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Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Posted on 27 January 1999, 05:46 GMT

[Legend of Zelda Demo Screenshot]

Sam Heald has released the Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 for the TI-82 (Ash), TI-83 (AShell83), and TI-86. This new version adds a shield, an octorak enemy, increased hit points for the bosses, four directional sprites for enemies, a larger overworld, and fixes numerous bugs. The level development is now being headed up by Derrick Ward. A final release should be available in mid-April.


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Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Sam Heald
(Web Page)

The sprites are altered versions of the original gameboy sprites. Incidently, the 89 version uses the exact same sprites(only with greyscale), but the 89 has much better resolution than the 82.
It would be a lot of work to make original sprites for Zelda 82, and at this point of development, it would almost be easier to recode the game from scratch than to alter then current code to support 12x12. 8K games don't grow on trees...

     27 January 1999, 15:58 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Joe Smithers

Great game I hope that you will port the final version for the 86(PLEASE).

Thanks for yet one more way to get thru Pre-Cal.

     27 January 1999, 18:49 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Will there be Zelda for the 92+?

     27 January 1999, 19:05 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Why not a ti-92 version?

     27 January 1999, 19:15 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
(Web Page)


     27 January 1999, 19:20 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Okay, I know this has been stated and repeated countless times but it is still probably the most annoying thing on these message boards. People, please, stop begging for ports to other calculators! The occasional one i don't mind (if it has a legitimate basis) but repeatedly asking "poRt iT thE aay-tee whatever" does tend to grate when many of the posts are like that. Finally to address the two posts ahead of mine which prompted this reply, whats the major difference between 89 and 92's when compared to the 8x series? THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT PROCESSOR! (z80 <> 68k) Assembly is not like C folks where you can compile C code anywhere, it is based SOLELY on the processor on which it is on. You 68k folks have SMQ and Zelda89 so why even bother to spam this board with requests for porting it?? I'm sure there are many other people, like me, who find it obnoxious, please think before you post.

As for the game you have done a great job with it and I look forward to seeing the final product when completed.

     27 January 1999, 19:36 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

Even if i'm a 68k'er i totally agree with you! But i must add that programmers should not forget old-timers like the 85 !!

     27 January 1999, 20:16 GMT

Thank you. :)
Josh Morris
(Web Page)

Thanks a lot for not forgetting the 85... at least there's one of you out there. I swear, if I can find a way to make a game non-emulatable (heh) on a calculator other than the 85 (which is the only one I own), I will do it. Not because I'm spiteful, but because I'm sick of spoiled kids wanting a port. Give me SMB85 in grayscale and I will gladly accomodate you. :) You only get what you give....

-Josh Morris
diediedie @ anti-social.com <-- no joke.
Programmer, Macross Software.

P.S. Look for metroid and zelda on 85 soon! For a promo or progress updates, go to our page!

     27 January 1999, 21:46 GMT

Re: Thank you. :)

quick question here, i tried accessing macross software's web site but monolith says its been shut down for some reason. why is this?

     28 January 1999, 03:25 GMT

About Monolith...
The Notorious Computerman
(Web Page)

Monolith is dying. Nearly all sites using Monolith redirection do not work anymore... you must use their real URLs. Macross Software's page is http:// members. xoom. com/ CashOnly/ Macross.html, but they will be changing servers soon. BTW, there aren't really spaces in the URL, but TICalc made me put them there because the message board won't allow "words" longer than 15 characters.

     28 January 1999, 04:19 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

cooooooooool and would u people stop saying how much better the nintendo version is like a calculator game could be better than a nintendo game its based on

     27 January 1999, 20:22 GMT

85 port
Sam Heald
(Web Page)

I'm surprised that Villi Jarvi guy hasn't made some post saying "a Zelda game for the 85 is being developed by Macross" yet. That version will probably be better than mine anyway with the smaller sprites and greyscale.

If someone wants to make an 85 port, email me. The 86 version wouldn't be that hard to convert.

For some wierd reason, I have never been able to get the Usgard compiler to work on my PC. I had wanted to port Zelda, FrAWgGuts, and Baseball '99 to Usgard, but...

     27 January 1999, 20:29 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
sean noonan

This is definately a great game. Even though it would take a mojor rewrite, you should seriously consider smaller (12x12 or 8x8) sprites. And it is quite annoying that you have to be directly in the center to move through doorways and open chests. Other than that, it's a wonderful beta. Keep it up Sam.


     27 January 1999, 20:42 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

It's very funny ! It's as good as the Game Boy !
But where is the color version ?!!!

     27 January 1999, 20:42 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
Bob the Dino

That better b a joke, because if it's not, then u r the stupidest person i have ever seen. If is a joke, then LOL

     28 January 1999, 02:13 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
(Web Page)

You all should shut up about gameboy this and nintendo that this is a calculator game get it through your heads!!!!

     28 January 1999, 03:15 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
stephen taber

this is a great game,but are you gonna make link and the enimies a little smaller?I mean come on,you can only fit one bat on a screen and no other enemies.

great work anywayz though!


     27 January 1999, 21:48 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
David Gaither

yo. this game is cool. i just downloaded the new version demo. all i have to sa is, make it a bit kinder! i hate you have to be EXACT in front of a chest or door to enter. i think the sprites are good, (although big, i say the sprites are excellent) k, well, bye

     27 January 1999, 22:08 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
(Web Page)

Hmmm. Smaller sprites for smoother movement?
But anyway, I had a question about the 86 ASM mailing list. How do I post? What is the command? I just sent a plain e-mail and it said no commands recognized, but on the e-mails I got, I couldn't find a command for posting.

     27 January 1999, 22:08 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released
David Maas

While it is a great program, when will you make a release of the real Zelda, not just a demo. Um, that came out a bit garbled. What I was tring to say, when will you work on making the game, not just new demos.

     27 January 1999, 22:34 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.6 released

v.52.6 will be the last public release before the final. I only released a new version because our website is celebrating it's one year anniversary so we needed something "big".

     27 January 1999, 23:06 GMT

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