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Kirby's Quest v1.05
Posted by Michael on 4 March 2005, 05:08 GMT

[Kirby's Quest] Kirby's Quest is an 89 game similar to Kirby's Dreamland 1 and 2. This side-scrolling game features five types of enemies and a PC level editor. In the most basic sense, it is like Mario. The most important aspect of the game is that the author lists 130 KB of free RAM required in order to prevent crashes because "some levels are large."

Update: Version 1.06 has now been released. This includes a bug fix and 92+/V200 versions.

Update: Now version 1.08 is out.

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Re: Kirby's Quest v1.05
expo25kr Account Info

umm I have a problem when I load it onto my titanium...when I archive all the files and run kirby() there is a blank screen and it shows "File not found" I have 170k ram memory and 917k flash memory....I know I uploaded
Kirby/89/kirby.89y 28228
Kirby/89/kirby.89z 1159
Did I do anything wrong?
And also my friend also has a titanium and ran the program and it showed "Kernel not found" can you help us with our problem?

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