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Mega Man for the 86
Posted by Nick B. on 19 August 2001, 18:50 GMT

After nearly two years of work, Cullen Sauls has released a little game called "Mega Man" for the TI-86. The game is based upon Mega Man 2 for the old-school Nintendo, wherein you try to defeat the evil Dr. Wily and the eight robots he has created to stop you. The game features two levels of difficulty which you can determine by only having certain files on the calculator at one time, as well as an option for sound.


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Jimi Mudgett  Account Info
(Web Page)

hey everyone do not submit your programs and tutorials to www.e-pina.com... (submit@e-pina.com)

     8 September 2001, 08:33 GMT

Calculator humor?

Well, i would just like to say how funny it is that calculators nowadays are so advanced. I mean, 30 years ago, a calculator could only add and was about as big as a desk. Now they come in sizes ranging from smaller than my fist, to a little larger than my hand. And they now do anything you want them to do! They do Games, all types of calculations (Calculator, anyone?), daily planners, etc.. And they can do Basic programming language!! And to think, a calculator was invented to add... LOL

     8 September 2001, 17:04 GMT

Re: Calculator humor?
Jimi Mudgett  Account Info
(Web Page)

good one.... but no i was joking.

     8 September 2001, 17:15 GMT
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