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Last updated Thursday, 15 April 2021
Total downloads 144,148
Most popular file  Graph3 v2.0: 3D and DiffEq Graphing with 71,704 downloads.

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basicbuilderfolder TI-83/84 Plus Flash Math Programs (BasicBuilder)
graph3.zip21k07-02-15File rated 9.18Graph3 v2.0: 3D and DiffEq Graphing
Graph3 is the all-in-one solution for extending the graphing capabilities of your calculator by integrating both 3D and differential equation graphers! The 3D grapher is faster than the TI−89¬ís built−in grapher; it features rotation, zooming, tracing, hidden surface, and more. The differential equation grapher features the Runge−Kutta method, slope fields, and more.
cabamap.zip76k06-08-25File rated 8.96Cabamap v1.02
Cabamap is a flash application for the 83+/SE that performs arbitrary-precision integer calculations. Simply stated, it can do things like calculate the exact value of 2000! or 2^1024. It uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) as the user interface, and is intended as a complete system for long integer calculations. The only limit is available memory (roughly 24000 digits).
eea.zip5k04-01-13File rated 5.98Equation Editing Aplication
Calculate like on a TI-89. Only OS v1.13.
acthelperapp.zip11k21-04-15File is not ratedACT Helper
Based from Act created by Chris Bethal and Ryan McClain, RoccoLox Programs gives you the ACT Helper. Has almost all the same features that the original Act program/app gives you, but with even more! Some added features include a unit circle, polar to rectangle and rectangle to polar coordinate conversion, and a radical simplifier. Read the README text document to see all the features this program includes. A program version of this application is also available.
cramers.zip2k09-03-30File is not ratedCramer's Law
There are only a few Cramer's Law programs for the ti-83s and -84s so I made one that is beter than the rest. I also put it into application form for conservation of free RAM. Enjoy!
deriv.zip3k03-03-23File is not ratedSFDeriv 1.00 alpha
This is an app to compute the differentiate function of a function entered in Y1. Currently no GUI...
zstats.zip110k05-03-02File is not ratedZstats
has over a 100 stats defenitions, equations, notes, and i dont know maybe some other stuff.

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