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Phoenix III Released
Posted by Eric on 16 April 2001, 06:19 GMT

Patrick Davidson has released a preview of the long-awaited Phoenix III for the TI-86. This, as you might infer, is the sequel to his super-popular game, Phoenix. New stuff, you ask? The thing's not even complete yet, but it already features grayscale and a scrolling background. Gameplay is smooth as ever. And it only gets better from here...

Update (Eric): Well, I promised y'all that it only gets better from here, and here you go: Phoenix III Preview v0.01 again, this time for the TI-83+! Huzzah!


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mario likes to fuck
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)

may i say the "f" word? thanks.

     16 April 2001, 21:13 GMT

mario did it all for the nookie
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)

does any1 have any fred durst videos for the ti-89 just like they had it for the 83?

y aren't there a whole lotta videos for the 89?

damn u all to hell!

     16 April 2001, 21:18 GMT

mario has orgasms..
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)

ticalc.orgasms should be a good thing for us..

i meant org.

     16 April 2001, 21:19 GMT

mario changed his homepage
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)

i changed my homepage.

thank u for scroling down to read this.

     16 April 2001, 21:26 GMT

Re: mario changed his homepage
GundamMan69  Account Info
(Web Page)

LOL, but anyways, Pheniox is an awesome game,on every calc, but i wanna see Evil Dead 89.,Also does anyone know how to make the mountain 3d graph on the 89,i cant figure it out


     16 April 2001, 21:37 GMT

Re: Re: mario changed his homepage
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)


is Evil Dead for the 83+?

     16 April 2001, 21:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: mario changed his homepage
GundamMan69  Account Info
(Web Page)

Evil Dead is something me and deturanium(wateva) have been spammin throughout the boards

     16 April 2001, 21:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: mario changed his homepage
GundamMan69  Account Info
(Web Page)

oops.. his name is depleateduranium ,spell check on my part

     16 April 2001, 21:50 GMT

mario has dunnit
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)

for all u ti peeps who haven't figured it out yet...

it was a lazy noon day today. so i figured i might as well let out some shit at the message boards.

whatever i said or did is completely dun didded to make some of you calc freaks pissed off. =)

i hope everyone is ok.

phoenix is cool

PD is a good person.

damn u all to hell. i'm home.

(i'm still selling the Casio and want help on SS2 and Sonic)


     16 April 2001, 23:52 GMT

Re: mario has dunnit
Omicron  Account Info

Man PenserX, you are a discrace to the TI-calculator community. If I were you, I would shut the hell up and go into voluntary exile, before it becomes manditory.

     17 April 2001, 04:59 GMT

Re: Re: mario has dunnit
SiberP  Account Info
(Web Page)

Seriously. Troll, troll, troll your boat...

     17 April 2001, 06:45 GMT

Re: Phoenix III Released
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

What! A TI83+ version but no TI83 verison? A TI83+ port is worthless to me because I own a TI83. :)

     17 April 2001, 06:58 GMT

Re: Re: Phoenix III Released
Patrick Davidson  Account Info
(Web Page)

You can always try to port it to the TI-83 yourself. Since it is already any Ion program I don't expect it to be very difficult. I just didn't do it myself since, without having a TI-83, I can't really check at all how the grayscale looks.

I will probably try to include a TI-83 version eventually, but I want to get more of the core of the game done before branching it out that much.

     17 April 2001, 07:13 GMT

mario wants to squeeze.
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)

Pat, good luck and i wish u the best in your phoenix triumph.

     17 April 2001, 14:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Phoenix III Released
SiberP  Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks for another great game. One thing that you might want to consider is removing those stars and planets in the background...they are really distracting.

     17 April 2001, 19:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Phoenix III Released
Alex Hoops  Account Info

then it wouldnt be a scrolling background ;)

     22 April 2001, 22:42 GMT

mario is funky
PencerX  Account Info
(Web Page)

nathan buda is the man!

vote now!


uh oh...

     17 April 2001, 14:49 GMT

Joe Blow  Account Info

You are the reason that there are GUIDELINES to posting messages! This message board would be 100% better without half of the messages being yours, and saying things like:
and scroling down maximum amount! I vote you off this island! (message board)

     27 April 2001, 21:50 GMT

Re: Phoenix III Released
Alex Hoops  Account Info

Hey Patrick D. what is your average waiting time for one of your Phoenix's to be proccesed through ticalc and then put on the site for download.
I mean how long after u upload it can i download it on average

     19 April 2001, 02:24 GMT

Re: Re: Phoenix III Released
Kenneth Johnson  Account Info

if you go to his website, you download it before it becomes available on ticalc...


     20 April 2001, 05:49 GMT
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