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Calculator Chili?
Posted by Michael on 31 January 2004, 00:58 GMT

Hormel Foods Corporation has recalled its canned chili product because of external contamination. What was 104,000 pounds of chili contaminated with - Mad Cow Disease? No. Calculators. Sixteen states now have extra-special, super-mathematical cans of chili on their grocery shelves.

In unrelated events, a former ticalc.org staff member has reported that Nick lost his graphing calculator last week. After an unsuccessful attempt at late-night cow tipping, Nick was performing bovine mass computations. Upon leaving the pasture, he was subsequently unsure as to where had left his beloved 86.

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Re: Calculator Chili?
novatree Account Info

My friend gotr his calculator stolen he had a blue 83+ some kid came up and ran off withit he lost it my friend gettign hunred bucks for it

Reply to this comment    1 February 2004, 01:15 GMT

Re: Re: Calculator Chili?
Death box  Account Info

poor Nick. his poor calculator is gone forever....

how will he go on?!?!?!

Nick, if you read this, I just want you to know my heart goes out to you.

Reply to this comment    2 February 2004, 18:09 GMT

Re: Calculator Chili?
Darwin Mach  Account Info
(Web Page)

What's the point of posting fake news? Is it just because no one else is submitting any?

Reply to this comment    2 February 2004, 20:29 GMT

Re: Re: Calculator Chili?
Matt Daubenmeyer  Account Info

Fake news is awsoem they mix real funny news with a small fake joke just for some more laughs.

Reply to this comment    2 February 2004, 20:40 GMT

burntfuse  Account Info

Yes-it's very entertaining.

Reply to this comment    2 February 2004, 21:51 GMT

Sudden Urge
insane_juggalo Account Info
(Web Page)

So This Whole Thing explains Why I Had A Sudden Urge To Play Crasherv1.16 For The 83+.. weird completly weird

Reply to this comment    5 February 2004, 19:54 GMT

Calculator Chili Explained
Charlemagne  Account Info
(Web Page)

Come on, guys. It's obvious that the calculator was in there because he must have stepped in a cow patty (it was late at night, right?), cried "Oh, crap!", and dropped his calculator, after which a cow ate it for a midnight snack, who happened to be heading for the factory in the morning, and coupled with the fact that chili has beef in it (I think), that explains the calculator in the chili.

Reply to this comment    6 February 2004, 21:45 GMT
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