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News catchup, part 3
Posted by Travis on 26 October 2015, 21:19 GMT

Last month Kerm released Tetric A for the TI-84 Plus CE. This Tetris rendition features some nifty graphics and five unique game modes.

Kevin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga) also created First Fantasy: Mana Force for both the CSE and CE. This is a classic Final-Fantasy-like hybrid TI-BASIC game that uses Doors CSE (for the CSE version) or CE Textlib (for the CE version). It uses text graphics, but with clever use of color and animation. It reminds of my nostalgaic QBasic programming days years ago when I wrote programs and games using text mode (because it was simpler and faster than actual graphics mode).

Also, a while back, Kyle Ingalsbe uploaded a fully-functional Zelda-themed game for the TI-89, along with sources for the Crystal Engine it uses and the game itself. Although players extremely familiar with the official Game Boy games might notice a number of subtle differences in how this rendition plays compared to the originals, it certainly represents a lot of work and is worth checking out, in my opinion.

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Re: News catchup, part 3
DJ_Omnimaga Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks for the mention Travis and glad that ticalc.org is having news again. :)

Something I wonder is how 84+CSE/CE BASIC games will compete in the POTY, since the ASM sections for both calcs are separate categories? Will it be like when TI-83 and 83+ games competed against each others? Or will the TI-BASIC directory be eventually split like on Cemetech?

Reply to this comment    27 October 2015, 20:25 GMT

Re: Re: News catchup, part 3
KermMartian  Account Info
(Web Page)

Thanks for the Tetric A mention, Travis! It's gratifying to see that it has made its way onto a lot of TI-84 Plus CE calculators already.

Reply to this comment    29 October 2015, 17:45 GMT

Re: News catchup, part 3
AFW  Account Info

Thanks for my zelda mention. My crystal engine is a side project, but I do continue to work on it here and there. Right now, I am working to add more features and make it faster. If I have time, I will create another zelda game for the TI-89. My only issue is coming up with ideas for dungeons and castles. If someone wants to draw out some dungeons, castles, or an overworld for me, then I would be happy to take it from a picture and hard code it in.

Reply to this comment    2 November 2015, 04:14 GMT

Re: Re: News catchup, part 3
DJ_Omnimaga Account Info
(Web Page)

Good job on the Zelda game. I was happy to see a Zelda game finally being completed for 68K calcs and a non-BASIC one overall. The only non-ARPGCS kit Zelda game project that ever got completed and is actually a Zelda game was my Dark Link Quest BASIC/hybrid game for the 84+ back in 2004 and no one ever completed an ASM/C/Axe/Grammer/Newprog one ever since, until your release.

For maps and dungeons the best way to get help would be to ask on the various active calculator forums out there, since that's where most of the TI community hangs out nowadays.

Reply to this comment    2 November 2015, 21:38 GMT

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