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Question Why is my file not included in ranking and statistics?
Answer There are certain directories in the file archive for which files will not be counted toward any statistics. Many of these are located under the “media” directories, which hold files such as images, fonts, and audio. We do this to prevent stats abuse: For example, the program RigView for the TI-83 Plus creates graphical images which require very little effort to make. There were individuals uploading hundreds of these in separate ZIP files in order to artificially make themselves appear near the top of the busiest authors list, which we consider as stats cheating.

We may also exclude individual files from all stats if we find an author trying to cheat download stats. We can do this even if the file is located in a directory where stats are kept for other files.
Created 2004-09-27 00:02:00 GMT
Updated 2009-11-02 12:07:00 GMT

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