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Last updated Saturday, 14 March 2009
Total downloads 289,912
Most popular file  Mod Runner v1.0 with 27,182 downloads.

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eliza.zip43k04-10-09File rated 8.44Eliza AI Chat Bot
Have no friends? Eliza is the one for you! She'll give you words of wisdom, help, support, and will never make you feel alone. Tell her all your deepest feelings! Fairly original
qwerty.zip95k02-02-26File rated 8.25QWERTY Text Editor v1.0
QWERTY is a text editor for the TI 83 or TI 83-Plus. The text files created can be sent to a computer and opened as plain text. Also, plain text from a computer can be sent to the calculator. Unlike most text editors for calculator, QWERTY, by flipping the calculator sideways allows one to type using a key configuration similar to a regular keyboard.
latin.zip16k01-01-06File rated 7.95Latin Translator v1.0
Translates Latin words to English, and vice versa. Large vocabulary of over 703 words.
ocfe83p.zip28k04-08-26File rated 7.71Omnicalc Font Editor for TI-83 Plus v2.01
This program is able to load, edit and compile Omnicalc font file on your calc. You can make and try a font file on your calc immediately! Current font set and cursor positions are saved automatically. Version 2.0 or later, clipboard and some editing features were added. Moreover, Saving and Loading features were modified to edit any name of font. In this version, default font was fixed for TI-OS v1.16.
allscrn.zip2k03-11-08File is not ratedAll Theoretical Screens v1.0
This program shows every possible screen that the TI-83 Plus could ever show. That's right! Any screen, from any game, program, or application that has, or ever will be, created. The number of screens that the TI-83 Plus can show is 2^6144, and this program counts them up. Enjoy!
apasmion.zip1k00-08-20File is not ratedApple Pro: Flag Controls
Fast and easy access to system flags not normally accessable.
asmnote.zip20k03-05-22File is not ratedYUKI's Z80 ASM NOTE v1.1
This program can display all of command of Z80 asm. It includes mnemonic, size, time and change of flags. I hope that will be helpful when you make ASM programs!
ball.zip3k01-03-01File is not ratedThe Ball
Example on using sprites and self modifying code
basec83.zip6k00-05-04File is not ratedBaseConvert
A little program to convert numbers between 4 bases.
basictutp.zip13k01-07-15File is not ratedBasic Tutor v1.0
Teaches BASIC commands with a great GUI! Looks like Windows Help Files including a scroll bar and mouse! Has sample code and programs included.
bgpic1.zip2k00-06-10File is not ratedMOD: GALAXAN New Pics
This is a program that runns under Mod Runner and allows one to change the sprites of galaxan2
calcmod.zip19k01-04-19File is not ratedCalcMod v2.2
A MOD-like player capable of Stereo and Mono sound.
calcoff.zip3k00-02-27File is not ratedCalcOff Pro v1.4
Password Protection for TI-83+.
calcpad.zip193k01-02-10File is not ratedCalcPad
A text viewer for ion with working archive detection
calendar.zip5k05-02-11File is not ratedYUKI's Calendar
This program is a small and simple calendar. This calendar can change A.D. per 10 years or 100 years because this program uses Zeller's congruence for calculating a day of the week. So you will be able to answer for this question easily: "What day of the week is it 12/3/4567?"
cal.zip4k00-04-08File is not ratedCal v2.7
A calendar program for Ion
carstudio.zip13k01-03-27File is not ratedCar Studio Designer v1.0
This is the premeir program for your 83+. Prepare to step into the seat of any modern day car designer. Be your own race team as you design your own car, select an engine, and see how it would perform in the real world. Download a copy today!
cclock.zip5k00-10-20File is not ratedChess Clock
A clock for two-player timed chess games
char83.zip2k04-06-11File is not ratedTI-83+ Character Set
The smallest on-calc reference to the charset of the '83+ (<200 bytes!)
chordcalc83.zip9k04-08-03File is not ratedScale/Chord Calculator 83+
Shows the notes in a specified chord or scale, a port of my 86 version of this program. Supports major, minor, diminished, pentatonic, and minor pentatonic scales, and major, minor, sus, diminished, augmented, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th chords, as well as combinations (augmented 7th, major 9th, m6add9, dim7sus4add9 ;-) ...). 11 and 13 chords have been added.
colours.zip10k00-12-26File is not ratedColours v1.2.1
Resistor colour code program with support for tolerances down to 0.1%.
contrast.zip1k00-04-15File is not ratedContrast Wizard 1.0
Contrast Wizard 1.0
controls.zip1k00-08-11File is not ratedControls Plus
This is a program that lets you toggle system flags from ION such as textinverse, lowercase, and toggling cursor on/off.
conway.zip539k07-03-22File is not ratedConway's Game of Life!
This program will simulate the famed cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970, "The Game of Life". It features a fast algorithm in which i estimate ~10fps for 83(+) and up to ~25fps for SE calcs. Supports TIOS PIC's (in RAM or Archive), has 4 speeds and an infinite yet enclosed universe via screen wrapping (can toggle on/off). Example PIC's included.
dice.zip3k01-03-15File is not ratedDice Roller v1.0
This is an assembly dice roller for ION. It rolls either one or two 6 sided dice and is graphical with a cool inverse/sprite routine while dice is rolling. The source is included and PLEASE send me feedback at sk8a4good@aol.com
dtflags.zip.zip43k10-07-13File is not ratedFlag Saver and Restorer
This program adds a function to restore your system flags (a bunch of information regarding the current state of your calculator starting at address $89F0) to a "restore point". This is useful if you ever accidentally run a buggy program that causes a minor glitch in your calculator (for example, the screen doesn't scroll, normally small text is big, there seems to be a "shadow character" as you type, etc.) or if you're playing with the system flags in Calcsys and want to get them back to normal quickly without clearing your RAM. A general restore point is included, but you can choose to instead save your own. Takes up hardly any space; the program itself is less than 400 bytes, and the restore point is just 77. Screenshots included.
etext1.zip1k00-09-22File is not ratedEtext - Calculator Reference
The first in a series of etexts (hopefully), this contains information about the most commonly used TI graphing calculators.
gmodbeta.zip2k00-06-10File is not ratedMOD: GALAXAN Cheater
This is a program run under 'Mod Runner' It allows you to choose your ship and bullet type for galaxan2 as well as change the number of lives you have.
groverizer1.71.zip5k01-12-16File is not ratedGroverizer!! for SuperMario v1.2 by Sam Heald!
This program changes your Mario into a Groverr
guess.zip2k00-06-23File is not ratedHex Guess
A guessing program in hex
hiq.zip1k02-06-19File is not ratedHI-Q
My first ASM prgm
icontrst.zip1k03-06-18File is not ratedThe Contrast Utility
This is a program which changes the contrast CORRECTLY! You can find a simplified source code, too. (It will appear the same day, I think...)
input.zip2k00-07-12File is not ratedIon Input Subroutine
This is a small (under 3k) subroutine for text input, and can read in an almost unlimited length
jb1plus.zip5k03-04-08File is not ratedJokeBook Volume I Plus
Ha, ha! Check out this handy collection of jokes for your calc. Good for a few laughs anyways!
jb1.zip5k03-04-08File is not ratedJokeBook Volume I
Ha, ha! Check out this handy collection of jokes for your calc. Good for a few laughs anyways!
jtviewer.zip45k05-03-25File is not ratedJapanese Text Viewer v1.00
This program is a text viewer that can use Japanese Hiragana, Katakana and some Kanji (Of course, can use the alphabet, the number and some symbols). It can show or hide Carriage return and EOF, and it supports scroll bar. A data file can be created by the converting script. Including documents of an English version and a Japanese version.
kbase83.zip2k00-06-10File is not ratedK-Base Number Base Converter
Takes decimal, hexadecimal, binary, or octal input and converts to all the mentioned bases while you type.
keyref83_2.2.zip7k04-06-11File is not ratedMusic Reference 83+ 2.2
This is a port of Music Reference 2.0 for the '86 with some small changes in the UI-it shows the circle of fifths, key signatures, relative keys, and music theory info!. I've now made it Ion-compatible and fixed some problems from version 2.1.
keysplus.zip2k00-02-27File is not ratedIon Keys v1.0
Get the key value ION Uses.
letter.zip42k00-12-26File is not ratedLetter v2.3
A TI-83 Plus ASM ION text processing program
lowercase.zip1k00-01-02File is not ratedLowercase! v1.1
Allows you to use lowercase letters just about anywhere in the TI-83P OS (home screen, program editor, etc.)
memview.zip4k04-08-12File is not ratedMemory Viewer v1.00
This program is able to view a memory in your TI-83 Plus. It can display memory with hexdecimal numbers and ascii characters.
mod.zip3k00-06-10File is not ratedMod Runner v1.0
This runs 'Mods'. What are mods? THey are programs that allow you to alter an exesting game on the calculatior such as change the graphics, add lives. It also allows lowercase letters. And does a fun thing with the descriptions of Ion progs!
password.zip4k03-08-01File is not ratedPassword V1.6
This program, when accompanied by TI's Startup app, allows you to block your calculator from use from anyone who doesn't know a specific password.
phxpatch.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedPhoenix v1.4 invincibility patch
This program will patch/unpatch your Phoenix 1.1 game for TI-83/83+ ION giving you invincibility!
postit.zip1k00-06-16File is not ratedPost-it
This little program that stores reminders for you. It has a length of 112 charectors. Supports uppercase and lowercase!
powertoy12a.zip6k09-03-14File is not ratedPower Toys 83/83+/84+ v1.2A
Power toys for the 83/83+/84+. All I did was modify the 83+ strings to 84+ and changed the fake clear so that is actually matches my calculator, Then recompiled the program. Since I do not have a 83+, and a fake clear isn't much use if it fakes the clear for the wrong calculator. I was unable to find a good fake clear program, or for that matter a good tweak utility for the TI84 w/o TI83 written all over it so here it is the Power Toys for the TI84+. All credit should go to John Wyrwas for creating such a great program for the TI83/84 calculators, and making it open source. Thank You! :)
powertoy.zip5k00-02-19File is not ratedPower Toys 83/83+ v1.2 Final
Power toys for the TI-83+ (83 mostly supported) New options.
prgmngr2.zip3k06-02-17File is not ratedProgram Manager v2.0
Lets you archive, hide, lock, or delete any program on the calculator.
progmngr.zip2k05-05-06File is not ratedProgram Manager v1.8
Program Manager lets you lock, archive, hide, or delete any program on your calculator.
quotev1.0.zip4k03-03-06File is not ratedQuote of the day v1.0
This program shows you a quote of a important person every day you turn the calc on. So quotes of einstein luther king etc.
randword.zip3k00-04-17File is not ratedRandom Word Plus v2.0
Moves inputted word around screen.
remote.zip1k00-01-29File is not ratedRemoteCalc v1.0
Remote control another calculator
rterm8x.zip1k05-07-03File is not ratedRTERM8X
A terminal to connect your TI8X to other TI8X, 82, 83, 85, 86 calcs.
strmaker.zip19k04-10-23File is not ratedString Maker
This program is able to make a string using any characters and save it as Str1. Also if your calculator's OS is v1.15 or later, you can use additional characters (#$%&@ and so on). It is useful for the BASIC programmers.
swordmasterasmbeta.zip5k04-09-16File is not ratedSwordmaster ASM preview
this is a preview of the assembly version of my famous RPG game Swordmaster: The Warrior. check it out, its 100% bug free. For ion and crunchy OS.
systoolv2.6.zip5k03-03-04File is not ratedSystem Tool v2.6
With this prgm you can set inverse text, (to use in basic :)), protect all files, check free ram and battery status, and change the contrast, higher max than in basic max!
telnet83pse.zip75k02-10-27File is not ratedTelnet83+ SE
Telnet83+ fixed for the SE version
telnet8x.zip74k01-03-26File is not ratedTelnet 83 Plus v1.9
VT100 terminal emulator
term83p.zip2k99-09-26File is not ratedTermite
A simulation of termites gathering chips into piles.
trans.zip5k99-12-22File is not ratedTrans v1.0
We are proud to announce that Trans v1.0 has been released! Trans is a translator program for the 83/83+ (ION), created by Matthew Landry, and it can translate from English <-> Any Language. It features external files, a command-prompt-like input, and a lot of flexibility. The reason the program is so flexible is that the user can make whatever type of external file that he or she wants, not just languages, (i.e., one could make an external file with math formulas and the such). There is a sample external file (French) included as well as the source to both the external file and the main program. Go check it out on our Programs page. Btw, the author wishes anyone/everyone who makes external files to send them to him just so he can keep a nice collection :)
tviewer.zip6k03-11-03File is not ratedToken Viewer
This program is able to view all of token on TI-83 Plus. You can select large font or small font, 1 byte token or 2 bytes token.
txtview.zip31k00-08-17File is not ratedTxtView v1.53
View text files from your computer on your calculator! Features selectable fonts with extended ASCII character support, word wrap, and more.
virus.zip1k00-04-15File is not ratedJimmy Virus
A virus that makes the calculator display everything on the screen 4 rows lower. The 1st row is printed on the 5th row. This virus will disappear if you turn the calculator off and then back on again.
wordfind.zip8k00-11-06File is not ratedWord Finder v1.8
Contains a dictionary of SAT words. French Translator, U.S. capitals, and any other information that is question/answer format are possible for you to make a add due to external module capabilites. Contact me for U.S. captial or French translator volumes.
zcp.zip2k00-03-16File is not ratedZControl Panel v1.1
ZControl Panel allows you to change useful options on your calculator. It also includes small programs such as Fake Memory Clear, Battery Check, Memory Check, and an option to turn your calculator off. Some system flags that can be changed are Text Inverse, Lowercase Text, and more.

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