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Zelda 89 screenshots
Posted on 21 December 1998, 08:02 GMT

[Zelda 89 Screenshot]

CCIA has released six screenshots of their upcoming game, Zelda 89. One of those screenshots is displayed to the right. A public beta version should be available by Christmas. For more information on Zelda 89, check out the CCIA website or visit channel #ccia on EFNet.


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TI-92 Port?
Rob Hornick

Could this be ported to the TI-92 or TI-92 Plus? Please e-mail me with any info.

     21 December 1998, 19:23 GMT

Re: TI-92 Port?

Any TI-89 assembly game can be ported to the TI-92, plus module or not. You should know that by now.

     22 December 1998, 05:48 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

I wonder how they got screen shots on a TI89, I've heard of an emulator, but I haven't managed to find it, could a member of the developping team explain me how they did ?

I'd like to know if a TI92+ version is planned, because I can't afford buying a TI89 to play to Zelda 89 (though it would be funny :-)).

     21 December 1998, 21:58 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
David Phillips
(Web Page)

Using an emulator isn't the only way to get screen shots. But if you don't have access to the source, it might be the only way besides actually taking a picture of the screen.

If you have the source (or feel like dissassembling and recompiling it), you could just add some code to dump both grayscale planes to a string variable, send the string back to the computer and use a program to mix both planes into a .bmp or .pcx file.

On the 85 or 86, this is about the only way I know of, as I haven't had any luck getting TI8XEMUS to take grayscale screenshots (it emulates the LCD a little too perfectly :) and TI86EMU doesn't emulate port 0...

     21 December 1998, 23:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

By the way, is this for assembly or TI-Basic?
If you are making an assembly game, please make it compatible with Doors OS 0.91 and Plusshell 1.0a. I don't want to run into compatibility problems.

     22 December 1998, 00:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

It has to be in assembly, because it uses shades of grey. I agree: please make it compatible with Doors OS 0.91 and Plusshell 1.0a.

     22 December 1998, 02:14 GMT

You moron!

There is a difference between AND and OR here. The only way to make Zelda89 compatible with both shells would be to produce two source files, one that uses commands from the Plusshell libraries (gray4lib, util, linelib), and one that uses commands from the DoorsOS libraries (filelib ,graphlib, userlib).

I think it's stupid, though. The people at Plusshell who released 1.0a, which is not compatible with 0.99tr1, should be branded for sacrificing ease-of-use (from compatibility problems) in favor of reduced lib size.

     22 December 1998, 02:49 GMT

Re: You moron!

No, you are the moron. You are acting like everyone is an idiot when you are making this conversation pointless. You need to stop. I have been waiting for Zelda89 for a long time, but you fools are being crazy and fighting over it. Just shutup!!

     23 December 1998, 02:08 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

Dude, there IS a Ti-89/92+ Emulator, and it's now available on Ticalc. BTW, Pretty much ANY 89 games is playable on the 92+, they're essentially the same.

     27 December 1998, 21:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

No duh, I think he would have known by now.

     29 December 1998, 07:36 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
Jesse Lincoln

OMG! Ok, thats it, I'm buyin an 89. I've got the money. :)

     21 December 1998, 21:59 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

Whatever you do, don't get it from TI-Central.
They're closed, and their prices are high anyway.
(We should boycott them next year!)

     22 December 1998, 02:34 GMT

Cody Clark
(Web Page)

Merry Christmas Everyone and may you all have a wonderfull 1999. To all of you that are concerned out our closing, we would like to tell all of you that we respect our employees and let them have a long CHRISTMAS BREAK! We took the site down until January 1, 1999 so we could remodel and still have a CHRISTMAS BREAK! As for the TI-89. We actually have them available. As for Dim TI, they don't.
Again to the staff of ticalc.org I appreciate your great services and we you grow and make great in 1999.
Also in 1999 watch for the TI-Central, TI-World to become: tiworld.com. Just wait for TI-World. It is going to put Dim TI out of business.

TI-Central President,
Cody Clark

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

     25 December 1998, 18:55 GMT

Re: TI-Central

It's nice to hear from you again. Of course, the Staples nearest me probably has them in stock right now...I'll bet they still don't have them on display :)

Well happy holidays.

     26 December 1998, 07:58 GMT


I feel exactly the same...

I have been thinking of getting an 89 for a while, and this just did it...

     24 December 1998, 03:26 GMT

Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
(Web Page)

hey this looks great guys,
i've got a 92plus
for all of you asking about this port I think that anything that works on the 89 works on the 92plus and vice versa
they both use the same OS and only differ in screen size and keycodes

same memory layout and locations right?

goto my url chad.dirks.com for info on CDOOM3 for the 86

     21 December 1998, 23:17 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

The Demo locks my calc up everytime ine less than a minute of play. It scared the be-Jesus out of me.

     22 December 1998, 02:10 GMT

Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

"...and only differ in screen size and keycodes"

That means that it won't work without a port.

     22 December 1998, 02:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

According to the developers of PlusShell, you only need to compile the .asm file using asm92.bat or something like that. It should work; I changed the extension of the Super Mario Quest .3a file from .9xz to .89z and it worked.

Still, a version for the TI-92+ that takes advantage of the larger screen resolution should be made.

     22 December 1998, 02:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
Jonah Cohen
(Web Page)

the reason Super Mario Quest worked was because it was made to run on both 89 and 92+ (the same file works on both.) try testing something made specifically for one or the other.

     22 December 1998, 21:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots

I'm pretty sure it will, but I haven't had time to try it out...

Another way to do it is to add the line "xdef ti92" or something like that to the source code after the variable declarations so that it will work for both calculators. It probably won't work all the time.

No actually, you're right. What you have to do is to add that line of code, run the code through a compiler, then do whatever. Okay, I'll shut up!

     27 December 1998, 05:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Zelda 89 screenshots
(Web Page)

That reminds me, if your TI-89 games don't work, check the message board at Dimension TI--the link is below my name. Go to Message Board, TI-89 ASM, Doors OS Games. Why didn't anyone figure out sooner???

     22 December 1998, 02:41 GMT

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