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BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
Posted by Kirk on 28 March 1999, 23:59 GMT

Grent Jones has released BomberBoy v0.35 Beta for the TI-89. It is the first such assembly game available for the TI-89. This release includes fifteen levels, bonuses, and "smart" enemies. The next version is already underway.


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This game keeps on crashing my calculator no matter what I do.......... maybe it is because that there are different versons of Ti-89 rom?

     2 April 1999, 16:38 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
(Web Page)

Can you give us a date to which we can expect you're next release of bomberboy...

     6 April 1999, 01:14 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89


     4 May 1999, 10:52 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89

Although it seems to be an excellent game, bomberboy still doesn't want to run on my TI-89.
Either it displays a line emulator 1111 error, or I just run the game and can only stop it by reseting my TI-89. Could someone help me ?

     13 May 1999, 22:49 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
Nathan Cassano

Rock on! I love this game. I'll be very happy when the link play is supported for multiplayer. Thank you Live Bat Programming Group for your contribution.

     29 March 1999, 00:12 GMT

Re: Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89

Sweet yet Another Great Game For The 89

     29 March 1999, 00:33 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
Eric Sun

Good job...except the person walks too slowly, you might want to speed that up a little bit.

     29 March 1999, 00:34 GMT

Re: Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
Grent Jones

Thank you Eric Sun. I will consider this in a later version, maybe even add an options screen that will allow changes in game speed.

     29 March 1999, 01:09 GMT

Please do

Please do add that option, or make it faster. That is the only flaw. I want to comend you for making such an excellent game. Games like this make me glad i bought an 89. Well that and all the math features that i really bought the calc. for =) hehehe

     5 April 1999, 22:44 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89

Looks great!! Can't wait for the next one. Thank You!!

     29 March 1999, 01:18 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89

Wow... nice..

Seems like some type of trend now. First tetris was the game to have, now everyone has it. Then mario was hot, now most of us have it. Then zelda came along and took us by storm, and they are getting finished. Now we have bomberman, which basically finishes off the nes/gb must have games...

I gotta say, all these authors are real good...

Why not have some final fantasy... hehe?


     29 March 1999, 03:21 GMT

Re: Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89

Speaking of Zelda, have there been any more releases since that news article?

     29 March 1999, 23:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
Scott Noveck (SMN)
(Web Page)

Nope, and there won't be until the game is finished

     30 March 1999, 00:42 GMT

Re: Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
Bradnon Sterner

But there are many more good games on the gameboy and nes.

     30 March 1999, 21:21 GMT

Re: BomberBoy

A few quick notes:

1) Excellent job, very nice interface and gfx

2) The bomber does move realllyyy slow, an option to tweak that would be welcomed

3) How about an independant save file a la SMQ, so that we can run the game archived and still have save game functionality?

Great job overall, keep the great games coming!

     29 March 1999, 05:39 GMT

Re: Re: BomberBoy
Gerth Jones

Yes, you are right, it needs to be able to save when its archived. The next version WILL have this feature! Thank You!

     30 March 1999, 04:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: BomberBoy

i think all programmers should work an external save game into their games, so that we can run tem archived, i wouldnt mind every game having an extra lib that is a couple hundred bytes (such as the one for SMQ) i mean, the games are fun, but it isnt fun if you have to go through some unarchiving sequence, just to have your game saved, (another side note, when the full version of Zelda isreleased, it WILL HAVE EXTERNAL SAVE GAME, which is a plus)

just my thoughts

     30 March 1999, 08:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: BomberBoy
Scott Noveck (SMN)
(Web Page)

Zelda already has the external savegame implemented, but unfortunately you people with the public beta will have to wait =( SMQ actually uses the LEAST efficient method of using an external savegame -- it uses a library, so the library must be present to save. Zelda is currently using a normal ASM file, and if the file doesn't exist it can use filelib to create it -- which SMQ can't do. Grent is now a CCIA member and we will be assisting him with an external savegame in Bomberboy. . .

-Scott Noveck
Lead Programmer:
Pokemon 89 - Zelda 89

     30 March 1999, 21:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: BomberBoy

Wow thats good then these save files can be swaped!!


P.S. please port this to the 92+ also!!!

     31 March 1999, 01:59 GMT

Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
(Web Page)

To Grent jones
I am french.Iwant to play at your game,it the same at SUPERBOMBERMAN or BOMBERKING!!!
exellent game, continue...(news levels).Thanks!

     29 March 1999, 10:53 GMT

Re: Re: BomberBoy Released for the TI-89
Grent Jones

Yes, this game is superbomberman. I hope that answers what you wanted but I can't quite understand your question. Sorry if this didn't help! :(

     29 March 1999, 16:12 GMT

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