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Fire Track 2


Ranked as 210 on our all-time top downloads list with 42588 downloads.
Ranked as 2142 on our top downloads list for the past seven days with 5 downloads.
Ranked as 98 on our top rated list with a weighted average of 8.61.

Filename ft2release.zip (Download)
Title Fire Track 2
Description Fire Track gets a much needed makeover and is now a much better game. Featuring two modes of play - Classic or Extended - giving you the feel of the original BBC Micro game or the more exciting Extended version with extra weapons that can be picked up every 100 points, such as the destructive EMP or time-warping 'speed' or 'freeze' powerups. Dysfunction says: "I am awed by FT's graphics. They are the best black and white gfx on the 83+." Randroid says: "This game looks more than Awesome!" SenorPhrog says: "seriously, this game farxing RAWKS" Judge for yourself: fast, smoothscrolling (destructable) tilemaps, parallax scrolling stars, path based enemies, and random level generation as well as the two original levels. This game will run in MirageOS (recommended) and Ion. I want to get an 83 version out too, so I'd appreciate any help in that area.
Author Benjamin Ryves (benryves@benryves.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games (MirageOS)
File Size 112,279 bytes
File Date and Time Fri Jan 9 08:43:13 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2007-09-18
Firetrack has always occupied a place in my free time back when I still played calculator games on a regular basis, and I recommend it for download to anyone. It is one of the best arcade shoot-em-up type game I've seen so far on the TI-83+.

Graphics- 10/10 superb. Ships moving fast make them a bit hard to see on the non SE calcs though, as they have a low momentum/motion blur speed

Gameplay- 10/10 awesome gameplay, nothing negative to say about it

Controls- 10/10 Controls are very well chosen, and you would be able to play it even without reading the readme!

Replay value- 9/10 no level editor so you will end up replaying the same levels if you restart playing again. Still have enough replay value though.

Overall- 9.75/10 you should download this.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
readme/classicextended.gif   1552
readme/completed.gif   2660
readme/emp.gif   828
readme/ft2.gif   1176
readme/highscore.gif   1274
readme/inverse.gif   1726
readme/kamikaze.gif   832
readme/laser.gif   832
readme/lives.gif   1868
readme/lowram.gif   1147
readme/mine.gif   2250
readme/orig2.gif   5817
readme/orig3.gif   4558
readme/orig4.gif   4225
readme/orig5.gif   8015
readme/orig6.gif   6203
readme/orig7.gif   5140
readme/origft2.gif   6941
readme/powerup.gif   2212
readme/ReadMe.htm   18857
readme/shield.gif   828
readme/speed.gif   830
readme/time.gif   830
source/attacks.inc   2975
source/chunks.inc   7544
source/config.inc   1605
source/drawback.inc   5161
source/explode.inc   1159
source/firework.inc   1982
source/Fretrck2.z80   50668
source/general.inc   5578
source/grfx.inc   8507
source/hiscore.inc   2522
source/intro.inc   3030
source/ion.inc   488
source/keyval.inc   1377
source/levelman.inc   3169
source/levels.inc   11496
source/mirage.inc   536
source/pagefile.inc   3281
source/paths.inc   13578
source/powerups.inc   1825
source/score.inc   3298
source/ship.inc   1070
source/sprite.inc   14819
source/sprites.inc   5627
source/tackons.inc   1443
source/terrain.inc   6174
source/ti83plus.inc   3170
source/type.inc   1077
source/vars.inc   2534
Fretrck2 - Ion.8XP   13266
Fretrck2 - MirageOS.8XP   13295

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