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Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
Posted on 7 February 1999, 01:28 GMT

[Wrath of Zalthar Screenshot]

Andreas Ess of Icarus Productions has released the source code to an RPG game under development called the Wrath of Zalthar. The game was meant to be for ZShell, but Andreas would like someone to take over the project and convert it to Usgard. Andreas has also released a bug-fixed version of M.C.Mik for the TI-85 (Usgard) and plans to release Bomberbloke within 24 hours.

Icarus Productions will soon be hosted at ticalc.org, as they are taking advantage of our new site hosting service. Icarus is also planning a new site design. If you would like more information about this new service, read the news article posted a few days ago or email hosting@ticalc.org.


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Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
Nick M
(Web Page)

Great! RPGs are always welcome additions to the archive. Its also nice to see that programming for the 85 is still alive ang going. Keep up the good work.

     7 February 1999, 01:38 GMT

Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

Come on guys, still making games for the 85? Why don't you get an 89 and make some games for it that are really good.
The 85's era has come and passed, look towards the future, the 89.

     7 February 1999, 01:40 GMT

C''mon now... be nice
The Notorious Computerman
(Web Page)

It's okay to encourage people to write programs for the TI-89. I have no problem with that. But to discourage someone's ideas or projects?!? That's not acceptable. Remember: TI programming is for fun. If someone wants to write a program for a particular model TI, kudos for them. It's what they enjoy doing. Also, not everyone has nor needs a TI-89. I don't mean to be rude, but I honestly think your comment is uncalled-for. The same thing goes for people ~demanding~ ports of games to other platforms.

     7 February 1999, 02:16 GMT

Re: C''mon now... be nice

I say screw the 89, there is nothing wrong with making games for such a classic calculator. The 89 is a great calc. but it has enough unique games to keep 89 users satisfied, I don't have an 85, i have an 86, but the 85 users still want to see new stuff out for their calcs!!

Great idea by the way, Calcs need more RPG's

     9 February 1999, 00:26 GMT

Re: Re: C''mon now... be nice

The problem with RPGs is that they tend to dominate the user available RAM on your calc -- especially the 85 and lower.

     11 February 1999, 07:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: C''mon now... be nice
(Web Page)

Yah, is there a way to make them smaller so they don't take up soo much room? It would be nice if there was a way to do this. Matt

     8 May 1999, 18:37 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
dont worry bout it

you sound like a huge jerk. sorry its true. now its ok that people write programs for the 89 and stuff but common just leave all the other calcs in the dust and forget about them? i dont know about you but i had to buy my calculator and im in eight grade, it was hard too. so for all of us non rich spoiled kids out there who have *work* for what they get a TI-89 is not always affordable. so just chill and think about that.

-someone you dont need to know

     7 February 1999, 02:32 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
(Web Page)

I'd like to know what TI-89 ASM programs you've created.

     7 February 1999, 04:41 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

The 89 is not the future. It is the present. It exists today. The TI-83 Plus is the future. It has not been released yet. (Well yeah the 83 sucks no matter how many adjectives it has.) Guess what...the future sucks! :P

I wouldn't say the 85's dead just yet, anyhow. It still beats the 83 in some attributes.

By the way, it could be considered a good thing that Icarus Productions is remodeling its web design. I hated the old one.

     8 February 1999, 07:21 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

I think you are too selfish... and personal I'm glad that the only thing I ever do to you is to write this note.
Actually some of us bought the TI-85 for a nice sum of money, should we go out and buy a new calc just because you tell us to. And the TI-85 are actually the future too, it was there before the TI-89 ever were planned, how would you like if every programmer was only making programs for win 98... because that is the future and noone made it for win 95. I'm so happy that some people still want to program asemply to my wonderfull calc... so dont bother us with your crap

     10 February 1999, 11:56 GMT

Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

There's a lot of games coming out for the 85 lately... what about the 83?

     7 February 1999, 02:18 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

Mike laughs at your futile efforts to resurrect interest for the TI-83.

     7 February 1999, 22:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

In case you haven't noticed, the TI-83 is the preferred calculator for high school use. Most high school students (at least in my school) are out looking for an 83 right now... not an 86, 89, or 92+; no, just an 83. And guess what? All the stores are out of them! My point is, as long as the TI-83 remains the #1 choice for classroom use, there will still be interest in it.

     8 February 1999, 21:33 GMT

Stupid Teachers
David Phillips
(Web Page)

Yes, the 82 was and now the 83 is the calculator of choice for the classroom. Why? Because most math teachers are too stupid to learn how to use a better calculator like the 85 or the 86. The 85 is TI's oldest graphing calculator, and it still beats the 82 and 83. Sure, you can argue that they did add a few needed features (like a table) to the 82 and other nice stuff (like statistics and finance) to the 83, but these don't stack up against the whole calc.

You can't beat the 85 (and 86, of course) when it comes to a solver, polynomial solver, simultaneous solver, non-intrusive menus (don't you hate how you can't see what you are doing when you open an 82/83 menu?), unit conversions (a MUST for physics or chemistry), calculus functions, catalog (83 added this, but not as good) and real variable names (not silly one letter names or predefined names).

Sure, it's maybe $20-$40 more, but if you're already going to spend $80-$90 on a graphing calc, you should go ahead and get a good one.

Yes, I made the mistake of buying an 82 as my first calc. I learned everything about it (if you know how to use every single function on a calc, it's time for a new calc), then later bought an 86, and have never regretted it. Immediately after buying an 82, I wished I'd bought an 85 and hated the teacher for telling me and everyone else to buy an 82, just because the teacher was too stupid to learn how to use an 85.

Well, that's my $0.02...

     8 February 1999, 23:23 GMT

Re: Stupid Teachers

I agree. But teachers are not going to try and learn about a more advanced calc.

     9 February 1999, 22:18 GMT

Re: Re: Stupid Teachers
(Web Page)

yea I agree too, but it really sucks that even some pre-calc and calc teachers dont learn how to use a TI-85 or above, because the 85/86 and above are calcs for advanced math. To not say that the ti 82/83 are not but the other calcs have specific
advanced fetures. Also I hate people/teachers who say that the 83 is standard, and the teachers who say that the ti83 is the best, I mean think about it, math teachers should know as much as we do about calcs, very very few do. THEY SOULD KONW!!

     10 February 1999, 03:47 GMT

Re: Stupid Teachers
(Web Page)

I agree. The students worship the 86, the school buys 82s. Sigh The solver and such are cool on standardized tests and such. I just need to learn ASM, and the tutorials are too damn confusing!!

     11 February 1999, 02:00 GMT

Re: Stupid Teachers

Let the teachers keep on using old calcs like the 82 and 83. I don't want them to know what the 89 can do. If they find out that you can write text documents and stoe your whole notebook in them they will probably not allow them on tests. not to mention the added mathematical functions in it and the $500+ kb's of memory to allow you to store math programs. Let the teachers live in the past.

     11 February 1999, 02:21 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
Janson Cross
(Web Page)

You want new games for the 83???
Check out Glacier Software's Homepage
angelfire.com / id / glacsoft / index.html

     19 February 1999, 01:30 GMT


So whose gunna be taking over the project, sounds like it would be fun, yes fun indeed. AND another thing, why are people talking about how it's good to have games for calculators when that wasn't even the TOPIC. Honestly, some people and their comments are very unhelpful. (AND YES, I know it's ironic for me to post a message to say that it is unhelpful, so don't tell me this)

     7 February 1999, 02:33 GMT


It's simple, since he saw that there were zero comments, he thought he would make the first comment and get his website some free exposure.
Actually, if you think about it, that is a pretty good idea.

     7 February 1999, 22:12 GMT

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