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Uploading Files
Question How do I request links for my files?
Answer If your file applies to more than one directory of the archives, you can request that a link be created to those directories. In the case of software, first be sure your file contains everything needed to directly run the software on each platform the file is linked to. For instance, if you have a program in the TI-83 section that you want linked to the TI-83/84 Plus section, your ZIP must contain both .83p and .8xp files.

To request a link for a file you have already uploaded to the archives, you can either update your file, describing your request in the “comments to the file archiver” field of the File Upload form, or you can contact contact@ticalc.org with a link to the fileinfo page of your file and a list of the specific directories you want your file to be linked to.

Once links have been created for a file, you never have to request them again when you update that file. You only need to upload your updated file to the primary directory it resides in, and the updated version will automatically appear everywhere it is linked to.
Created 2004-09-27 22:46:00 GMT
Updated 2009-10-08 12:13:00 GMT

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