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Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Posted on 27 January 1999, 05:46 GMT

[Legend of Zelda Demo Screenshot]

Sam Heald has released the Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 for the TI-82 (Ash), TI-83 (AShell83), and TI-86. This new version adds a shield, an octorak enemy, increased hit points for the bosses, four directional sprites for enemies, a larger overworld, and fixes numerous bugs. The level development is now being headed up by Derrick Ward. A final release should be available in mid-April.


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Suggestion for Game
Adam Gross

One feature in the game that would give it a higher replay rate and make it a LOT easier to send to our friends would be when we start up the game, to have a main menu asking is if we wanted to continue our old game or start a new game.

     28 January 1999, 20:30 GMT

Re: Suggestion for Game
David Phillips
(Web Page)

That doesn't happen on the 86. I think the authors forgot that on the 86 programs are COPIED before being executed, so write-back isn't automatic...

Everytime you run it on the 86, you start a new game.

     29 January 1999, 07:15 GMT

Re: Re: Suggestion for Game
Adam Gross

Yeah. I was talking about the 86, because I never ran this version twice (it was so easy that I beat it the first time). I know that in the last version (52.4), when you exit, it would save it and reload it from where you were, but I guess that changed for this version.

     29 January 1999, 18:17 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Ok, now is this 86 demo for an 86, withouit any shells? See I don't use shells and I don't see any reason too. If someone could give me some good pros and cons towards shells maybe id reconsider but...

     29 January 1999, 01:36 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Adam Gross

If you're talking about the 86, Pro: Being able to play 85 assembly programs that are larger than 12K. Con: More Crashes. Pro: Ease of use; instead of having to manually type Asm([Program], you can just press enter if the shell is the last program that you used.

     29 January 1999, 18:09 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Very good replica of Zelda (3). The only things I have to blab about is that the levels are too easy ! A story would be nice ;). And last more mojor one is that you should not put link only within the bounds of the given sprites. In other words, you should make his face atlease overlap the upper sprite. Even though that would require a bit more processing, I think it'd be quite good, cause beeing stuck to only one single sprite-wide road is hard specially when there's tight corners you have to be way precice to fit in the door room! Other then that, it's all good =)

     29 January 1999, 04:48 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

lay off. for the few minutes a day i play my calc in math this game is great. if he does more great, but you cant expect a gameboy game on a calc.

     30 January 1999, 01:47 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

I think its great such good games are being put out for the 83. But I think that for now we should stop recieving demos and just wait for the final version to come out. If all we get is demos every two months the final version of this game will have a stale quality to it. Not to say that I don't enjoy all the demos, but I think they should just lay off with the demos and keep it to updates on news.

     30 January 1999, 02:29 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

a great demo is harder to make than a good game
respect it
do not shun progress or publicity
any demo is better than nothing

     30 January 1999, 02:45 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

are you going to release the game for TI-89? just bought one for school ;-)

     30 January 1999, 02:30 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

God you're an idiot! Do you know how to read???? Read about 45 messages up. That person explains it for the less intelligent people (you? most likely).

     30 January 1999, 03:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Relative addressing here is not precise. Besides, it would have been nice if you had just repeated it, because no one feels like counting messages, you know.

     30 January 1999, 06:49 GMT

Zelda and the TI-86
Clinton (Anon.86Dude)

Zelda is great... I just have to say that although the screen is slightly cramped, and though this is only a beta... It sure beats the heck out of those old ASCII-Art Zelda Games on the 83. Plus, I'm glad that it was ported to the 86, because I am a devoted 86 user. No offense 83 people, but I got sick of the Memory errors from packing to much into the 27k. (Roughly 4 Programs)
Now, I can have as many as 10 Games and a shell, and still have at least 30k left over!! If you don't have a better calculator than the 83, and can't afford the 89/92/92+, then get an 86. I have always been content with middle grade stuff. Anyway, great work on Zelda, Sam! keep it up!

Clinton (Formerly Anonymous86Dude )
A proud owner of a TI-86 and an iMac G3
(Please, no anti-iMac Flames, I have the right to be proud of my computer, and everyone's entitled to their own opinion, OK? :) )

     30 January 1999, 06:23 GMT

Re: Zelda and the TI-86
i-mac hater

ok, i won't mentaion that the i-mac sucks, and nobody likes it. Did i mention there r no games 4 the mac?

     31 January 1999, 23:10 GMT

My name is jo jo
jojo the idiot boy

la la la i like banannas, coconuts, and grapes!

     30 January 1999, 20:26 GMT

Re: My name is jo jo
(Web Page)

What the hell is this all about?

On subject, though...Sam, have you considered using SOS library routines? This _might_ make the game a bit smaller, and faster (Joe's fastCopy routine, for example...)

Yet another totally misinformed post from...

     30 January 1999, 21:35 GMT

Re: Re: My name is jo jo
Sam Heald

Libraries really wouldn't shrink the game any(25 bytes max). Besides, they confuse people.
Already Zelda has a 7 Halt delay loop in the main loop to slow the game down. Why would I waste 40 bytes on a fast copying routine?

     30 January 1999, 22:10 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Mother Shabooboo

I don't know if anybody already asked this(I have more of a life than to look through tons of messages), but will there will there be gray-scale graphics in the final version? I understand that it would be hard to do, but it would be great!!!

     31 January 1999, 04:35 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Ok, quick question (please reply to me via email). I read that the 0.52.6 has a 'larger overworld'. What exactly does that mean? The world (for me atleast) seems very small. I would also like to know if I can obtain a copy of the source code. I'd really like to see how its made.


     31 January 1999, 06:26 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
(Web Page)

okay, all the dungeons are the UNDERWORLD, because they are underground. All the other areas outside of the dungeons are the OVERWORLD.

your welcome in advance

     31 January 1999, 19:38 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

It is all so great... but what about us who got the TI-85, the only thing we got in the moment are simple basic... why not port Zelda... actually we are quite a crowd who got the TI-85. PLEASE PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT!!!

     31 January 1999, 21:17 GMT

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