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Last updated Wednesday, 2 March 2005
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adbook.zip2k00-03-13File is not ratedAddress Book
this is a utility which class name,address,e-mail,etc... A Option to find entry is present.
addrbk.zip1k00-01-15File is not ratedAddress Book Beta 5 Build 2
addrbook.zip12k99-02-28File is not ratedAddress Book v1.4
Address management program
address2.zip1k00-04-21File is not ratedAddress Book v1.00
An address book
address.zip3k00-04-22File is not ratedAddress Book v1.00
Address Book
adresses.zip19k03-03-10File is not ratedCarnet d'adresses
Un carnet d'adresses, pour stoquer les noms, adresses, no de tel et email de vos amis.
agenda1.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedPseudo Agenda
with this u can write small texts and see them cooly and better than with the classic txt editor(i think)
agenda3.00.zip10k03-03-06File is not ratedAgenda
Pour noter des evenements, des devoirs, ...
agenda89v1.zip1k03-12-18File is not ratedagenda89v1.0
a helpful program for recording names, numbers, and assignments. Holds 25. Similar to my 83 version
agenda.zip1k98-09-18File is not ratedAgenda v1.0
An address book for names, addresses, and phone numbers.
annuaire_directory.zip31k01-12-16File is not ratedAnnuaire
[Français]:Un programmes permettant de transformer sa TI 92+ en un véritable répertoire... Trés simple d'emploie avec de nombreuse possibilitées tel que le codage de l'accés , l'échange de contacts avec d'autres calculatrices!!!! [English]:A pogram who change your TI 92+ into a personal database management... It's easy to use and have a lot of possibilities , like exchanging contacts, protected acces...
binder.zip7k99-12-08File is not ratedBinder 2000
Binder 2K is the updated version of Binder89. I have evolved it into a personal binder complete with a telephone directory, and search functions. A program worthy of Y2K.
calorie.zip26k03-06-16File is not ratedDaily Calorie Calculator
This program calculates your daily caloric needs based on: > Energy for basic metabolism > Energy for physical activity > Energy for digestion & SDE
calplanner.zip11k02-04-04File is not ratedCal Planner v1.1
More than just a perpetual calendar, but also a "datebook": The days with event(s) will be highlighted on the calendar, so you can quickly look for upcoming events. Multiple events can be entered on one day.
carnet.zip4k01-01-04File is not ratedGestionnaire de carnets d'adresses
clacemit.zip8k05-03-02File is not ratedClacEmit
A program to add up the time you worked.
contax.zip2k02-07-15File is not ratedContax
This is a small, simple contact management program.
dariscompil.zip43k04-03-17File is not ratedDari's Compil
You have a MP3 compil ? But you never remember what it contains ? So that is for you. Just write a TEXT file and launch it, and you will see your compil sorted by albums and titles !
database.zip1k98-09-23File is not ratedDatabase
Store important addresses and contacts, enter info as you would on an envelope. Sorts data alphabetically by last name and displays it neatly as it would be written to send. Also enter notes about a person or important reminders.
diary.zip1k99-06-01File is not ratedDiary
A simple diary program.
f2k_dv.zip15k02-02-10File is not ratedFriends 2000 Developers Version v5.0
This is a advanced graphical address book. I put many hours into making it bug free, and easy to use. It has slots for all info, plus an extra "Misc. Info" slot. Very Good Program! This version has a commented source, and some info in the readme on how it works. A must if you want to edit it, the regular one has been un-commented to save on space.
f2k.zip5k02-02-10File is not ratedFriends 2000 v5.0
This is a advanced graphical address book. I put many hours into making it bug free, and easy to use. It has slots for all info, plus an extra "Misc. Info" slot. Very Good Program!
gestcd.zip16k03-03-10File is not ratedGestionnaire de CDs
Pour faire une base de données avec vos CDs (Musique, Films, ...)
identity.zip1k98-09-06File is not ratedIdentity v1.0
Identity is a simple program that lets you put your name, address, and phone # on your calc, and lock the info if you want to.
infobook.zip1k01-08-06File is not ratedInfoBook89
Great organizer for the 89. Manages email addresses and/or phone numbers. Easy to use interface for adding/viewing info, and the program takes up only 4600 bytes!
notes.zip11k02-03-01File is not ratedGestion de notes
Un programme qui permet de gérer les notes de 10 matières sur 3 trimestres avec toutes les moyennes coefficientées comme vous le souhaitez avec en prime un graphique de vos notes
organize2.zip4k00-05-12File is not ratedUltimate Organizer
Organize your life with this organizer!
organizer.zip63k03-04-28File is not ratedOrganizer 89
For ROM 2.07 or 2.08 An organizer in fullscreen (using asm librairy) which allows you to note your work or whatever you want. You can also set messages which will be shown on the calculator startup.
organize.zip1k98-10-01File is not ratedOrganize
Store important dates and reminders, keep track of your appointments with this handy and graphical dayplanner.
organiz.zip5k00-12-10File is not ratedOrganiz' v1.1
Organiz is a very powerful organizer with many features: perpetual calendar, personal data...
organ.zip5k99-05-02File is not ratedOrgan v1.0
A powerful and useful organizer.
palmcalc.zip10k00-11-07File is not ratedPalmCalc v1.2
PalmCalc is a day planner for the TI89 graphing calculator. This program features 7 entries for every day of the week, animated menus, PASSWORD PROTECTION, and a FULL SCREEN EDITOR. Includes extensive documentation and screen shots. This program is a plus for any person that needs to get their "stuff" in order!
pa.zip3k04-09-06File is not ratedpersonal address
The TI89 is still on your desk at work. Why not also your address database. I wrote one at a shit weather Saturday:
pda.zip14k00-04-03File is not ratedPDA-89 r7
A PDA package. This is the final Basic release unless any huge bugs turn up. The next release will be an assembly version under a new name. Keep track of your homework and friends with this.
phdir.zip4k01-06-01File is not ratedPhone Directory v1.8
Store important phone numbers and more
phone14.zip3k03-07-24File is not ratedPhone / Address Book
Easily the best phone book program around. Scrolling, searching, and easy storage of extra information make it great.
phone.zip1k01-02-20File is not ratedPhone Directory
Stores phone numbers. You can clear phone number memory and search by name. Obviously, you can input phone numbers. It has no limit as long as your calc can support the memory. You only need 909 bytes for the program.
pim.zip1k00-05-15File is not ratedElbow Grease
A personal information manager. Has contacts, reminders, and a calendar. Very useful.
plan_it.zip17k00-09-17File is not ratedPlan It! Daily Organizer v1.2
Plan It version 1.2--the best organizer available! ! Store all your homework assignments and reminders here in one easy place--no more small pieces of paper to lose!Much upgraded capacities from the first release. Runs much faster and uses a date-track system to ensure you get your dates right! Guaranteed to be a keeper on your calc!
planner76.zip1k03-04-08File is not ratedPlanner 7 (6)
better than Planner 6 (see planner 6)
planner89.zip5k04-05-05File is not ratedPlanner89
A very small organizer for people who want to save space. Not as nice as the other planners, but it's functional and smaller than a ppg decompressor
plannerv2.0.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedPlanner v2.0
Keep track of up to 4 assignments for 6 periods, very esay to use and does not take up much space
plannerv6.0.zip2k03-03-23File is not ratedPlanner v6.0
Choose between 6 or 7 periods now! assignments-reduced space
planner.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedPlanner v2.0
An update to Planner 1.0, this handy organizer is 100 times better than the original. Some features are: store up to 28 assignments in 7 classes, password protection, 3 memos, a shedule, and many many more! Very user-freindly and easy to use; and it's not that big!
reperte.zip4k01-01-06File is not ratedRepert v1.3 (English)
This program is a diary with a password protection and a link transfert
repert.zip5k01-03-25File is not ratedRepert v1.6
Ce programme est un répertoire incluant une liaison par cable et une protection par mot de passe
roladex.zip1k99-06-06File is not ratedRoladex
A graphic organizer.
roledex.zip1k00-05-13File is not ratedRoledex
A simple organizer for the ti-89. Includes find, edit, delete, add. Very simple. Keeps information archived so little RAM is used. Error free. By Aaron Ligon.
schedule.zip32k00-09-26File is not ratedSchedule 89 v1.0b
Great scheduler program that goes from 1000 bce to 4000 bce and allows an unlimited number of days with up to five appointments per day. Enhanced with FLIB.
soso.zip8k02-04-11File is not ratedSOrt SOngs v1.00
SOrt SOngs v1.00 A small program to sort the songs in a music cassette to minimize the space on the side A. It uses a modified version of the knapsack algorithm
superorg.zip7k01-03-26File is not ratedSuper Organizer (French)
Il y avait beaucoup de bugs dans la version antérieure. Mais, cette fois-ci je garantis le meilleur arrangeur de devoirs conçu jusqu'à maintenant.
tifrance.zip16k03-03-05File is not ratedTi-France Journal
Ti-France est un journal entièrement on-calc : vous y trouverez des news , des tests , des screenshots et le top jeux (ca a été dur de les départager...) Mailez-moi vos commentaires ! English :If you want a english update , mail me . If you don't I won't do the translation...)
tipalmos.zip2k03-10-30File is not ratedTI Palm OS v1.1
A TI-Basic replacement to the "contacts" part of TI's new Organizer Application. This is one of my favorites of my programs!!! (see readme for more details) NOTE: This version includes the "info" file I forgot before...sorry to all you who couldn't get it to work the first time...
whattodo.zip10k04-04-06File is not ratedWhat to Do?
What to Do? is a program for those who have way too many hobbies and can never decide on which one to work on. :-) It works by letting you create virtual spinners with the names of your projects, and you can then spin them to see which one they land on. Has other uses, too.
work.zip1k99-10-27File is not ratedWork 89 v1.0
Lets you keep track of the hours you've worked (including lunch breaks). Totals the hours.
zadd.zip6k01-07-11File is not ratedZADD v 1.8
Zecoj ADDress book, make it easier than ever!

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