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Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2007-09-18
Firetrack has always occupied a place in my free time back when I still played calculator games on a regular basis, and I recommend it for download to anyone. It is one of the best arcade shoot-em-up type game I've seen so far on the TI-83+.

Graphics- 10/10 superb. Ships moving fast make them a bit hard to see on the non SE calcs though, as they have a low momentum/motion blur speed

Gameplay- 10/10 awesome gameplay, nothing negative to say about it

Controls- 10/10 Controls are very well chosen, and you would be able to play it even without reading the readme!

Replay value- 9/10 no level editor so you will end up replaying the same levels if you restart playing again. Still have enough replay value though.

Overall- 9.75/10 you should download this.

Review by  s l
Reviewed on 2005-12-22
This game is amazing. It was my favorite game on my TI-84+ SE. It has amazing graphics, and keeps you going for a while. It is a good game to compete with your friends for a higher score. It’s not that difficult, but eventually your mistakes build up and you lose. It requires some strategy and is somewhat repetitive. My only complaint is that it needs too much RAM to play. I cant play it on my SE anymore because I don't have enough RAM.

Replayability-5/10 Its ok, for a while you can try to get a higher score or try and beat your freind's scores.
Graphics-10/10 Pretty much as good as they get on a calculator

Review by  Andrew Davies
Reviewed on 2005-05-08
This game can be summed up by one very large word... "Wow!"

This is the best shootemup... no... the best game I have EVER played (for calculator anyway), not only because it satisfies my unfathomably large taste for complete and utter painful destruction of my enemies, but also because it has so much new cool stuff, and it rarely gets old.

It's like nothing I've ever seen . I probably won't be deleting this for a very long time.

In case you haven't guessed, I am going to give this game an 11/10, and a standing ovation.

Thank you and goodnight.

Review by  David Tao
Reviewed on 2004-08-02
“Fire Track 2” This is an awesome game. The graphics are nice, the speed and controls are great, there are power-ups every 100 points, etc. This game is totally awesome. I'll admit it's pretty large, but it's absolutely the best shoot-em-up game I have ever played. A huge improvement over version 1.0!

Comment: THIS ROCKS!

Review by  Lewk Of Serthic
Reviewed on 2004-04-06
Wow, this game is superb! It has the best graphics of all the space shooter games I've seen. It is a great improvement for the first “Fire Track” in that now there is an extended game mode. Completely random levels and power-ups every 100 points make for hours of fun. I've had “Fire Track 2” on my calculator for about a month now and I still play it regularly!

Review by  George Wellman
Reviewed on 2004-02-03
I think I have a rather unique viewpoint on this game, having beta tested it (I'm Dysfunction). This is certainly a massive improvement over the first Firetrack, in which there were no power-ups, no destructible backgrounds, no parallax-scrolling stars.

Frankly, this game has everything. The graphics are infinitely superior to any other shooter on the 83+, and parts rival those on the 89. The sprite design is perfect, an excellent job of bringing the old BBC Micro game from full color in higher resolution to our beloved 96x64 monochrome.

Gameplay can become repetitive, but no more so than most calculator games. But games far more repetitive become hits without having even close to the kind of graphics in this game. After the first level, a new challenge arises: you must both fight enemy ships and a space mine that homes in on you. Power-ups in the Extended mode greatly enhance play, resulting in very interesting effects. Over time, you build up strategies of when to use what power-up, how to dodge and fire and fly, all in a fairly high-paced setting.

Firetrack 2 is destined to be a total hit, no less a total revolution in TI-83+ game technology.

Review by  Brian Crawford
Reviewed on 2004-01-27
I really loved the graphics in this game. What really makes the graphics really good are the transparent parts of the sprites. However, it seemed sometimes too hard to see what exactly was going on. Still a great game, but the gameplay is a li'l played in these days of age, leaving it not all interesting and put down as soon as I got over the graphics. I would recommend you check it out.

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