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Preview of Windows 2000
Posted on 30 August 1998, 01:51 GMT

[Windows 2000 Screenshot]
"HackNiN" is developing an assembly shell/GUI program called Windows 2000. This will initially be for the TI-86, but it will probably be ported to the TI-83 and TI-85. Windows 2000 is aimed ot be a clone of Windows for the PC. Features that should be included are icons, an icon maker, APD, password protection, hiding programs, free memory and current program memory displays, memory locking, battery testing, AWS (advanced warning system), and background pictures. "HackNiN" says the size will be a little larger than Aurora but the quality will be much better. Beta testers are no longer needed, however programmers are wanted. As for the release date, that is still unknown.


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You won't release it if I beat you to it!! BTW, so you know, I had these ideas a while back and now I will be working on it. It will be called "Everest" or something along those lines because of how big it's going to be. Ha,ha,ha!!

     30 August 1998, 02:35 GMT


Yeah right!,
Ya know if you really had this idea before this other company did then you would have been done by now. Make up your own programs ok, and let the originals be the originals!

     30 August 1998, 03:22 GMT


You know what they say about people who assume. When he says a while ago he doesn't mean a year! He has been learning asm to be able to make it, so back off buddy. He really did give all of those ideas to HackNin or whomever.

     30 August 1998, 03:45 GMT


Let originals be originals????? This program is just an imitation of off a shitty OS for the PC, how is that original in the first place. If anyone wants to imitate Winblows, let them. Want an idea, develop the first OS that works decent.

     31 August 1998, 05:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: "EVEREST"
Matt Rogers
(Web Page)

The first OS that works descent? There is, and it's called Linux, it is highly stable, fast, very customizable, and completely user-developed. That's a descent OS if you ask me.

     1 September 1998, 06:05 GMT


Hey everyone while we are at it, lets make a macintrash, I mean macintosh Emulator for our calculators, that would be retarded, I mean cool... lol
~You've Stolen My Litterbox~

     29 May 1999, 08:27 GMT

Re: Preview of Windows 2000
Michael Wyman
(Web Page)

Hmm... I trust that they will be able to make their clone less buggy than the real thing ;)

     30 August 1998, 05:17 GMT

Do We Really Need This

Is something like this really needed, these things are calculators, not PC's. Think about it, don't we have too many shells for these things already!!

     30 August 1998, 05:20 GMT

Re: Do We Really Need This
(Web Page)

Well, programming a shell can bring the programmer lots of knowledge, and plenty are good because then people can have plenty to choose from.

     30 August 1998, 05:55 GMT

Re: Do We Really Need This
Dr Sbaitso

Sure, there are a lot of shells out there, but, while not being necessary, per se, they are fun to play around with sometimes (I remember having Aurora for the 83 and knowing it was just taking up a lot of space but keeping it on just because I thought it looked cool)...besides, GAMES aren't really necessary for the calc but are fun to have around.... :)

     30 August 1998, 06:06 GMT

Re: Re: Do We Really Need This
Michael Howard

I think that shells are necessary. They make accessing programs easier. I especially like Doors92.

     1 September 1998, 17:51 GMT

Re: Preview of Windows 2000
Leon Pierre

What *is* "AWS (advanced warning system)"? Its seems to me that Rascall can do everything listed except for the AWS, program size, battery testing and backgrounds. CoolShell for Usgard does the program size thing. Why have backgrounds? I spend more time looking at a game than at a shell. Battery testing, that is common sense. If the contrast number is above 7 or 8, time to recharge or switch batteries. Rule of thumb is usually a setting of 5. On a turboed calc, change them before the setting has to reach 5 or 6. I dont think icons will be actually useful, so unless someone tells me what the AWS thing is, this doesnt seem to me as more than a prettier shell and another choice.

     30 August 1998, 06:35 GMT

Windows 2000
Cody Zimmerman

Who cares if Windows 2000 will be similar to Rascall! Rascall the best shell for the 86 around!! If they want to make a shell that is like Rascall with even a few minor adjustments then I say who gives a f*** if it's not totally original. And background pictures are a nice touch. They may not be necessary but they look good. I want Windows 2000 as soon as it comes out.

     30 August 1998, 18:15 GMT

Re: Preview of Windows 2000
Patrick Wilson

Looks great. I just have one request. IT MUST HAVE AUTOMATIC PROGRAM DETECTION!!! I REQUIRE THAT. I'd even give up icons for that. I need APD. Without it, it will just be a fancy screen saver!

     30 August 1998, 20:07 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Windows 2000

You are an idiot. APD stands for Automatic Power Down, not Automatic Program Detection.

     4 July 2000, 07:20 GMT

Re: Preview of Windows 2000
(Web Page)

Why do we need more shell programs?
We should have *ONE GOOD* shell program
(like ZShell for 85) and that's it.
If name means anything, Windows will not
be the good one! ;)

     30 August 1998, 20:36 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Windows 2000
(Web Page)

Yes, we do need just one good shell for each calculator. Zshell for the 85 was the best till USGard came. The version .9b was clunky, took up too much space, and the windows 95 format was interesting, but was too hard to get around in. Once version 1.5 came out with cool shell plus, I switched from ZShell, and have never gone back. Usgard is a Power User's Tool. The idea of programming a mini version of Windows is a good challenge for a programmer, and when it is released, I will try it, but probably will not keep it. I need space on my calculator for games, and for my basic programs I write. The shell should take up a very minimal amount of space and leave the rest to space for games. I think when Windows 2000 comes out, everyone should try it at least once. Then switch back to your old shells. Don't criticize someone for advertising their product and being happy about it. Most of the people criticizing these authors (including me) don't know how to program assembly, and really have no place in putting them down.

BTW, when is ZShell 4.5 coming out?? Mail me if you know. Thanks

     31 August 1998, 07:30 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of Windows 2000
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

ZShell 4.5 is not coming out. ZShell development has stopped.

     31 August 1998, 11:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Windows 2000

how about Usgard 1.6?

     31 August 1998, 14:01 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Windows 2000
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Not sure, but should be coming sometime.

     2 September 1998, 00:27 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Windows 2000
Cody Zimmerman

I disagree about having one shell for all calculators. If we did this then no one would make new ones and therefore no new and useful features would be added. Think about it. SOS for the 83 is really a basic (as in simple) shell. But Rascall for the 86 has program groups and passwords and memory locking. If we all stuck with the first shell to come out on a calculator then we have some sorry ass shells. If people stuck with the first computer to come out then there would be no PC's. We make new shells to improve and add to the old ones. It's necessary for new shells to come out.

     2 September 1998, 06:06 GMT

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