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Number of files 38
Last updated Thursday, 12 March 2020
Total downloads 38,229
Most popular file  GRAMCRFT - 2D Minecraft in Grammer! with 2,174 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83/84 Plus Files (not including the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/CE)
blockeat2.zip16k18-09-05File is not ratedBlockeat2
Like blockeat with diagonal and chess knights moves.
blockeat.zip1k11-09-29File is not ratedBlock Eater
Can you omnomnom 150 blocks in time O.O ?
checkers.zip1k12-01-22File is not ratedCheckers (Grammer)
This is a classic checkers game.
fontconvert.zip1k20-03-03File is not ratedFont Converter
This is an Omnicalc and zStart font converter which allows you to convert font sets from one type to another.
gfloat.zip7k19-01-22File is not ratedGrammer Float Module
Requires Grammer and up. This module provides an interface between Floatlib and Grammer, allowing programs to use floating-point operations!
gfntedit.zip2k19-12-21File is not ratedGFNTEDT v2.5.8
With Grammer's new internal font format, here is an updated (and improved!) font editor :)
gfntedt.zip2k11-11-30File is not ratedGrammer Font Editor
This is an on-calc font editor for Grammer 2.
ghexdez.zip1k19-12-19File is not ratedHex Dec with calculations
Help under F1.
gramcrft.zip118k12-03-29File is not ratedGRAMCRFT - 2D Minecraft in Grammer!
No real exciting new features in this update. I'm just really excited about the main screen. So beautiful... *sniff*
grammer1.05.07.11.zip185k11-10-21File is not ratedGrammer v1.20.10.11
Grammer is an interpreted programming language with support for sprites, drawing, math, particle effects, OS variable interaction, and much more. Heck, even gray scale can be done! If a program doesn't work for you, try the App version about to be released!
grammer2.zip349k20-02-17File is not ratedGrammer 2.51
This app/shell provides the fast and powerful Grammer 2 programming language! In this update are lots of bugfixes and lots of docs: Grammer 2.51 is here :) I made a lot of graphics-related updates, so now you can use smooth-scrolling tilemaps, archived fonts (except for variable-width Grammer-format fonts), and the Menu( command now works with custom fonts, among other things!
grammerlib.zip2k20-03-12File is not ratedMimas: Grammer Include File
This is a replication of the grammer2.5.inc file for Grammer converted into the Mimas library format. It's open for distribution if you'd like. You can also modify the library however you'd like to fit your liking. No documentation on the library at the moment.
grammerrun.zip2k11-10-26File is not ratedGrammer Run! FINAL
It's the final version of grammer run. Enjoy!
grammertetris.zip12k11-11-23File is not ratedGrammer Tetris Version 1.0
Well, here it is! The final version of the first Tetris program made in Grammer! I don't think that I have to describe what Tetris is... ^^ Oh, Grammer is enclosed! Check out the screenie and enjoy!
graydraw.zip2k19-09-18File is not ratedGrayDraw
This is a 3-level (or 4-level) grayscale image editor written in Grammer. It features rectangle drawing, line drawing, and circle drawing, all in grayscale, and using the latest improvements to Grammer 2.
graysprt.zip1k12-02-29File is not ratedGrayTile Editor (Grammer)
This is a program that can be used to edit and create grayscale tile sets for Grammer. It can also be used to create masked sprite sets. Hopefully this makes things much easier !
grvtyfun.zip1k12-02-29File is not ratedGravity Fun
Using the latest Grammer features, GrvtyFun is a fast, grayscale, gravity simulator. It features the ability to add or remove objects and change the gravity vectors. Enjoy!
grvty.zip2k11-09-28File is not ratedGravity Sim (Grammer)
This is a gravity simulator made in Grammer code. This now features up to 16 objects bouncing around the screen, all reacting to a global gravity that you can control.
gsnake.zip1k11-09-30File is not ratedGrammer Snake
Move snake while not bumping on walls or yourself. And see the score!
gsprtedt.zip2k11-11-30File is not ratedSprite Editor (Grammer)
This is a sprite and tile editor for Grammer sprite sets and tile sets. It lets you create a sprite set with a given width and height and number of sprites and it then lets you edit the sprite set with tools including clipboard functions (like copy/paste/undo). Have fun!
gtunnel2.zip1k19-09-18File is not ratedGTunnel 2
Using new features in Grammer 2, this is an updated version to the original Grammer Tunnel game.
gtunnel.zip1k11-09-28File is not ratedGTunnel
This is a tunnel game written in Grammer! As you get deeper into the tunnel, weaving your way through becomes more and more difficult until you finally hit a wall! Highscore is kept, too! Have fun and feel free to e-mail if you have questions!
guadratic.zip1k19-09-17File is not rated[Grammer] Quadratic Solver (v2)
Bask in the glory of Quadratic Solvers, this time in Grammer! Updated to look prettier and to use the now built-in float operations of Grammer 2 :) Enjoy!
hybrideditor.zip2k20-03-03File is not ratedHybrid Editor
This is a tilemap and sprite editor packed into one program made in Grammer. You can copy and paste sprites, scroll on the map editor, and you have a status bar at the bottom of the screen to tell you your coordinates and what the current tile is. The tilemap editor has a sprite selector. Currently the program supports up to 96 sprites for one tile sheet.
lytsout.zip1k11-11-30File is not ratedLytsOut
This is a fun mini game that is like Lights Out. Check the screenie for a better explanation and have fun! Playing boards are randomly generated.
mapeditor.zip1k11-11-30File is not ratedMap Editor (Grammer)
This makes it easy to create tilemaps for use with Grammer.
mars2201011.zip2k11-10-21File is not ratedMarsian Invasion 2
This version has been modified by Xeda to be faster and to include a few options. The original maker is Yeongjin Nam, so credit goes to him for the original. Have fun and check the screenie!
mars.zip1k11-10-18File is not ratedGrammer Marsian Invasion
It's an another simple game using Grammer. You are a Marsian UFO and your objective is to destroy all the buildings before you touch the ground! Press 2nd to shoot, and CLEAR to quit.
maze.zip3k12-03-10File is not ratedMaze Chase (Grammer)
This game brings a new level to maze and dodging games by combining the two. You create your own custom level using the very easy level editor. When playing, you have to not only finish the maze, but also not get caught by the enemy who seeks you out through the maze. You can try Action mode and Step mode and the tile size is also modifiable. Have fun!
msetg.zip1k19-02-04File is not ratedGrayscale Mandelbrot Set
It takes about three minutes, but the treat is a grayscale Mandelbrot set using Grammer floats!
partex2.zip1k12-01-22File is not ratedPartex 2
This sand box game takes advantage of all the particle commands available in Grammer to give you a fun little sandbox game. Make a funnel and flood it with particles! Watch the particles drop out and the bubbles rise. Amaze your friends when they see the watery sand particles! Have fun :)
prgmgrphjmp.zip3k11-10-19File is not ratedprgmGRPHJMP
This is a program designed to allow a single pixel to interact with the drawing on the graph. It was an experiment with the pxl-Test() function, and turned out to be a nice little game. It in no way erases or edits the drawing. Simply run prgmGGRPHJMP with Grammer (shortcut to download link included; need credit where credit is due [i.e. to Xeda]!) installed and unarchived to begin. I highly suggest grouping Grammer with another program (2nd, MEM, 8, Enter), using Doors CS7 (shortcut to download link also included), and archiving all of your programs. That way if you accidentally freeze the calc (happens sometimes, however not with my program) and have to clear the RAM, you still have Grammer (the program is deleted, but you can recover it by ungrouping again), and you still have all your other programs (Doors can run archived programs either from the Doors UI or from the home screen).
sudoe11g.zip291k17-07-30File is not ratedSudoku helper 1
Play Sudoku with filtered candidates. 100 fields included.
sudoe21k.zip82k17-09-20File is not ratedSudoku helper 2
Play Sudoku with filtered candidates and hints. 900 fields included.
sudoe31k.zip181k17-12-18File is not ratedSudoku helper 3
Play Sudoku with filtered candidates and hints. 3000 fields included
tetris.zip1k11-10-26File is not ratedGrammar Tetris beta 0.8
This is the first beta of my game Tetris I made in the new programming language Grammar! Please keep in mind, that this is just a beta. Check out the screenshot!
ttt2.zip1k19-10-02File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe v2 !
This is Tic-Tac-Toe written for Grammer! This update uses better graphics than the original, and offers more playing modes, including AI vs. AI.
ttt.zip1k12-01-22File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe (Grammer)
This is Tic-Tac-Toe written in Grammer code. Currently it is AI versus O (though I made it easy to modify the source for other modes). Have fun!
vbold.zip6k19-12-09File is not ratedBold Font
This is a variable-width bold font for Grammer 2.50.8+!
wirerot.zip1k19-09-18File is not ratedWireRot
WireRot is a quick demonstration using sine, cosine, and line drawing in Grammer. On an actual calculator, it does some pretty cool stuff when the rotation and number of wires is jusst right.

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