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TI-89 Starts Shipping
Posted on 19 August 1998, 17:35 GMT

Texas Instruments began shipping TI-89 units to dealers late last week, and they are expected to hit the shelves sometime next week. They will be available in the U.S. with distribution limited to one major retail outlet. Wider distribution will follow a month later. The TI-89 will also be available in France this month, but we have no information about other countries just yet.


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Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

If you can afford it I suggest by the 92 and the plus module for about $215. It is really nice. Big Screen. I think the 89 wont be as good because it tries to put a 92 plus on a smaller screen

     22 August 1998, 22:22 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Jon Printz

The TI-89 might not be better but it is better to have one because you can use it on the AP Calculus test and you can't use the 92.

     24 August 1998, 08:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

Use an -86 on your AP Calc tests.

     24 August 1998, 21:21 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
(Web Page)

I called office max and had them save me a ti-89. They are expecting them to come in late next week. How long do you think it will be before we can download games and other programs for the ti-89? Do you think it will take long for people to write programs for it?

     23 August 1998, 03:18 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Lin Swe

Office max won't have TI-89 until somewhere next month. I checked TI.com web site and it says TI-89 will available the last week of August in Staples, some instructional dealers, and college book stores. Other outlets will carry TI-89 about a month later.

     25 August 1998, 00:06 GMT

When will TI-89 be available in Europe ?
Claus Rasmussen

Do anyone know when this beast will be available in Europe ?

I have checked some US based mail-order compagnies. They sell for approx. 130$ but adds 70$+ for overseas delivery !

     23 August 1998, 20:58 GMT

Re: When will TI-89 be available in Europe ?
Lin Swe

You might want to check this web site. http://www.total.net/~thales/calculatrice.html

     26 August 1998, 06:41 GMT

Flash rom?! Lets design a new OS!
Nathan Cassano
(Web Page)

I know we love how standardized our TI's our but I say we design our own OS! Don't worry you could always put TI's os back on. We could make a better UI, better programming support, multi-tasking, distribute binary instead of basic or asm, begin independant software design (a good thing), and push it to the limit! Fill the bank! Our TI's would be awesome!

     24 August 1998, 00:21 GMT

Re: Flash rom?! Lets design a new OS!

Yeah, I know what you're sayin. I think I have something like you described. It's called a laptop computer!

     24 August 1998, 08:08 GMT

Re: Re: Flash rom?! Lets design a new OS!
Stephen Clemente

Yeah, but a laptop computer costs $1000+.

     24 August 1998, 22:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Flash rom?! Lets design a new OS!
Rob Bonstein

Only if you don't know where to look. I got a perfectly good computer that can do everything he just described for 125 bucks! It's got 2MB RAM, 120 MB HD, grayscale screen, 9600 modem, and it runs Borland turbo C++ 3.0 for dos and M$ Works 2.0 for dos like a charm. And, it boots up faster than any windows system. 20 seconds after I turn it on, it's ready to work.
Also, it came with an extra-spiffy laptop case free of charge!

     28 August 1998, 03:58 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

If anyone knows of a place in Charlotte NC or one that will deliver to charlotte NC please email me!!!!!!!!!

     24 August 1998, 01:52 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
(Web Page)

I think I will get an 86 unless the 89 has awesome games!!!

     24 August 1998, 03:18 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Nathan Cassano

The TI-89 will be compatible with the TI-92 and TI-92 plus. It will have all the games 92 has. The TI-89 truly should be the TI-94. It's compatible and pocket size.

     25 August 1998, 07:41 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
(Web Page)

Hear Hear!

     27 August 1998, 23:35 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Lin Swe

Are you sure TI-89 is the best calculator or that TI don't have any other plan for releasing a better yet cheaper model in a few years? It costs about $150 and I don't want to buy a new calculator every year.

     25 August 1998, 00:23 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Jonah Cohen

the whole purpose of the flash rom is so that ti doesn't need to make new calculators. they can just rewrite the rom and sell you a copy of it via the internet for much less than a new calculator costs.

     27 August 1998, 01:20 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
James Split

I found an 89 at a discount electronics store and I bought it. It was $129!! All the Staples didn't even have them in yet but this cheap little store did. If you can, but it from smaller stores. I got the number of this place off TI's website, can ya believe that!

     29 August 1998, 03:41 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Sean Hilty
(Web Page)

I don't know about anyone else, but I've called a couple Staples around me, and they don't have any clue when they are getting the TI-89 in... I think I might ask for the manager next time, although I am not sure if they would know... So are all Staples going to get in the TI-89?

     25 August 1998, 04:08 GMT

Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Jeff Keacher

This morning I received an e-mail from TI tech support. In part, it says:

"The TI-89 will be sold through these other major nationwide retailers
approximately a month after it becomes available at Staples (around the end
of September):

Office Depot
Office Max
Service Merchandise

In addition, the tech said that the TI-89 had been shipped to ALL instructional dealers, as listed on their web page.

     25 August 1998, 20:57 GMT

Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

Around the end of SEPTEMBER???! Are you kidding me! It was supposed to be the end of AUGUST. Now it won't get to Staples for another month?! No wonder Staples here didn't have it yesterday... Please tell me that was just a typo or something.

     25 August 1998, 22:19 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping

i agree why should we wait another month i cant get to a staples it should be release dto all store at 1 time it would make it much more popular
i vote we all mait ti and ask it be released ASAP
and if they wont i will email bomb them again and again intill they release it in target or wal-mart

da mad bomber

     25 August 1998, 23:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
Jeff Keacher

Well, not a typo, but a little hard to understand. It means that the other stores (Office max, for example) will be getting the TI-89 at the end of September, which is about one month after Staples got them (the end of August).

     26 August 1998, 21:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-89 Starts Shipping
James Griffith

I just received this from Staples:
We have received the following information in regards to the TI-89 from
our corporate offices. The TI-89 will not be available for delivery
until Nov. 1998. We have not received the expected stock date for the
Staples stores but we expect to have it shortly. The cost of the TI-89
will be approximately $149.99 and the Staples item number is 377118.
We will keep update you when we receive more detailed information.

Thanks for your inquiry and patience.

     27 August 1998, 04:32 GMT

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