and formulas. It doesn't do the work for you.
integralmm.zip2k04-03-16File is not ratedCálculo de integrais M.M' v1.2
Este programa calcula integrais do tipo M.M' para barras. É bastante útil para o cálculo de deslocamentos em estruturas pelo método das forças. Apresenta os diagramas dos momentos real e virtual, e o valor do integral de M.M'.
polyions.zip7k01-02-13File is not ratedPolyions
A must-have for any student enrolled in a chemistry class. A list of 99 ions from Acetate to Zirconium IV. Alphabetized and easy-jump interface. Download now! (Note: Don't let the size of the zip fool you ;)
resistance.zip3k01-04-15File is not ratedResistance Color Codes v1.0
This is "NoStub"(kernel-less) program that given a resistance value it will give you its color code.
resistor.zip4k01-02-13File is not ratedResistor Color Codes
A quick program that will help you make sense of 4-banded resistors. Calculates in ohms and the accuracy of the resistor based on the color codes you input. Also features an on-screen graphic representation of the resistor. (Note: Don't let the size of the zip fool you ;)
shockevaluator1.00a.zip5k03-12-08File is not ratedShock Evaluator
It calculates all the relevant parameters of a DeLaval nozzle in a Q1D theory (such as the area of the schock,the stagnation pressure after the shock, exit mach number,etc.). Best suited for mechanical and aerospace engineer students, for the gasdynamics and fluiddynamics courses. Only in italian version, but the readme file included helps understanding what the software asks for people whose native language is not italian.
sigfig.zip21k01-12-16File is not ratedSigfig v. 1.31
Keeps the number of significant figures in the final result for you.
smartbars.zip391k05-12-17File is not ratedSmart-Bars V2.50
Structural analysis program (static) for TI89, TI89-Titanium, TI92+ and V200. It was distributed to help students of civil engineering an other technical fields. It provides graphic and tabular view of the input and results. Features: material/section database, beam/truss elements, springs, hinges, supports, node loads, trapezoidal element loads, temperature, forced displacements and dead load. Calculated values: axial and lateral forces, moments, deformations, minimum and maximum moment and deformation of each element, deformations of each node, support forces. Translations into other languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish) and more information are available on http://www.smart-programs.org .
smartsec.zip247k04-11-11File is not ratedSmart-Section V2.01
Smart-Section is a program for TI89, TI89-Titanium, TI92+ and V200 which calculates cross section values, stress distribution and the core of a cross section or composite cross section. It was distributed to help students of civil engineering and other technical fields. It provides graphic input/output and a tabular view of the results. Features: calculation of polygonal cross sections and composite cross sections, additional use of circle elements, section generator for cross sections that are often used, stress distribution, core of a cross section and scroll and zoomable drawing area. Calculated cross section values: area, perimeter of section, static moments, center of area, moments of inertia, moment of deviation, maximum and minimum moment of inertia, radius of gyration, minimum resistive torque, stress in x-direction, coordinates of the core of the cross section. Translations into other languages (German, Spanish) are available on http://homepage.uibk.ac.at/~csac7688/ .
sqelemw.zip9k03-01-17File is not ratedSymbulator Element Writer
This program is like an IDE for the symbulator. It provides a multi-line text editor interface with syntax help and a listing of possible elements to use.
thermoevaluator.zip11k02-08-28File is not ratedThermoEvalutor
It calculates thermodynamics data for saturated water
tiare.zip424k05-12-24File is not ratedTIARE (Astronomy)
TIARE is an Astronomical Ephemeris for major planets and Sun. This one works correctly with TI89 and V200 calcs - Version 0.6 beta 2
tifracalc.zip4k02-02-16File is not ratedTIFraCalc
Mandelbrot Fractal Generator
totalimpedancecalcultaor9.zip17k12-12-21File is not ratedTotal Impedance Calculator
This program adds Resistors,Capacitors & Inductors that are in A.C(Parallel and Series) Networks. This program is very important for electrical engineering students and those students taking similar courses to electronics.
traits.zip3k01-02-14File is not ratedTrait Analyzer
Simply put, you can enter the percentage of a population that has a trait as heterozygous recessive and determine what percents have it has homozygous/heterozygous dominant. It is based on the TI-85 BASIC program called Xevolve. Have fun with it!

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