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Number of files 58
Last updated Saturday, 6 September 2008
Total downloads 243,062
Most popular file  AIPoker with 12,109 downloads.

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aipoker.zip73k00-02-19File is not ratedAIPoker
A version of poker that allow you to play against another person or against the computer.
bacarrat.zip2k00-05-11File is not ratedBacarrat
This Is A Graphical Version Of The Casino Card Game 'Bacarrat.' Similar To 'BlackJack.' Play Instructions Are Included.
bigbet.zip1k03-11-16File is not ratedBig Ben's Betting Bonanza
A simple betting game on the roll of two dice. Can be very addictive.
bjack89.zip2k98-09-11File is not ratedBlackJack 89 v1.0
Ported from the TI-92. Classic BlackJack game.
bjack.zip2k00-03-29File is not ratedBlack Jack
A pretty good game of black jack
bjforweb.zip2k01-02-15File is not ratedBlack Jack
I want to give a shoutout to everyone at BCAMSC. This is a simple back jack game. This is Nosaj first game. To install blackjack: send the group file to your calculator: put all game files in a new folder called "bj". Before you download this game, you must accept the following terms. 1. Nosaj is not responsible for any damages caused by this program.
bjplus.zip18k00-10-07File is not ratedBlackJack Plus
Fairly simple to use BlackJack Game in which you play for points. Ace's can be selected as either 1 or 11 and the face cards are denoted as K - King, Q - Queen, J -Jack. The object of the game is to "Hit" until you have a BlackJack (Card values add up to 21) or Stand at a score below 21, for five points of your pot back. Fifty Points are awarded for each BlackJack. Remember, it costs nothing to enter a hand, but if you bust, the house takes 10 dollars away from your pot. How much can you make!?
bjs2k2.zip20k03-07-08File is not ratedBlack Jack Supreme 2K3 v10.0
This is a very advanced Black Jack game. Features include: Great Card Graphics, Challenge Mode, High Score Mode, 3 Levels of Difficulty, 3 Save Files, Win/Loss Tracker, Money Won/Lost Tracker, Skill and Financial Statuses, Cheats (including another card game), Realistic Scoring, Double Down, Surrender, Insurance, Split Hands, a Real Deck, and much more!
bjz.zip2k02-02-16File is not ratedBlackJack Z
My own blackjack program, multiple files should extract to it's own folder and can be run from any folder. Automaticaly sets Aces to best value for your hand, you don't have to chose, graphic display, somewhat large, this is a beta and in Basic so the shuffle is somewhat slow, uses a true deck of cards. Working on a ASM version now.
blackj2.zip3k00-03-01File is not ratedBlackJ
Black jack, what did you expect?
blackj3.zip4k00-08-24File is not ratedBlackJack 89
The finest BlackJack program ever!
blackj4.zip16k00-10-20File is not ratedBlackJack
Blackjack was the first program by Illusions 2000 on the 89. It does has graphics and is fun if you like Blackjack. Version 1.3.
blackjack2000.zip3k01-02-21File is not ratedBlackJack v0.007
This is a very graphic Black Jack game. It automatically selects if an ace counts as 1 or 10. No known bugs exist. You bet money every time you hit. The object of the game is to get as much money as you can. This game is a must have. Download now!! Wassssup BCAMSC
blackjack2.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedBlackJack 89 Pro
BlackJack 89 Pro is a very addicting blackjack game. It is the smallest and fastest and easiest to play out of all BASIC blackjack games
blackjack3.zip3k06-10-28File is not ratedBlackjack 1.0
This neat program enables you to bet, hit, stand, surrender, and get insurance. You play against the dealer and start out with $5000. Will you be the one to reach $1,000,000? Try it and find out!
blackjack89.zip2k01-02-07File is not ratedBlackJack 89
The finest BlackJack program ever!
blackjack_complete.zip36k08-09-06File is not ratedBlackjack Complete
The best version of blackjack out for the 89, includes infinite save slots all in one file, high scores, doubling, splitting, insurance, a graphical interface, surrendering, intelligent ace usage, and more!!! To use: Move all files except for the program blakjack into a folder called blakjack and archive them all. You may place the program blakjack in any folder and archive it. It is the startup file. Please email me for any tips, comments (good or bad), or suggestions.
blackjack.zip3k06-10-15File is not ratedBlackJack
This Is A Graphical Version Of The Casino Card Game 'BlackJack.' Get As Close To 21 As Possible Without Going Over.
blackj.zip129k00-03-31File is not ratedBlack Jack v2.0
blakjack.zip1k03-05-14File is not ratedBlack Jack
This is a first attempt at a program that will play black jack. It's not very good, and it might still have some bugs, but I have ironed out most of them. There might be a poker game or another version of this in the near futre.
blakjak.zip2k01-02-07File is not ratedBlak Jak v1.0
This is a Black Jack game that actually uses a full set of shuffled cards. I used my newly developed playing card algorithm. I plan on implementing this algorithm into more games in the future. I have not included graphics yet, but I plan on doing so in the next release.
blckjack.zip2k98-11-21File is not ratedBlackJack v1.0
A graphical blackjack game for the ti 89
blkjack2.zip2k99-04-20File is not ratedBlkJack
A Black Jack Game packed into one file.
blkjack.89p6k03-03-07File is not ratedTI Blackjack 1.1
This is the best blackjack game avaliable for the TI-89. It is the fastest out of all the blackjack games currently released. Provides hours of entertainment!
casino2.zip4k03-04-15File is not ratedCasino v.5.4
Casino v.5.4, first public release
casino.zip11k98-12-14File is not ratedCasino v3.1a
courseeng.zip9k02-09-05File is not ratedCourse v4.0 ENG
This is a 5 Horse race game quite funny that includes a Hiscores windows.
coursefr.zip13k02-09-07File is not ratedCourse FR 4.0
This game is a horse race game in which you have to bet money on horses in order to win money.
cubepok.zip3k00-03-02File is not ratedCube Poker v1.0
dice89.zip1k99-06-09File is not ratedDice 89 v1.1
Bet on the number you think you will roll
duckrace.zip7k03-11-19File is not ratedDuckrace v .84
This is a game where you race ducks for money. You start out with $501, and you must win $100000. If you bet more than you have and lose, the game is over. If you get more than $100000, you win. All the ducks have different moving methods and they are contested against in the fairest way. This game is fully graphical and small in size. The controls are very good and it is fun to play. Soon to come in newer versions will be duck sabotages, urging ducks on in races and etc... Hope you enjoy and learn something from this game made by Alex Beresovsky!
excbetting.zip2k03-03-13File is not ratedBetting 1.41
Betting allows you to bet against the odds. You start with any amount less than one million, and work your way up. If you get 5, 6, 7, or an 8, you lose. There are two dice, so good luck.
excbj.zip5k03-12-02File is not ratedBlackJack 1.1
Blackjack. You can bet too.
holdem.zip2k08-01-06File is not ratedHoldem
After reading Author David Salanski's book "Holdem' Poker for Advanced Players" I wanted a program to help me memorize winning strategy. Something where I can analyze hand after hand. So far the program succeeds in that respect for learning the books "card groups" for hole cards. I wrote it in a few hours, and it is inefficient, ugly, amateurish and very useful! I plan to trim the obese fat off this program soon and add card odds and pot odds for the flop turn and river. I was going to wait to submit this, but after using it I realized that it is already a great brain exercise tool. One neat thing this program allows is that you can cover up your hole cards after you look at them to help exercise your ability to remember them while thinking about the flop turn and river cards. Please offer your comments as I am not really a programmer and could use the help. Thanks.
horserace.zip2k03-05-18File is not ratedHorse Racing - V.1.0.1
Try your hand at an addictive game of horses and money. Can you be the next millionare? Try to make it with only $500. Just guess a horse and win away!
hracing.zip3k99-04-16File is not ratedHorse Racing
loto.zip2k00-05-31File is not ratedLoto
A loto game for fun
lottery_game.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedLottery Game
A fun game where you play the lottery and bet money. Also, don't bet too much at one time, you might not win. Have fun and try to get rich!!!
lpoker.zip6k03-03-10File is not ratedLink Poker
Version francaise d'un poker en link
main.blkjack.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedBlackjack 1.2
The best blackjack game there is! It manages the A's for you. Perfect GUI!
main.slots.zip1k03-08-26File is not ratedSlots RX
This is a nice and compact slot machine that is very easy and fun to use.
poker2k3.zip88k04-05-25File is not ratedVirtual Poker Supreme 2K4 v5.0
This is the most advanced TI-89 Poker game to date. Features include: Great Card Graphics, Free Play Mode, High Score Mode, 3 Save Files, High Scores, Money Spent/Gained Tracker, An Outcome Tally, Other Statistics, Earnable Cheats, Unlockable Backs, The Option To Have A Real Deck, 1 or 2 Decks To Draw From, Wild 2's, Jokers, a Revolutionary Bet Screen, and Much More!
poker2.zip6k99-08-27File is not ratedPoker v3.2
Poker machine for solo game or human vs. TI-89 or human vs. human.
poker3.zip7k00-07-06File is not ratedPoker
Completely graphical multiplayer (link play) Poker for the TI-89! Runs smoothly with great graphics.
poker.zip2k99-02-28File is not ratedPoker89 v1.0
A graphical poker game for the 89
propoker89.zip60k03-11-29File is not ratedPro Poker v 1.01
ProPoker 1.01 is substantially different by common videopoker: it doesn't use a finite number of combinations, it plays his game like a real player in order to play infinite different games.
roule89.zip1k99-06-09File is not ratedRoulette 89 v1.1
Bet on the number and color the ball will land on.
roulette.zip1k02-03-06File is not ratedRoulette v1.2
This is th updated ver. of a basic roulette game
rr.zip1k06-01-19File is not ratedRussian Roulette
A game of Russian Roulette from Nechtan Productions
simpleslots.zip4k04-08-30File is not ratedSimple Slots
A fun to play easy to use slot game based off of one line vegas slots. Has a nice screen saver routine built in too. So far the code is self sufficient and clean.
simpleslot.zip7k07-03-11File is not ratedSimple Slots
A simple slot machine, enjoy!
slotmachine.zip1k06-09-26File is not ratedSlot Machine
A Slot machine game. You start out with 100 dollars and there are some cool effects like when you lose you will see an awesome effect. Note that this is the first version. I'm working on editing it to make the bet system and number spinning work better.
slots1.zip1k99-02-28File is not ratedSlots v1.0
Slot Machine Game
slots2.zip3k99-04-16File is not ratedSlot Machine
slots89.zip4k06-11-24File is not ratedSlots89
Polished, graphical slot machine on your calc!
slots.zip3k03-03-21File is not ratedSlot Machine
A game where you play a slot machine (of course). You can choose between 3 difficulty levels. The game also saves how much money you have even after you stop playing. You can choose how much you wager by pressing the plus or minus key at the machine. The graphics work very well.
snailrace.zip3k02-06-02File is not ratedSnail Race
The idea is that you are betting on racing Snails. Kind of like you bet on horses at a horse race only it's snails(dots in this version). A pretty self expainatory game. Fun to play by your self or with friends.
vpoker.zip5k03-03-07File is not ratedVisual Poker
Nouvelle version francaise

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