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New Wireless Link Developed
Posted by Michael on 12 July 2003, 19:22 GMT

Cerrato Renaud has developed wireless linking hardware for TI calculators. This design uses a 433 MHz radio transmitter with a microcontroller, so it works without any special drivers. The range is stated as up to 50 meters. The demonstration software is for the TI-92, but it's easy to write programs for the other calculators as well.


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Re: New Wireless Link Developed
Kevin Kofler
(Web Page)

According to the description, it works without any calculator-side software, so this should work as-is with all linkable TI graphing calculators.

     12 July 2003, 19:31 GMT

Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
ac  Account Info

Yes, I think it will work with all Ti calcs. This is really, really, cool.

     13 July 2003, 00:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
no_one_2000_  Account Info
(Web Page)

The problem is, I'm not good enough with electronics to understand the schematics and all that stuff... it's all over my head.

     13 July 2003, 17:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
ac  Account Info

Yeah, it's over my head too. But, if I take it to my dad, he'll explain it too me.

     14 July 2003, 04:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
no_one_2000_  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think I should learn this stuff... it looks really interesting. It bothers me that I can't understand all this circuit stuff... of course, I failed the last electronics course I took (because I read the material in a couple minutes and directly afterwards tried to take the final on it).

     14 July 2003, 18:17 GMT

Connecting to PC
renaud cerrato  Account Info
(Web Page)

Of course you can directly connect the PIC92 to a 5$ Parallel Link Cable, or simply whith a 2.5mm Jack FEMALE-FEMALE adapter in order to enable Wireless communication between TI and PC with your TI Graph Link (Black, and MAYBE Grey).

The *POSSIBLE* Grey TI-Graph Link problem (need confirmation) :
Grey TIGL receive data from PC asynchronously (RS232 stream) at 9600BPS without any hardware flow control and then sent to TI via the 2 wire bus at datarate between 35KBPS and 50KBPS depending on TI speed with the TI's flow control.
BUT, if you connect PIC92 to Grey TIGL, PIC92 receive data at high datarate and then sent to TI at
2400BPS. So, Grey TIGL (9600BPS) is 4x faster than PIC92 (2400BPS) , and if Grey TIGL doesn't have input buffer to store incoming datas from PC, all datas will be lost. I need confirmation about the Grey TIGL's input buffer.
Black TI Graph Link and Parallel Link Cable is directly interfaced to TI (or PIC92), so the flow is hardware controlled an there's no problem.


     14 July 2003, 15:12 GMT

Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
Meonlyme Account Info

Yes! This is awesome! Now, someone needs to come up with a hub for the calculators. With that, we could do four-way chats, games, homework, etc. Please, someone come up with an easy way to make one!

     23 August 2003, 07:24 GMT

angelboy Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, that's pretty cool. I was thinking about making one for my 83+, but then I got an 89. Oh well.

     12 July 2003, 19:34 GMT

CALCUL8R-FREAK  Account Info

They aren't calculator-specific.

     21 January 2004, 21:07 GMT

Re: New Wireless Link Developed
KermMartian Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, that's really cool! It reminds me of a previous attempt, the RadioLink. I hope this one succeeds!

     12 July 2003, 21:00 GMT

Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
garyanddepleatedteamup  Account Info

radiolink DID work

     20 July 2003, 23:19 GMT

Re: New Wireless Link Developed
Joe B  Account Info

Where can i get one??

my friend and i had an idea like this.. we were going to make a wireless router type of thing using FM radio waves and put it in our locker at school and be able to communicate wirelessly with each other throughout the whole school. that would be cool.

     12 July 2003, 21:13 GMT

Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
slimey_limey  Account Info
(Web Page)

WOW! Me too!

I was going to get an old laptop and put it in my locker, then set up an entire TI network (school-wide) with IM, email, webpages. (sounds cool in concept, eh?) Maybe I'll get going on it, begging for an outlet from one of the nicer teachers. Put it in my biology teacher's room - he would be ok with something like that. My main obstacle would have been the actual hardware design, as well as the protocol. Inspiration just now: One can use the original Ethernet protocol. It had everyone on one wire, which is similar. Also, you would have to cope with simultaneous transmissions. You could have a calc raise a bit in a packet header to signal a request for packet transfer. Or you could just assign each calc a different frequency. Then, of course, there's the demux at the computer end. Now, to do this in {TI-,}GCC....

     13 July 2003, 06:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
burntfuse  Account Info

Speaking of Ethernet, do you know where I could get the official specs for it? IEEE's website is horrible, and I couldn't find anything. Actually, use 802.11b. It's already widely supported, and I've seen 802.11 called "wireless ethernet".

     14 July 2003, 15:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
Frank A. Nothaft  Account Info
(Web Page)

802.11 is wireless ethernet... Yeah... Riggggggght...

Ethernet is faster (of course, both are fast enough for this purpose) and is cheaper by about a factor of 10... Then again, I don't see a way to build an adapter of that sort for either. Also, I doubt that the calculator could power the wireless without outside power...

     14 July 2003, 15:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
Joey Gannon  Account Info
(Web Page)

If you could find a wireless device with an I2C interface, it could be done... :-)

     15 July 2003, 00:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
Frank A. Nothaft  Account Info
(Web Page)

A what?

*see below for why I am so stupid 2day...*

     15 July 2003, 02:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
seraphim  Account Info
(Web Page)

Or, you could use amateur packet radio. It requires a lot less hardware, and would be a lot less sophisticated than I2C or 802.11b, albeit at much lesser speeds.

An interesting project can be found here: http://vpizza.org/~jmeehan/balloon/
Its (not about TI calculators, tho) about an amazing project of how a weather balloon filled with helium, with a number of homemade devices attached to it, managed to fly at a relatively high altitude across some of California and even manage to take some pictures too. That project used amateur packet radio as a means of communicating between the balloon payload (Soekris miniature motherboard running scaled down version of Linux attached to packet radio and digital camera) and the ground. Despite the fact that the amplicfication of the signal was just 1 watt, the 5-20 mile seperation between computer and balloon was easily bridged.

It might be possible to come up with a hardware controller and build a packet radio with a TI calculator. If properly amplified, that could mean the ability to transmit data across at least hundreds of meters, even with a number of obstructions.

     16 July 2003, 06:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed

did you try looking at the RFC's? They're not really a general overview of ethernet, but talk about packet transfer and such over ethernet.

     16 July 2003, 14:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
techfury  Account Info

You're looking for IEEE 802.3.

     21 July 2003, 16:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
Richard Brosius  Account Info

Me and a fellow programmer are also trying to put up a wireless network, but we were thinking of using small external amplifying unit to boost the signal. By the way if too strong of a signal is used wont there be a problem with the FCC ?

     15 February 2005, 21:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New Wireless Link Developed
punkrockdude Account Info

I don't think the FCC would easily find out. I mean, they don't come to MY high school looking for transmitted signals from extremely interfereing devices.

     8 March 2005, 23:04 GMT

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