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Last updated Thursday, 5 July 2012
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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83 Assembly Files
ashell83folder TI-83 Assembly Misc. Programs (AShell83)
ionfolder TI-83 Assembly Misc. Programs (Ion)
sosfolder TI-83 Assembly Misc. Programs (SOS)
adtiw.zip14k00-10-20File is not ratedAdvanced ASM TI-Windows 2000
Advanced ASM TI-Windows v3.6 is an update of the previous version (Advanced TI-Windows v3.3). It is an windows look-a-like Shell-like program with mouse. With the menu's: file, preferences, utilities, and ?(help). On the desktop you can open 3 games and open your own programs by pushing [alpha]. I have used for the desktop [ALPHA] instead of [2nd] to keep the program run smoothly. It has the following assembly subroutines: Open, Shutdown, Background, PXL Change, Contrast, Memory, Protector, Avail Prgm, Version and when nescessary Alphalock. 3 Different backgrounds are included, and can be changed anytime! Memory can be checked with the util menu. You can see screenshots if you click with your mouse on the file information button at the left!! Check it out.
annoy.zip3k03-03-07File is not ratedAnnoy-Me! v1.1
When this program is running, pressing the zero-key always results in an "err:divide by 0"! Have fun!
antivirus.zip2k98-07-21File is not ratedAntiVirus
Scans for a virus program
ash83.zip1k97-12-15File is not ratedAsh-83 Demo
Ash-83 demo
aurora.zip7k97-06-24File is not ratedAurora 1.0
basdetect.zip1k99-01-19File is not ratedBasic Detect v1.1
battery.zip2k00-10-28File is not ratedBatteryCheck v1.0
This Interrupt Mode 2 program checks your battery and displays it at the lower right corner of your calculators screen.
borealb4.zip4k97-05-05File is not ratedBoreal Beta 4
break.zip1k01-09-08File is not ratedFake Break Message
This might sound stupid, but it's a funny joke to pull on your friends when you run program Z, it brings up a picture of the ERR:BREAK menu. There is no run indicator in the corner to tip off your friend that it's fake. If you push the up and down arrows, it works just like the menu. The only difference is that if they press Enter, nothing happens! If they press [ON], there is no change in the screen, but the menu works right. It's great, if your friends are simple-minded...
calcoff.zip1k97-06-02File is not ratedCalcoff 2.0
capture.zip4k98-09-23File is not ratedCapture 83 v1.2
Capture 83 v1.2 By Ian Graf
char.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedChar
comander.zip2k98-11-15File is not ratedTI-Commander v1.0
A PC look alike program manager, for copying, renaming, hiding, deleting and running
con83v30.zip1k97-07-03File is not ratedContrast 83 v3.0
contedit.zip1k99-01-19File is not ratedContrast Editor v0.5
contrast.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedContrast Wizard 1.0
dcscursormod.zip1k05-06-27File is not rated[Doors CS] Custom Cursor Mod v1.1
Tired of the same old default cursor in Doors CS? Then this easy-to-use, tiny and fast program is for you! Just draw an 8x8 sprite in the upper left of the screen, save it as Pic7, then run CURSOR from Doors CS! Voila, a custom cursor. This program actually modifies Doors CS itself, so the cursor will stay even when you delete prgmCURSOR and if you send the shell to other calculators. At only 120 bytes, you can't not have this!
delprog.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedDelprog 1.01
delvarsasm.zip64k10-05-09File is not ratedASM DelVars
An assembly version of the TI-BASIC clean up variables. Small and fast.
deutsch.zip2k00-02-25File is not ratedDeutsch v1.5
This is a German Verb conjugator. It conjugates most regular verbs and some irregular verbs. Upcoming versions will include more verbs. It is approximately 947bytes.
direct.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedDirect Input 2.0
Displays the group and the value of a keypress. Great for programmers!
disasm.zip6k00-05-20File is not ratedZ80 Disassembler v1.0
Disassembly your and other people software straight to your TI-83
disp.zip2k02-09-30File is not ratedDisplay something at the bottom line V1.0
Z80 programmers only! Advanced interrupt program.
doshell.zip8k97-08-24File is not ratedDosShell 83Z v0.93
draw.zip1k05-03-10File is not ratedDraw 1.0
A simple draw program in pure Z80 object Code. Good for learning from.
editprot.zip1k97-12-19File is not ratedZprot/Zunprot
filepro.zip1k00-06-06File is not ratedFile Protect v3.0
A BASIC program that integrates assembley code to protect and unprotect programs
flagscan.zip16k00-07-27File is not ratedFlagScan v1.0
FlagScan is a program for the TI-83 that runs from the OS, and sets up an Interrupt routine that constantly draws a graphic to the bottom of the screen, which lets you view the states of any system flag of the OS. This is helpful to Assembly programmers for investigated what certain flags to that are undocumented. This program is also meant to be education to ASM programmers about how to use Interrupt routines and Direct LCD Communication.
fvirus2.zip1k97-06-22File is not ratedFake Virus 2
fvirus.zip1k97-05-05File is not ratedFake Virus
getkey.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedGetkey v1.1
A program that displays the value of the keys with the romcall _getkey.
grapha3d.zip3k01-02-15File is not ratedA3DGraph
Assembly 3D Grapher for the Ti-83
gstudiov.zip3k02-02-16File is not ratedGetkey Studio 2.1 [for VENUS]
Four assembly programs which display the value of a keypress. Great for programmers!
g_studio.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedGetkey Studio 1.1
Three assembly programs which display the value of a keypress. Great for programmers!
hexingv.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedHexing v2.0
Hex Editor for TI-83
hv83.zip1k97-07-24File is not ratedHexview
install.zip2k98-07-26File is not ratedVirus Install
Installs a virus into a new program and deletes the install programs.
intcount.zip3k02-07-23File is not ratedInterruptCounter v1.0 By SUCKER
This program calculates how many background interrupts occur in just one second.
inversetool.zip3k03-09-01File is not ratedInverse Tool
Thats a realy nice tool for your TI-Basic programs. If you want to display inversed text, with this programs you be able to do it! ZINVER.83p = inverse program ZRINVER.83p = re-inverse program Read the readmefile, how to build it in, and, of course, check the screenshots! Enjoy it! Your fm-Soft@WORK
invert.zip1k00-04-30File is not ratedText Inverter
A program that will make your text white on black, even after you exit the program. you can also reset the text with the program.
keycode.zip1k97-08-24File is not ratedKeyCode
kistudio.zip14k02-03-03File is not ratedKey Input Studio v1.2 [for ION, SOS, VENUS 2.x and the TIOS]
Get the values of _getkey, _getk, _getcsc and direct input. This studio is very usefull for programmers in z80 assembly!!
letters.zip1k99-07-27File is not ratedLetters
A program that displays all the letters in lower case form (ASM). Good at helping beginner ASM programmers.
letter.zip40k00-12-17File is not ratedLetter v2.3
A TI-83 ASM text processing program
life.zip2k99-05-17File is not ratedLife v1.2
A TI-83 version of the classic mathematics game of life.
lockunlock83.zip41k06-12-24File is not ratedProgram unlocker and program locker
These are two assembly programs. One is designed to protect programs (hide on edit menu), and the other does the opposite (show on edit menu), requires no shell, and all you have to do is enter the name.
magicalc.zip1k97-07-03File is not ratedMagic Calc
mejor4.zip24k98-04-06File is not ratedMejor O/S v4.0 & JRY-DOS v5.0
mem2.zip1k00-10-07File is not ratedMem Check v1.0
Displays free memory.
memreset.zip4k97-10-12File is not ratedMem Reset
mem.zip1k97-09-02File is not ratedMemory Reset 83
menulib83.zip2k98-11-01File is not ratedMenu Emulator Library
mkhex83.zip2k98-05-03File is not ratedMakeHex/DispHex v1.00
mos83.zip4k97-06-16File is not ratedMultitasking Operating System 83 v1.3
msn.zip2k03-03-13File is not ratedMsn Messenger v1.2
Actually working chat program. Nice graphics.
mul.zip8k98-05-22File is not ratedMaster (Un)Lock v1.0
Program used to help open Master Lock combination locks.
noprogs.zip6k99-10-09File is not ratedNo Progs 83 v1.2
Program hiding utility with config program.
pass83.zip13k99-12-21File is not ratedPass83
Another Password Program (With lots of extras and goodies!!!)
password.zip1k97-06-22File is not ratedPassword 3.5
phsik_help.zip10k04-05-05File is not ratedphysik abi hilfe
dieses programm ist eine bibliothek mit vielen kurzbeschreibungen von physikalischen experimenten oder erklärungen zu herleitungen etc... die meisten sachen sind lk-schul-stoff. ***in german only - sorry***
print.zip1k97-06-02File is not ratedPrint 1.1
progptr.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedProgram Directory 2.00
prog.zip25k04-03-27File is not ratedProg
Utility wich can protect, unprotect, squish programs, now with a working unsquish option! Great for both asm and basic programmers.
protect.zip2k02-01-01File is not ratedProtect
Nobody will from now on be able to edit your programs on your calculater. This program makes you able to protect any program you want. You can also unprotect any program on your calculator.
ps2se.zip1k04-06-18File is not rated[Doors CS v4.8.5+] PS/2 Mouse Expansion v1.4 beta
This 300 byte Shell Expansion (SE) for Doors CS 4.8.5 and higher lets you connect a PS/2 mouse to the calculator's link port and use it to control Doors CS. This may currently be unstable; if you test it, please send me an email at Kerm_Martian(a)yahoo[dot]com
pwdse.zip5k05-05-01File is not rated[Doors CS 4.9+] Password Protection v1.2
This program, for Doors CS v4.8 and higher, will install a Shell Expansion (SE) that protects your programs from unauthorized users. Once installed, takes up a mere 100 bytes of memory; now completely debugged and optimized! Check it out. Now compatible with all TI-83(+) and TI-84+ type calculators.
pword2.zip1k00-04-03File is not ratedPword
a WORKING password program. Changeable password is "matt" at installation.
pword.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedShutDown Pro
pwprot.zip22k03-03-08File is not ratedPassword Protect V6.0 beta by SUCKER
Password protection program. Options not yet implemented but z80 programmers can set their own options.
randword.zip3k98-08-05File is not ratedRandom Word Plus v2.0
Moves inputted word around screen
real2str.zip1k04-03-16File is not ratedReal2String
Ever programmed in basic and found out there is no way to convert a number into an string? Here is the solution!
rom83.zip1k98-03-17File is not ratedROM Dumper 2.1
romdump.zip2k97-12-23File is not ratedRomDump 1.0
romvirus.zip2k97-06-22File is not ratedRom Virus 1.0
rterm.zip1k97-10-13File is not ratedRTerm 83 v0.9b
scoreman.zip1k02-03-02File is not ratedScore Manipulator
Allows one to easily change a high score in either Bill Nagel's Tetris or Nibbles.
score.zip1k97-06-22File is not ratedScore Alterer
shell83.zip2k97-06-22File is not ratedShell-83 v1.0
shutdown.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedShutdown
squish.zip16k97-06-29File is not ratedSquish 1.0
str2prog.zip1k04-05-25File is not ratedString to program
Converts string to program Version 0.1
sucker5x.zip25k02-05-30File is not ratedSucker's Password Program v5.X the programmer's edition
A program that protects your Ti-83 with a password! APD or just 2nd + on will start the password protection !!!! This version has a shorter APDtime than the TI-OS for better security. Assembly programmers can change the time theirselves.
sucker5.zip30k02-12-07File is not ratedSucker's Password Program v5.7 the interrupt edition
A program that protects your Ti-83 with a password! APD or just 2nd + on will start the password protection !!!! If you play a lot of games on your Ti-83, you could consider v4.2 instead of this one.
suckerv.zip25k03-03-07File is not ratedSucker's Password Program v5.7 (venux 2.x)
A program that protects your Ti-83 with a password! APD or just 2nd + on will start the password protection !!!! If you play a lot of games on your Ti-83, you could consider v4.2 instead of this one.
sucker.zip14k01-12-22File is not ratedSucker's Password Program v4.2
A program that protects your Ti-83 with a password! Completely reviewed with a patch for the lethal bug in versions 3.0 to 3.2!!!
suckr5lr.zip24k02-12-07File is not ratedSucker's Password Program v5.7 (low resource)
Everything graphical is ripped out, making this program great for people who like their free space of need the free space! Take the regular version if you are just looking for a password protection program.
symbols.zip1k99-07-26File is not ratedSymbols
Displays all the symbols in ASM
textchng.zip1k98-08-28File is not ratedNormal Text and Inverse Text v1.0
Lets you inverse the text from Basic mode
tici_msp.zip2k02-11-01File is not ratedTICI 1.0 External PS/2 Mouse Driver v0.8 beta
This is the beta version of the mouse driver for TICI 1.0, the new external hardware standard for TI calculators. It allows you to connect an external PS/2 mouse using a TICI 1.0 hub (plans in the hardware section of the TICalc archives). Use this as a stand-alone program, integrate it into your BASIC programs, or put it into your ASM programs! An amazing breakthrough in TI calculator hardware.
tinuke83.zip1k00-03-06File is not ratedTINuke
just like winnuke
tinuke.zip1k00-04-26File is not ratedTINuke
a program that "nukes" the memory of the calculator plugged into yours...
tiword.zip13k00-05-27File is not ratedTI-Word v1.41
A typing program where you can select any character on your calc! Improved version runs much faster then older version of TI-Word.
trig.zip2k98-08-26File is not ratedTrig v1.0
trojan.zip3k98-07-21File is not ratedTrojan Protection
Protects or unprotects all programs on your calculator
truthtable.zip13k02-03-04File is not ratedTruthtable
A truthtable program for the TI-83, works with up to 16 Bits and is very fast. Created by Hasan Guduk.
txtedit.zip9k02-02-16File is not ratedTxtEdit
This is a program wich allows you to use all the letters in the lower case and EVERY symbol, even the cursors your TI-83 uses, in a program. You can also store text that is 999 chars long.
unsquish.zip4k00-01-02File is not ratedUnsquish v1.1
Reverses the squish process.
upgrd_b4.zip3k97-05-05File is not ratedBoreal Beta 4 Upgrade
upsidedown.zip97k03-06-22File is not ratedUP-SIDE-DOWN (your screen)
Thats a program, that puts the first row of your screen in the last one. Also in graphic mode! PLEASE READ THE README AND READ ALL, ITS IMPORTANT. Sorry, for the bad screenshot. None program had take a real one, so I had to scan my TI! Have fuN!
usquish.zip2k99-03-04File is not ratedUnsquish v1.0
virus.zip1k98-07-26File is not ratedJimmy Virus
A virus that makes the calculator display everything on the screen 4 rows lower. The 1st row is printed on the 5th row. This virus will disappear if you turn the calculator off and then back on again.
wallpaper.zip4k02-05-31File is not ratedWallPaper
WallPaper is an interrupt program that displays a 8 by 64 pixels wallpaper on the right side of your screen all the time you're working/playing on your ti. . You can even edit the wallpaper on your ti83! It runs on Ion and ASMprograms have no problem with the interrupt running while you execute them. Never crasched on my calc! Also try out my "Belzeblub" interrupt program and my game "Pipemania". Everything c2002 by Texameije :-)
wince.zip19k01-01-04File is not ratedWin CE
Wince is a beta of a newer version to come, this is how a shell should really look
xoff.zip2k06-07-14File is not ratedX-Off v1.3
Turn off your 83 just with [On] without going back to the home screen.
xorprot.zip1k98-08-28File is not ratedXorprot v1.0
Protects Unprotects programs
zalpha.zip1k00-09-24File is not ratedA-Lock
Sets alphalock.
zapi83p.zip316k01-12-15File is not ratedZapi 83
*** New *** Large Sprites and Static Maps, some bugs fixed. Amazing! Basic programs will never be the same again! If you want program good graphical games take this! RLE compressed pictures! 8x8 display sprites! Inverse text! Inverse graph! Filled rectangle! Scrolling graphics! And lots of more stuff. Only to advanced basic coders.
zcrypt.zip3k03-09-01File is not ratedZCrypt
A simple Encryption program based on XOR-Encryption.
zgetks.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedKeyCodes v1.0
zhide.zip2k12-07-05File is not ratedzHide
zHide is a tool that allows you to hide a program which has the name in Str0. A hidden program won't appear in any menu of the calculator, EXEC, EDIT, SEND, MEM ... until you unhide it using the second program, zUnhide. Works on all z80, readme included.
zkeys.zip1k01-02-17File is not ratedZKeys v1.0
Allows diagonal movement in BASIC [multiple keypresses.]
zrunioff.zip1k00-04-09File is not ratedZrunioff
Shuts off the run indicator in an basic program.
ztext.zip2k02-11-29File is not ratedZText v1.0
This program enables you to use lower case and 'swedish' characters in basic programs.
zvirus.zip2k98-11-11File is not ratedZVirus v1.0
A virus program that simulates an empty program menu.
zword83.zip1k97-07-07File is not ratedWord TI-83

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