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HASHLIB CE Cryptography Library


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Filename hashlib.zip (Download)
Title HASHLIB CE Cryptography Library
Description A CE C toolchain library for use with LIBLOAD. An implementation of industry-standard cryptography for the TI-84+ CE graphing calculator. Contains a secure RNG, Advanced Encryption Standard and RSA encryption algorithms, SSL signature verification, and more. See the enclosed documentation for details. modular exponentiation routine by jacobly sha256_transform by beck some code sourced from public domain repo wrappers, documentation, and some implementation by ACagliano
Authors Adam Beck (beckadamtheartist@gmail.com)
Anthony Cagliano (acagliano97@gmail.com)
commandblockguy (commandblockguy1@gmail.com)
Category TI-84 Plus CE Assembly Libraries
File Size 1,032,350 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Oct 30 04:39:48 2021
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes


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Archive Contents
Name Size
hashlib 2/LICENSE   35149
hashlib 2/makefile   1223
hashlib 2/hashlib.asm   109939
hashlib 2/README.md   974
hashlib 2/Hashlib Documentation.pdf   454330
hashlib 2/hashlib.h   32381
hashlib 2/hashlib.lib   837
hashlib 2/hashlib.8xv   18006
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/revA_dieharder.log   850100
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/cemu_dieharder.log   850100
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/revL_dieharder.log   850100
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/RevA_abridged_dieharder.log   2934
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/revL_abridged_dieharder.log   2937
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/revN_dieharder.log   850100
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/revC_abridged_dieharder.log   2939
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/revN_abridged_dieharder.log   2936
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/revC_dieharder.log   850100
hashlib 2/prng_statistics/cemu_abridged_dieharder.log   2935
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/icon.png   761
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/makefile   397
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/readme.md   366
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/icon.png   761
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/makefile   379
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/readme.md   366
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_sha256_demo/icon.png   761
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_sha256_demo/makefile   397
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_sha256_demo/readme.md   366
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_mgf1_demo/icon.png   761
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_mgf1_demo/makefile   397
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_mgf1_demo/readme.md   366
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_prng_demo/icon.png   761
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_prng_demo/makefile   379
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_prng_demo/readme.md   366
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/obj/icon.src   1489
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/bin/DEMO.bin   8170
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/bin/DEMO.map   7692
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/bin/DEMO.8xp   8246
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/bin/DEMO.debug   9822
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/src/main.c   1404
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/obj/main.c.src   8908
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/obj/icon.src   1489
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/bin/DEMO.bin   9357
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/bin/DEMO.map   4155
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/bin/DEMO.8xp   9433
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_aes_demo/src/main.c   3126
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_sha256_demo/src/main.c   1840
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_mgf1_demo/src/main.c   1504
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_prng_demo/src/main.c   1142
hashlib 2/examples/hashlib_rsa_demo/obj/src/main.c.src   14165

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