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Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
Posted on 7 February 1999, 01:28 GMT

[Wrath of Zalthar Screenshot]

Andreas Ess of Icarus Productions has released the source code to an RPG game under development called the Wrath of Zalthar. The game was meant to be for ZShell, but Andreas would like someone to take over the project and convert it to Usgard. Andreas has also released a bug-fixed version of M.C.Mik for the TI-85 (Usgard) and plans to release Bomberbloke within 24 hours.

Icarus Productions will soon be hosted at ticalc.org, as they are taking advantage of our new site hosting service. Icarus is also planning a new site design. If you would like more information about this new service, read the news article posted a few days ago or email hosting@ticalc.org.


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Hmm, "Bomberbloke?"
The Notorious Computerman
(Web Page)

Very interesting... for those of you who only skimmed over the article, a side note says that Andreas Ess plans to release a game called Bomberbloke today. I wonder how this will stack up to the Bomberman game already in existence for the TI-85. I found Bomberman here once while browsing the archives and took it to school, thinking maybe a couple of people would want it. Now it's all over the place! It's one of the most popular games here. Maybe AE's game will be even better :-)

     7 February 1999, 02:59 GMT

you don''t need to know

Bomberbloke is a Bomberman clone for the 86. It was announced a while ago on Ticalc.org (here) I have been looking forward to it for quite some time.

     7 February 1999, 04:58 GMT

About ASM
The Notorious Computerman
(Web Page)

I just have a question, mainly because I know next to nothing about Assembly. Since the TI-86 is basically an enhanced TI-85, can Assembly source be directly converted? For example, could I download the source code for a TI-86 game and, if it would fit in the '85's memory, just compile it into a ZShell or USGard program? Or does it have to be modified first (even though the 85 and 86 are so similar)?

     7 February 1999, 22:08 GMT

Re: About ASM
You still don''t need to know

I am not sure...
I think that the 86 (with the help of Rascall) can run pretty much anything made for the 85, but you can't easily change an 86 program into an 85 program, you have to modify the source.

     8 February 1999, 04:49 GMT


does this mean AE is getting out of the TI programming thing? is he moving on to bigger and better stuff? when AE wants someone to take over the programming of a game, that's serious shit.


     7 February 1999, 06:50 GMT

Re: speculation
Andreas Ess
(Web Page)

Hehe. Not at the moment. Read the Icarus Productions news - I don't have the time for programming right now. :(

     7 February 1999, 20:36 GMT

Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

Andreas seems to be insomniac!... :-) Godd work!... But why don't you continue on this RPG?...

     7 February 1999, 10:32 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon
Andreas Ess
(Web Page)

Thanks for the comment. As stated above, I don't have enough time at the moment. Maybe I'll add a few things to the source, convert it to Usgard and re-release it so adding further stuff will be easier...

     7 February 1999, 20:38 GMT

Too much for the 85

Don't you also agree that there were too many releases for the TI-85 lately. What about the better calculators like the TI-89/92+?

     7 February 1999, 20:45 GMT

Re: Too much for the 85

How can there be "too many" releases for a calc? What calc programmers program for is there own bussiness. Most people don't have an 89 or a 92. I have an 86 and an 83. BTW, How can you clasify something as "better" than someting else. I know plenty of people who hate the 92 and love the 85.

     7 February 1999, 21:35 GMT

Re: Re: Too much for the 85
Shane Aberanthy

Here Here!!

     7 February 1999, 22:20 GMT

Re: Re: Too much for the 85

Yeah, where I'm from we call those people "dirty poor white trash"

     7 February 1999, 22:20 GMT

Re: Re: Too much for the 85
Dux Gregis
(Web Page)

I don't think he means that there are too many releases for the 85 as much as he means there are not enough releases for the 89. In other words, if ess invested the same effort into the 89, the product would be overall better and appreciated better by the ti community. Sure, ess, as always, has made a great program. But think about the kind of program someone of his talent could create for the 89. That's not really an obtuse thought at all.

How can someone classify something as "better" than another? I mean, really, which polar cap are you from? The 86 is better than the 85, the 83 is better than the 82, the 92+ is better than the 92, and that's that.

     8 February 1999, 07:41 GMT

Re: Too much for the 85

Thank you very much! Finally someone with a little sense.

     7 February 1999, 22:15 GMT

Re: Too much for the 85

Admit it, lexlugger. For you, too much is one. No, better yet, for you too much is -1 * 10^100!

Releases for the 68k calculators? Come on. I haven't even tried out the latest release of SMQ yet!

     8 February 1999, 07:28 GMT

Not again!
The Notorious Computerman
(Web Page)

There seems to be some jerkoff going by the name of Mike who is of the attitude that unless you spend all your money on a top of the line calculator instead of settling for a perfectly adequate (and much less expensive) TI-82, '83, '85 or '86, then you are a fool. I really pity people who feel they must stoop to this level to get attention. Remember that message board a month or two about respect? I didn't really agree with the article, but it turned up some very interesting issues. Maybe we need another mass discussion about respect for other people in the TI-community . . .?

     7 February 1999, 22:51 GMT

Re: Not again!

i'd have to agree, this Mike person is a lamer. I have an 83 and an 89 and used to have an 82 till someone jacked it. I haven't made anygames just a few things here and there in asm and i like programming for my 83 more than my 89....

if someone wants to make a game, its for fun and they can make it for whatever calc they want...

there seem to be just as many games coming out for the 89 anyway (check out fernando, it rulez)...

so well, RPGs rule all and Andreas can do whatever he wants and that applies to anyone who gets off there ass to make a game, cause it isn't easy...

and 85s are ok

bye bye

     7 February 1999, 23:12 GMT

Re: Icarus releases RPG source; to be hosted soon

Ok, I like the 86. I don't like shells. someone should make a good RPG for the 86. this RPG looks nice, I think it should be done for the 86.

     8 February 1999, 22:07 GMT

it is, or not to is

any BASIC code that runs on an 85 will also run on an 86. so really, he is. all you've got to do is cut and paste it into the winlink86 program.


     9 February 1999, 04:44 GMT

Re: it is, or not to is

There are _some_ discrepancies, though. Things such as interpretations of expressions.

     9 February 1999, 07:25 GMT

too true

there are, but if you completely unoptimize your code (add a bunch of damn parenthasis) i've never had a problem. btw, all BASIC programmers, that's one thing you're not doing too well on. you don't need all those ending ")" (except for lists and the like).


     9 February 1999, 08:25 GMT

Re: too true

What are you talking about?

     9 February 1999, 09:31 GMT

Re: too true

Well guess what: For the 89 and above, you do need those ending parentheses, brackets, etc. It's so annoying.

     11 February 1999, 07:42 GMT


yeah, tell me about it. i was used to my 85 (i used it more than my 86 cause i liked the keys better and a i had a couple of mods on it, ie: turboed backlighted speakered and built-in battery charger) and when i got my 89 i kept getting errors. i finally read the manual and i'll be damned if they didn't need those ")". it used to be a hobby of mine to unlock 85 BASIC progs and cram them down as small as i could. i can't do that on the 89. oh well, i guess there's some truth about the good ol' days.


(longing for his stolen 85, the coolest calc he ever had)

     11 February 1999, 18:22 GMT

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