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Interactive utilities, animations, and demos
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Last updated Friday, 14 July 2006
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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83 Assembly Files
ashell83folder TI-83 Assembly Graphics Programs (AShell83)
ionfolder TI-83 Assembly Graphics Programs (Ion)
sosfolder TI-83 Assembly Graphics Programs (SOS)
dez3c.zip36k06-07-14File is not ratedDeZ3C v1.1
Compress pictures and view them on your 83.
copybg.zip3k05-05-01File is not rated[Doors CS] CopyBG v1.2
his tiny program will convert any picture in Pic7 into a Doors CS-compatible background image file. You can create and use Doors CS background images simply by running this program. Check out the screenshots; Doors CS 5 certified. Now compatible with the TI-83 and the TI-83+/84+ series.
animetion.zip13k05-01-04File is not ratedAnimetion
The dancing girl at the end of the C64 demo Animetion
ssjgokubye.zip11k03-07-23File is not ratedSSJ Goku says Goodbye
This is a pick of SSJ Goku, just before teleporting Cell away. The BASIC launcher has been updated.
grey_lib.zip27k03-06-27File is not ratedGrey Procedures SECOND update
some GREYSCALE ROUTINES using INTERUPT mode and some real usefull things to DRAW IN grey mode. + program to CONVERT BMP'S to greyscale pics. without runtime 200/02 bug!!!
drawassist.zip2k03-03-13File is not ratedDraw Assist
Features cut, copy, paste, screenshot and more.
picloadr.zip37k02-04-09File is not ratedPicLoadr
Easily convert bitmaps into a program var that will display the picture on your calculator. Advantages: pictures on the TI-83 can be given names (like programs); pictures can be stored without using a PIC variable; a picture can be recalled easily, without disrupting graph settings and modes; multiple pic-prgms all use the same PICLOADR; little extra RAM is used on the calculator.
advancedpiceditor.zip2k02-02-25File is not ratedAdvanced Picture Editor v2
Make your own animated pics. The size of one animated pic is max. 2 kb and will endure max. 55 seconds
demogr.zip7k00-10-07File is not ratedDemo Graphique (French)
demonstration graphique
zpic.zip2k00-09-24File is not ratedZpic v1.1
Recalls any picture 1-255 to the graph very quickly, without having to clear the graph.
gpic83.zip19k00-08-20File is not ratedGPic83 v2.0
The Original greyscale program for ION Re-released with many new features! (Greyscale screenshots in the ZIP) [Requires ION]
iris.zip1k00-03-04File is not ratedIris v0.9
A stereogram generator for the TI-83
inverse2.zip6k00-02-02File is not ratedGraph Inverse
Inverses the colours on the graph screen. It can be used for really nice graphics, or effect in a BASIC program. NO association with Assembly; It was written completely in Native HEX.
scrolls.zip3k98-09-23File is not ratedApril Fools Scrolls
April Fools Scrolls By Ian Graf
ride.zip5k98-06-20File is not ratedDemo: RiDE
image.zip1k98-05-28File is not ratedImage v1.0
chameleon.zip6k98-05-03File is not ratedChameleon v1.1
A 4 color greyscale sprite system with interrupts
fractal.zip3k98-04-16File is not ratedFractal Viewer
sprite83.zip11k98-01-15File is not ratedSprite83 v1.0
Sprite routines
pixel.zip1k98-01-14File is not ratedPixel 1.0
swirl.zip1k97-09-21File is not ratedSwirl
ipoint.zip1k97-08-04File is not ratedIPoint
etchsoft.zip4k97-07-28File is not ratedEtch-a-Sketch with Direct Input
grey.zip4k97-06-29File is not ratedGreyscale Demo 1.0
hardscrl.zip3k97-06-29File is not ratedHardware Scroll
circle.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedCircle Screen Saver
scroll.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedScroll
screen.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedScreen 83 v1.0
pxl.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedPixel Changer
inverse.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedInverse
draw.zip1k97-06-29File is not ratedDraw
etch.zip1k97-05-05File is not ratedEtch-A-Sketch 1.1

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