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Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
Posted on 7 February 1999, 01:28 GMT

[Wrath of Zalthar Screenshot]

Andreas Ess of Icarus Productions has released the source code to an RPG game under development called the Wrath of Zalthar. The game was meant to be for ZShell, but Andreas would like someone to take over the project and convert it to Usgard. Andreas has also released a bug-fixed version of M.C.Mik for the TI-85 (Usgard) and plans to release Bomberbloke within 24 hours.

Icarus Productions will soon be hosted at ticalc.org, as they are taking advantage of our new site hosting service. Icarus is also planning a new site design. If you would like more information about this new service, read the news article posted a few days ago or email hosting@ticalc.org.


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Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
Adam B
(Web Page)

There's been a lot of talk about how the TI-89 is "better than" the 86 and lower. I presume that in a broad sence, we (for the most part) agree. However...
The 82 was one of the first "good" calculators to come out. Shortly after the 85 came out, outshining it's competitor with it's more advanced functions. But the 82 was still more widely used because of the fact it was simpler. Therefore, there were both 82 and 85 users. 82's were the #1 classroom choice.
Meanwhile the TI-92 came out... "with a little keyboard and everything!"
After a few years the TI-82 was improved upon to create the TI-83. This calculator was (and is) an enhanced TI-82, with special financial and statistcal functions. Also, it had a split screen. (Which the 86 does not have.)
A year after the 83 came out, the 86 came out. This was an enhanced 85, and was much more complex than the 83. The 83 is the classroom choice because of it's ease of use.
Afterwards, a TI-89 comes out, creating 3 different levels of calculators, the "best" of which are: the 83, the 86, and the 89. Each of these types of calculators were designed with specific purposes in mind.
Many 83 users still do not buy an 89, because really, why would you buy another? An 83 (or an 85, 82, etc...) is fine for most purposes. If I had $150 that I wanted to spend, believe me, I would not spend it on a calculator.
Some of you need to realize that not everyone is going to run out and buy a new product just because it's "better" than their own, similar one. And do you really think that by saying "the 89 is just so much better" everybodies going to buy one? You better think again.

     8 February 1999, 23:32 GMT

Long live the 85!
Daren Ho
(Web Page)

Long live the 85! I'm glad Icarus Productions never looked over the 85. Though it may not be as as adance in its time as the 86, 89, 92, and 92+, there will always be innovation to it by electronic gurus.

     9 February 1999, 01:35 GMT
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