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Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released
Posted on 11 January 1999, 03:58 GMT

[Zelda Screenshot]

Sam Heald has released the Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 for the TI-82 (Ash) and TI-83 (AShell83). Sam has taken over the project from Harper Maddox. This release fixes many bugs and adds a few new features.

Sam's future projects include Rogue Runner, NFL Blitz, and Baseball II. For more information on Sam's games, check out Sam Heald and Derrick Ward's website.


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Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released
(Web Page)

Well I for one have an 86 and I cant wait till the
game comes out for the 86 too, but I rather wait longer (if it only will make the game better in the way that they will use there time wiselly) I think that there should be too different games or versions for the 85 and 86 because we got a lot more mem. I tried the zelda 89/92 on an emu and its cool.

     14 January 1999, 09:23 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released
Ville Järvi
(Web Page)

Well, the game will be the same on both, but it will probably be in 2 parts (read:worlds) for Ti-85, which you install one at the time, and will fit on TI-86 on one piece....
oh, and now the Macross software ulr i obviously forgot in previous message;

     14 January 1999, 18:44 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released
(Web Page)

hmm I dont think the 86 ver is fake I ran the prog and it worked fine, it was great!
oh many games interfere with each other, I guess its in the mem, so if it didnt work for you try and place the game with ase with a new fresh start, that means reset ALL
oh I have a turbo calc (boosted in speed 2-3 times) it was fast and it didnt crash or anything like that. And one more thing how do you restart the game? cant find anyway besides sending it again?

     14 January 1999, 09:58 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.4 (yes, 52.4) released

Okay, I have beaten the demo (the boss was kinda easy) and collected my first tri-force. Where the heck can I get a boomerang? One house in the corner of the outside map I can't get into. Is it in there? How can I even get in there? Where the heck is that boomerang???!!!

     14 January 1999, 14:07 GMT

Re: Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.4 (yes, 52.4) released

It's in the dungeon. Look for a locked door.

     14 January 1999, 14:30 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released
Don Mattingly

Great game, already one of my best...but when is the real game going to be released.

     14 January 1999, 18:46 GMT

locks up my calc

Does any body know why this locks up my calculator? Everytime I play it, once I'm in the dungeon it freezes the calc really bad. I have to remove every battery including the lithium.

     14 January 1999, 19:56 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released

Download v.52.4

     14 January 1999, 20:25 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released
Evil Sam
(Web Page)

I made a Zelda 86 port that will run from the OS, Rascall, ASE, Anaconda, etc. Download it from my site along with FrAWgGuts 86 and Hard Hat Mack 83/86.

     14 January 1999, 21:32 GMT


I know this is off the subject, but my TI-86 froze and crashed, and now it wont turn on! what can I do besides returning it??!! I already replaced the batteries and it still doesnt work....help me please! Email me or respond here! anything :)

Im desperate (as you can see)

     15 January 1999, 00:55 GMT


I had the exact same problem happen to me. My friend turned my Ti-86 and tried to run Zelda. Then the screen kept blinking and it wouldn't stop, even when i took out the batteries and replaced them. What I did was take out all the batteries, including the backup battery and wait about 5 minutes, then place them back in. It should work fine after that. If it doesn't work, then sorry...I guess returning it is the best thing to do.

     15 January 1999, 01:23 GMT

Re: Re: HELP



     16 January 1999, 02:56 GMT


Try leaving all of the batteries out for a while including the lithium. As you are putting them back in, press the ON and Enter buttons frequently. Be sure you have fully charged batteries.
Just in case, have you tried linking your calculator to your computer? If the computer will read your calc, but nothing is displayed, maybe your display is busted.

     15 January 1999, 02:37 GMT

Re: Re: HELP
(Web Page)

When my calc reset a long time ago, I had the same problem and almost crapped myself :) Then I realized the only thing that was wrong was that the contrast is reset. Try turning it up. It is also pretty funny at school when people turn to me to "fix" their calc and thats all I have to do:)

     15 January 1999, 04:12 GMT

Zelda v0.52.4
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Excellent Job with the demo, Sam.
Im glad the questions are now related to the plot of the game rather than the bugs :)
good luck

     18 January 1999, 02:51 GMT

(Web Page)

How do I get into the building in the bottom right?

     18 January 1999, 21:03 GMT

Re: stuck
Sam Heald

It's just for show. Nothing there.

     18 January 1999, 22:15 GMT

Re: Re: stuck


     19 January 1999, 13:06 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released

great game, i DLed it for my friends 82, when can i get one for an 85????

     19 January 1999, 03:37 GMT

Re: Escape? Is it possible?

How do you get out of the first level or is it the only level. I have tried for a while on my 86 v. 1.3 and ASE 1.3 and have yet to beat the first level. what is going on here.

     19 January 1999, 12:40 GMT

Re: Legend of Zelda Demo v0.52.3 released
(Web Page)

Looks pretty nice!

Only question I have is...why are the sprites so...big? They look like they're 16x16 (I haven't downloaded the source yet, so I'm guessing =)

This isn't a major annoyance, just something I noticed after a game or two. It also seemed like using 8x8 (or so) sprites would save on space, because you're saving about 16 bytes(?) for each sprite with 8x8s...

Just curious,


     22 January 1999, 07:17 GMT

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