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Zelda 89 screenshots
Posted on 21 December 1998, 08:02 GMT

[Zelda 89 Screenshot]

CCIA has released six screenshots of their upcoming game, Zelda 89. One of those screenshots is displayed to the right. A public beta version should be available by Christmas. For more information on Zelda 89, check out the CCIA website or visit channel #ccia on EFNet.


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Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

What's with the A,B, & C button layout? There aren't any A,B, or C buttons on the 89. Technically I guess there are, but wouldn't using F1, F2, and F3 be easier? Just a thought.

     22 December 1998, 18:08 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
Kupare(Eugene Adle)

first of all.. I'm not that other Eugene.. also
That screen shot rules ALL hehe. Right now I'm without a calculator.. I lost my ti-86 somewhere in new jersey.... and I messed up my ti-85 tring to "turbo it", boy I loose so many calculators..
Guess I'll get ti-89 yet.. its the next.. I'll probably have it lost by next year... :p oh yeah did I mention that that game will kick? What will the story line be like? Those graphics look alot like a direct port from the gameboy.. oh well.. I'll shut up now.. no really.. I will... I promise..ok I'll hangup now... *beep*

     22 December 1998, 18:58 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
(Web Page)

Very, very, very good !
But screenshots are one thing; the real game in another...
I hope that I could soon try the beta version in order to give more (objectives) comments...

     22 December 1998, 21:47 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
(Web Page)

Sorry, I made a little mistake:
You must read "the real game is another"

     24 December 1998, 15:56 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

hey, this Zelda 89 sounds great...but could you port it to the 86 when it is finished?

     22 December 1998, 22:47 GMT

What rock have you been hiding under...get out of here!!
(Web Page)

Didn't I just say earlier that there are TWO or possibly THREE Zelda games for the 86. WTF are you asking for a port of this if we all know that the z80 cant handle a 68k game. And making the same game from one cpu to another is not called and is not considered "porting". Making the same game from one cpu to another is the same as doing the same game from scratch. So shut TF up and get out of the net you loser.

     22 December 1998, 23:40 GMT

Re: What rock have you been hiding under...get out of here!!

what's your problem? jeez, are your mighty tighty undies bothering you or something? don't bite my head off because i'm not an expert on this stuff.

     25 December 1998, 07:38 GMT

Re: What rock have you been hiding under...get out of here!!

Alright, this is my third reply to your posts, and
it's getting kind of repetitive. I think you
need to understand that not everyone has the vast
amount of calculator related knowledge you do. I
mean, if someone doesn't understand what seems to
be obvious to you, I don't think it gives you
authority to tell them to "get off the `net".
Mabye you feel that way, but I honestly think that
you're the last person to say who can stay and who
can go on such a place as this.

     30 December 1998, 01:36 GMT

Re: Re: What rock have you been hiding under...get out of here!!

took the words right outta my mouth.

     30 December 1998, 02:50 GMT

Re: Re: What rock have you been hiding under...get out of here!!

I think it's a little late (five days), and he's probably learned.

Anybody noticed that some comments are being cut from the list?

     30 December 1998, 06:05 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
Ville Jarvi

As Humm reacted 'little strongly', I will now explain to you somewhat differently..
There is going to be a Zelda game for TI86&85 but it will not be the same as this one. It will have different graphics because of the screen size(i'm in charge of the graphics so i guess i am the one you should complain to if they suck..) and it will also have a whole different plot. In other words, it's completely different game. But I don't know about any other Zelda's for TI86...

     23 December 1998, 00:12 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

Looking forward to a demo. I am really- and I mean REALLY- impressed by the screen shots of the game. Good luck!

     23 December 1998, 02:53 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

Very good

     23 December 1998, 11:43 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

I'm not trying to be negative, but those screenshots look too good to be true. They look exactly the same as the graphis in the Gameboy version, which makes me a little worried / suspicious.

     23 December 1998, 21:54 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
Ville Järvi

That's because they are straight ports from the Gameboy graphics... at least that's what I heard(and please correct me if i'm wrong..). Screen in Gameboy is about the same size as in ti89 so it's easy to port them.

     24 December 1998, 01:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

The Zelda89 sprites are 16*16 like the GameBoy one. Furthermore, did u know that TI-89 screen is 160*100 pxl and gameBoy one is 160*144 pxl !! Did you know that Zelda GameBoy cartrige was 512 kb and that the TI-89 is 600 kb!! :)

     24 December 1998, 22:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
Ville Järvi

I did know there were small differences between gameboy and ti89, yes:)
i hope you don't get me wrong; i think it's great to get such games as zelda for ti's, and it's even better when they really look like original games. Again, good luck for the whole CCIA crew!

     25 December 1998, 13:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

Um....The TI-89 does not have 600KB of memory. And the GameBoy version of Zelda is 4MB quite a lot more than 512Kb. The GameBoy Color version is 8MB.

     30 December 1998, 02:47 GMT

So what?

So? The TI-89 still has more memory than a Gameboy cartridge. (Now you better not be lying!)

     30 December 1998, 06:10 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

now hole on I was the first one to made Zelda !!!!
I remember in 1986 when me and bob was working on our "computer" we fond out that we could reanimate dead cell using lighting and a barbie dole ( I think they stoll our idea and made it into a movies and or a tv show) well after I animated it I name it "zelda", I thing it kind of reminded me of my uncle, To make thing short it ran away( Zelda I mean), join a union and team up with Nintendo....
so I was the first one to made "Zelda".( or is it zeldo the monkey of death) :-)

     25 December 1998, 04:56 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
Zelda owns

hey if your want to post some words here, could you at least spell them right!?!?

     27 December 1998, 16:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

Look at his name dude, do you think english is his first language?

     29 December 1998, 23:09 GMT

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