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TI-89 Starts Shipping
Posted on 19 August 1998, 17:35 GMT

Texas Instruments began shipping TI-89 units to dealers late last week, and they are expected to hit the shelves sometime next week. They will be available in the U.S. with distribution limited to one major retail outlet. Wider distribution will follow a month later. The TI-89 will also be available in France this month, but we have no information about other countries just yet.


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Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

I was just wondering what the main difference in hardware is between the 89 and the 92, also does it use the same os, or did they make a new one? If the os is the same and pretty much everything is the same, will it run the fargo shell(not that is needs to because of the built in asm support)?

     21 August 1998, 00:28 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
(Web Page)

How should I know I only got an 82 & 85! I'm Wishin I had an 86 & 92 & 89 though! Anyone want to sell me one?

Back me up here someone:)

     21 August 1998, 00:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
(Web Page)

I agree, for like you, I only have an 82 and 85. I'm a programmer for them, but my FTP client is down, so check out my programs on my company's site. (hehe) I am planning on getting an 86 sometime in December.
I wish I had them too, but I ain't gonna go for the bigtime because it costs too much. When the price goes down, like most of you seem to think, I'm going to save up. But right now the TI-89 is way too pricey.
Also, I had a comment that was deleted, and I used no foul language. Why is that? Simply to keep the propaganda clean? I brought up some points that should be kept up there, like price and the ACT deal. I hope you all in charge bear in mind that the criticism does just as good as the praise.

Ever the ticalc.org fan,

     25 August 1998, 23:18 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Killbat, Conqueror of Worlds

As far as I know, It's the exact same as a TI92+, except the keyboard, screen resolution/size, and I think the TI89 doesn't have geometry software. Anyone know why?

     21 August 1998, 01:53 GMT

Why TI-89 won''t have geometry in ROM

I think memory is the right answer. If anyone read the guidebook (the WHOLE guidebook,) it says somewhere that to run TI-92 geometry, you need AT LEAST 25K of free memory. Like, wow, that's a lot! Also, they had to make room for ASM in the ROM.

     21 August 1998, 15:18 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Phil Killewald
(Web Page)

I believe that the Geo software takes up a rather large chunk of memory, seeing as it is quite extensive. The 92's processor can barely handle it as it is, and the 89 will have the same 68K 10MHz. Hopefully, though, they will release a flash ROM with the software included as an option.

     21 August 1998, 03:22 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Nicholas Waton
(Web Page)

First there is no difference in the OS, second it won't need FARGO and won't run it, the existing programs will need to be change a little bit to go even on the TI-92+ and more to go on the TI-89 because of the screen change.

For the geometry software, it's because the cibling people of the TI-89 don't need the geometry sofware. And also it's because of the resolution wich a bit smaller so it would have been difficult to use.

     21 August 1998, 09:07 GMT

Programming on TI-89

Would it be possible to use a compiler that
supports the Pascal/C/C++ programming language (Codewarrior comes to mind) for the 68k processor? So that programmers can use a cout; or printf; as opposed to an archaic (in the case of the pre-TI supported asm calculators) 'call _vPuts' or something or other. Is that possible? or just a crazy idea?

     21 August 1998, 00:45 GMT

Re: Programming on TI-89
Michael Wyman
(Web Page)

Although I've occasionally wished for this, ASM is the best way to ensure optimized size... I'm not sure how much I'd trust CodeWarrior (or even GCC for that matter) to optimize when I need every byte I can get... Others may disagree with me on this...

It'll be interesting to see how much the '89 is simply over-hype, and how much better it really is! Unfortunately I probably won't be getting one myself......

     21 August 1998, 20:10 GMT

Re: C++ vs. ASM
Dark Ryder

You might appreciate this little test I ran:

I compiled a Visual C++ 6.0 program that, using iostream.h, outputs 4 lines of text to a console app (DOS). Then I wrote an assembly program (using DEBUG ;) that did the same thing. The C++ version was 94,143 bytes. The ASM version was 50 bytes. Any know what kind of a ratio _that_ is?

     23 August 1998, 08:13 GMT

Re: Re: C++ vs. ASM

I did the same thing with borland c++ 5.0
and the file came out to be 22k.

     24 August 1998, 05:02 GMT

Re: Re: C++ vs. ASM
Mark Scott

I got the same thing down to 15k in Visual C++ 5.0. I realize that you can make a much smaller program with ASM, but the time to finish a project is much longer in ASM.

     28 August 1998, 04:57 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
(Web Page)

this is pretty dumb, guys. keep the talk on irc and go out and buy a ti-89 if you actually have the dollars for it. cheeya

     21 August 1998, 15:50 GMT

TI-89 Technical Issues

Can ne1 answer these 2 questions???

1) Does the 89 have to compile BASIC progs prior to execution like the 86, or just execute like the 83?

2) Will the BASIC progs on the 10MHz 68K execute faster than 86 BASIC progs on the 6MHz z80?

     21 August 1998, 17:18 GMT

Re: TI-89 Technical Issues
Jeremy Mullins
(Web Page)

In response to #1, the 86 doesn't compile the BASIC programs. It tokenizes them. Compiling would turn it into machine code, which it doesn't. What tokenization does is it reduces the memory requirements of a program by taking multi-character commands like sin, cos, Output(, and DelVar( (Just to name a few), and turns them into one character tokens that the calculator actually recongnizes. It's still interpreted line-by-line just like the 83, only it requires less memory to store in tokenized form.


     21 August 1998, 22:51 GMT

Re: TI-89 Technical Issues
Aaron Hertz

Yes, just like the 92 and 92+ the 89 will tokenize programs before running them.

     22 August 1998, 15:46 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

YES!!!!!! I have a TI-89!!!!!! I drove about 50 miles to get it, but it was sure worth driving every mile!!! I highly reccommend getting one. It does everything!

     21 August 1998, 20:56 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Lord Conquistador

"Everything"? Surely, it cannot end world hunger....or upgrade itself for free, or display in color, or play Unreal...

     21 August 1998, 22:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
(Web Page)

YES!!!!!! I have a TI-89!!!!!!
It does everything! YES!!!!!! It will do all that and then some!!!!!! It really Does everything!

     21 August 1998, 22:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Killbat, Conqueror of Worlds

It doesn't do geometry...

     21 August 1998, 23:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

Mine DOES!!!!!

     22 August 1998, 00:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Lord Conquistador

But yours doesnt do TI's Geometry software....and so far, tell us how many games you have managed work in it....and tell me, how does it manage to run a half gigabyte game (unreal)on such a little calc, with even one megabyte if ram......

     22 August 1998, 06:22 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

He is confusing his TI-89 with his TI-899999 lap top.

     24 August 1998, 21:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

Where the hell did you get one?!? I have called every staples in my tri-county area and none of them have heard of it. When exactly did it ship, or is it still shipping. I need one this week for my Honors Chemistry and A.P. Calculus classes.

     26 August 1998, 02:10 GMT

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