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Number of files 96
Last updated Tuesday, 11 April 2023
Total downloads 438,623
Most popular file  JezzBall v1.6 with 7,464 downloads.

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ugpbrwse.zip2k23-04-11File is not ratedUGPBrwse v1.00
UGPBrwse v1.00 (source code).
ugplib.zip4k23-04-11File is not ratedUgplib Library
Ugplib Library (source code)
sfx92.zip2k23-04-11File is not ratedSFX92 1.01
SFX92 1.01 (source code)
brwselib.zip7k23-04-11File is not ratedFile Browser Library
File Browser Library (source code)
pk92lib.zip3k23-04-11File is not ratedPk92lib Library
Pk92lib Library (source code)
fpl2.zip10k23-04-11File is not ratedFPL II
FPL II (source code)
play.zip4k23-04-11File is not ratedPlay
QBasic like Play Routine (source code)
tiano.zip4k23-04-11File is not ratedTIano v1.00
TIano v1.00 source code
sound.zip2k23-04-11File is not ratedSoundLib Example
fsrout4b.zip4k23-04-11File is not ratedFSRout4B
FSRout4B (source code)
fpl.zip10k23-04-11File is not ratedThe Fargo Program Launcher
The Fargo Program Launcher (source code)
shrnklib.zip10k23-04-11File is not ratedShrinkLib
ShrinkLib (source code)
zahlenrtselsrc.zip149k06-12-10File is not ratedSource Code of Zahlenr├Ątsel 1.2
smasrc.zip76k01-06-01File is not ratedSMA v0.38
The latest version of the famous Sonic Game
puiss4.asm8k99-09-09File is not ratedPower 4
e2src92.zip30k99-07-17File is not ratedExpander2 TI-92 Driver Source
Expander2 TI-92 Driver Source (GPL'd)
openw3d.zip133k99-06-21File is not ratedWorld in 3D (Open Source Version)
An OpenSource Raycasting engine
protec.asm1k99-03-02File is not ratedProtection v1.0 Beta
baseconv.zip4k99-03-02File is not ratedBase Conversion v1.0 Beta
irremote.asm6k99-03-01File is not ratedIR Remote
irchat92.asm6k99-03-01File is not ratedInfraRed Chat v0.1
allphps.asm3k99-03-01File is not ratedTest All RC5 Codes with the IR Link v2.2
telecran.asm3k99-03-01File is not ratedTelecran v1.0 Beta
fer3c.zip67k99-02-03File is not ratedFernando 3-C and Level Editor Release 0.29
xrak.asm9k99-01-05File is not ratedXRak v0.5
supercar2.zip19k99-01-03File is not ratedSupercar II v0.6
chiplib.asm23k98-12-31File is not ratedChip8/SChip8 Emulation Library v0.9 Beta
breakout.asm23k98-11-15File is not ratedBreakout v0.1
textes.asm8k98-11-02File is not ratedText Tester v2.0
sound6d.zip2k98-09-19File is not ratedSound6d
Source code to Sound6d. A program that plays a two-part song with real chords.
complib.asm10k98-09-16File is not ratedComplib Library
Source code to Complib Library. Library to compress and extract files. Used with Compress v1.0 by Marc Teyssier.
compress.asm6k98-09-16File is not ratedCompress v1.0
Source code to Compress v1.0. Compress and extract files on the TI 92. Required libraries: flib, complib.
megacar.asm23k98-09-12File is not ratedMegaCar v1.0
Source code to MegaCar v1.0. A racing game with external level support and high scores. Required libraries: flib.
ghell.zip16k98-09-12File is not ratedGNU Hell on Earth v0.16 Beta
Source code to GNU Hell on Earth v0.16 Beta. A 3D engine example game for the TI-92. Released under the GNU General Public License. Required libraries: flib.
tv.asm5k98-09-09File is not ratedTV v0.1
Files viewer
jezzball.asm26k98-09-09File is not ratedJezzBall v1.6
Source code to JezzBall v1.6. JezzBall clone for the TI 92. Required libraries: flib.
falldown.zip5k98-09-09File is not ratedFallDown v2.1
Source code to FallDown v2.1. A game where you drive a ball through a maze for as long as you can, without the ball reaching the top. Features five levels of difficulty and high scores. Required libraries: flib, hufflib.
monop.asm81k98-09-03File is not ratedMonopoly 92 Beta
Source code to Monopoly 92 Beta. Monopoly clone for the TI-92. All things are not done yet. Required libraries: flib, linelib.
tron.asm8k98-08-30File is not ratedTron v1
Source code to Tron v1. A simple two player tron game. Required libraries: flib.
element.asm7k98-08-28File is not ratedElement v1.1
Source code to Element v1.1. Graphical periodic table program. Gives you the name, atomic number, molar weight, volumic weight, electronegativity, boiling point, melting point, enthalpy of fusion, enthalpy of vaporization, and calorific capacity for each element. Includes English and French versions. Required libraries: flib, graphlib, hexlib, pk92lib.
per3lib.zip1k98-08-09File is not ratedFernando 3 Library
Source code to Fernando 3 library. A library used by the game Fernando 3.
hide.asm1k98-08-07File is not ratedHide v1.0
Utility that lets you hide/unhide variables so they don't appear in the var-link menu.
sndlib.zip2k98-07-24File is not ratedSound Library v1.0
minehunt.asm7k98-07-24File is not ratedMinehunt v1.0
Source code to Minehunt v1.0. A game where you must try to advoid the mines and get to your goal. Required libraries: flib.
arkalvl.asm20k98-07-23File is not rated[9 levels] Arkalvl for Technoid
Source code to Arkalvl. Nine levels for Technoid. Also explains how to create your own custom levels.
linkport.asm3k98-07-12File is not ratedLinkPort Dump
Displays everything received from the linkport on the screen. Everything you type on the keyboard is sent out the linkport.
ttt.zip3k98-07-11File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe v1.1 Beta
Source code to Tic-Tac-Toe v1.1 Beta. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Jerome Cornet. Clone of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game. Simple two player game. Required libraries: flib.
tic.zip1k98-07-11File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe v1.0
Source code to Tic-Tac-Toe v1.0. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Jerome Cornet. Clone of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game. Simple one player game against the calculator. Required libraries: flib.
ftron.asm9k98-07-11File is not ratedFTron v1.0 Beta 2
Source code to FTron v1.0 Beta 2. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Jerome Cornet. A two player tron game. Required libraries: flib.
connect4.zip2k98-07-11File is not ratedFConnect4 v1.1
Source code to FConnect4 v1.1. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Jerome Cornet. Clone of the classic game Connect Four. Required libraries: flib, hexlib.
dumbadv.zip2k98-07-11File is not ratedDumb Adventure v2.0
Source code to Dumb Adventure v2.0. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Jerome Cornet. A little stupid role playing game. Required libraries: flib, hexlib.
lzsslib.zip2k98-07-11File is not ratedLZSS Compression Library v1.1
General purpose compression library
tinxlib.zip2k98-06-28File is not ratedTinxLib Library
Source code to TinxLib library. Library that generates landscapes for Tinx.
molmas.asm13k98-06-11File is not ratedMolar Mass Calculator v2.0
Source code to Molar Mass Calculator v2.0. Calculates the molar mass of molecules. Required libraries: flib.
test.zip3k98-06-05File is not ratedExample TI-BASIC and Fargo Factorial Functions
tab.zip8k98-05-30File is not ratedTAB v2.01
Source code to TAB v2.01. A graphical periodic table of the elements program. Gives you the atomic number, name, symbol, oxidation state, electronic configuration, and the atomic mass of each element. Includes English, French, and Swedish versions. Required libraries: flib, hufflib.
doorspic.asm1k98-05-27File is not ratedDoors Picture Viewer v1.0
supercar1.zip14k98-05-27File is not ratedSupercar I v1.0
Source code to Supercar I v1.0. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Antoine Jalabert. Racing game that features both one and two player modes. Required libraries: flib, hufflib.
fer3.zip21k98-05-08File is not ratedFernando 3 v2.5
Source code to Fernando 3 v2.5. A clone of a Mario type game. Required libraries: fer3lib, flib, gray4lib, pk92lib.
sim92.asm7k98-05-02File is not ratedSim92 v0.2 Beta
Source code to Sim92 v0.2 Beta. A game where the goal is to not make a triangle with your segments. Required libraries: flib.
tidos.zip11k98-04-29File is not ratedTiDOS v0.9.1
tunnel.asm8k98-04-26File is not ratedTunnel v0.5 Beta
Source code to Tunnel v0.5 Beta. Contains three versions: the full game, a lite version, and a speedy version. Guide your ship through the tunnel for as long as possible. Required libraries: flib, hexlib, linelib.
tetris.zip9k98-04-17File is not ratedTetris v2.3
Source code to tetris v2.3. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by MXM Projects. The best tetris game for any calculator. Play a link game between a TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, TI-86, TI-92, or TI-92 Plus! Required libraries: flib, gray4lib, mxmlib.
mxmfall.zip7k98-04-17File is not ratedMXM Falldown v1.5
Source code to MXM Falldown v1.5 Only works on a TI-92 II. A game where you drive a ball through a maze for as long as you can, without the ball reaching the top. Required libraries: flib, gray4lib, hufflib, mxmlib.
tsrpass.zip4k98-04-17File is not ratedTSR Password 1.0
bd.zip13k98-04-16File is not ratedBoulderDash v1.1 Beta 5
Source code to BoulderDash v1.1 Beta 5. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Skip Jordan. Clone of the classic game for the Atari, Amiga, PC, Nintendo, and Gameboy. Objective is to search each cave and collect as many jewels as possible, while dodging falling boulders and other enemies, in a short time peroid. Required libraries: flib, gray4lib.
samegame.asm14k98-04-11File is not ratedSameGame v1.1
Source code to SameGame v1.1 Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Skip Jordan. A clone of SameGame for the PC and Insane Game for the TI-85. The goal of the game is to eliminate as many tiles on the screen as possible and to do that, you have to use your brain! Required libraries: flib.
port.asm4k98-04-11File is not ratedI/O Test 1.00
romdump1.asm1k98-04-10File is not ratedDump ROM to Link Port (raw)
testfunc.asm2k98-04-10File is not ratedTest Function
sprite.asm5k98-04-10File is not ratedSprite Test
sierpin.asm1k98-04-10File is not ratedSierpinski Triangle
romdump2.asm1k98-04-10File is not ratedDump ROM to Link Port (ASCII)
langston.asm1k98-04-10File is not ratedLangston's Ant
hexdump.asm1k98-04-10File is not ratedHexadecimal Memory Viewer
triglib.zip3k98-04-08File is not ratedTrigLib Library 4.0
contrast.asm1k98-04-06File is not ratedContrast 1.0
iog.asm1k98-04-05File is not ratedIOGraph (prgmIO screen to graph screen)
gencode.zip1k98-04-03File is not ratedGenetic Code v1.0
Source code to Genetic Code v1.0. A tiny tool that gives the meaning of a codon on the RNA. Required libraries: flib.
torus.zip5k98-03-28File is not ratedTorus Demo 1.1
linelib.zip1k98-03-28File is not ratedLinelib Library
morph.asm1k98-03-15File is not ratedGrayscale Morph into "Master Yoda"
Source code to Grayscale Morph into "Master Yoda". Grayscale morph into the lengendary "Master Yoda" from Star Wars. Required libraries: flib, gray4lib, gray7lib, pk92lib, ugplib.
mandel.zip4k98-03-15File is not ratedMandelbrot Set
bingo.asm9k98-03-15File is not ratedBingo v0.7 Beta
Source code to Bingo v0.7 Beta. Final beta release. Game where you must guess the number chosen by the calculator. English and French versions. Required libraries: flib, hexlib.
dyna92_2.asm26k98-03-12File is not ratedDyna92 2.0
Source code to Dyna92 v2.0. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Dolphy. A dynablaster's clone with 2 players. Required libraries: flib, hexlib.
bigjoke.zip2k98-03-10File is not ratedReal MultiTasking Kernel
stablizr.asm5k98-03-04File is not ratedSystem Stabilizer 0.7
error.asm4k98-03-04File is not ratedError Tester
bcircle.zip2k98-03-03File is not ratedBresenham's Circle Algorithm
bline.asm2k98-03-01File is not ratedBresenham's Line Algorithm
apd2.asm1k98-02-13File is not ratedAuto Power Down Changer 2.0
hufflib.zip1k98-02-07File is not ratedHufflib Library 1.1
nibbles.zip3k98-02-07File is not ratedNibbles
Source code to Nibbles. Ported from Fargo 0.1.x by Gael Queri. Nibbles clone for the TI-92. Features ten levels. Required libraries: flib.
tester.asm1k98-02-05File is not ratedCode Tester 1.0
mine.zip7k98-02-05File is not ratedMinesweeper 2.1
hex.asm5k98-01-17File is not ratedHex Editor 1.3

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