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Last updated Friday, 3 March 2023
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art.zip8k04-03-03File is not ratedPoint Art Maker
These programs, for the TI-73 -- V200, graphically show many random patterns.
binaryimage.zip1k12-01-08File is not ratedBinary Image
Given a matrix [im] comprised of ones and zeros representing a binary image, immom([m],r,c) outputs the matrix [m] of (i,j)-th order moments. imhu([m]) outputs the centroid row (row_c), the centroid column (col_c), the central moment matrix [mu], the normalized central moment matrix [nu], the principal angle (phi), and the 1st- and 2nd-order Hu's moment invariants [H].
bluelcd.zip5k04-12-14File is not ratedBlue Lcd 200 (safe version!)
Remember the program Bluelcd for the ti-83 plus, and its tendancy to ruin calcs? I wanted to make a safe blue screen program, so I used Flib to make the contrast high enough that it turns dark blue! This is a SAFE PROGRAM!!!
cool.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedSUPER COOL GRAPHICS! 1800 DIFFERENT DEMOS
This program is the ultamate graphics demo. It has 1800 combinations each with a different patern, and it is all in 1 tiny 200 byte program!
design.zip1k05-09-13File is not ratedVery cool designs!!!
This program has 8 very cool designs based on 3d rotation formulas and sign waves, all connected with lines to produce stunning effects.
fractal.zip2k04-08-24File is not ratedFractal
just a simple fractal program. look at the screenshots.
get2dcor.zip8k07-10-26File is not ratedGet2DCor 2.00
Get2DCor is a function that helps you convert your 3D coordinates into 2D screen coordinates (to render 3D scenes) using parallel projection.
gravity.zip4k03-10-25File is not ratedGravity Simulation
This lets you see gravity in action. The routine is gold for anybody making a game that might use gravity. The code works on the 89, 92, 92+, and V200 without any changes.
homestar.zip4k05-09-07File is not ratedHomestar Runner
Everybody! Everybody! lovers homestar runner (cause if you dont!) and now you can watch him on your calculator!!!!!. This smooth and flickerless program includes a 2:30 long video with homestar and marzipan, scene selection, making of homestar runner short, and even an interactive program!!! This is a beta version, but it is still mildly entertaining. Enjoy.
invert89.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedGraph Screen Inverter
This package of program, for all TI's, efficiently inverses the screen. Inversing turns black to white and white to black.
invscr.zip1k03-11-12File is not ratedscreen inversor
Inverse your home screen
istudio.zip109k03-05-29File is not ratedImage Studio
This program has many features that the Draw menu doesn't. Inversing, Undo, Prompts for every function, AIP system (Almost Idiot Proof), and much more. You can save and load from 9 pictures. Zooming not yet implemented, but it can be done. Change the window settings using Image Studio (another of it's features) and you have a choice of zooming in or out, but it doesn't zoom the picture. Please email any comments to me or send a postcard to: William White 1018 N Maple St. Apt C Murfreesboro, TN, USA 37129
jewels89.zip4k03-05-18File is not ratedSierpinski's Jewels
This is a very artistic program, made for the TI-73, and TI-82 -- V200. It creates designs using variations of the Sierpinski Triangle.
kiteflying.zip32k06-09-17File is not ratedKite Flying!
Four animated kites on two different backgrounds. So you can fly your kite even on those not so windy days!
pi3.zip1k05-09-13File is not ratedSuper Fast Pi Calculator! 12 digits in only 3 seconds!
PI!!!! Everybody loves pi! at least I do. But if you do also, then you will like this program. Just by inputing the radius of the circle, through advanced formulas based on many variations of the pythagerian therom, this program will calculate the area of the circle and the value of pi! from scratch! and it does it in about 3 seconds! it calculates it out to about 12 digits.
pixelart89.zip3k03-05-18File is not ratedPixel Art Maker
This package of programs for all TI's draws neat desings. There's a program for every TI included.
spritemaker.zip1k23-03-03File is not ratedSprite maker for BASIC programs
This is a program which allows you to draw sprites/pics for other BASIC programs. The canvas is resizable, currently from 1x1 to 15x15. There are 5 controls, and to view them, press 'H' within the program. Once you finish drawing, you can see a preview of what the sprite actually looks like in the top right of the screen. Once you finish drawing and exit the program, the matrix 'sprpic' contains all of the coordinates of the sprite, so that you can use it with the NewPic command to easily make new picture variables visually rather than manually in the data/matrix editor. That's pretty much it. I hope you enjoy my utility, and I'll be sure to update it with more features in the future! P.S. the name of the program is sprmaker, inside the calculator.
sprite.zip1k04-08-24File is not rated20*20 TRUE GRAYSCALE SPRITE EDITOR (uses flib)
This program lets you create your own 20*20 true grayscale sprite! includes a sample sprite of the TI logo.
ti_picframe.zip2k03-06-02File is not ratedPicture Frame Maker
This program sets a frame around the graph screen. You can choose the width from a range. It can make your pictures have a better appeal. This'll soon be a funtion of Lib68k. It's made for all TI's except the 80 and 81, though possible.
triangle.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedTI Triangle Drawer
Made for every TI, this draws a full screen triangle on the graph.
tunnel89.zip7k03-05-31File is not ratedTI Tunnel Drawer
This works like a function on the 89-V200. On the 73-86 you simply input a number, and a tunnel of that depth will be drawn. On the 89-V200 the format looks like this: 'tunnel(x)' where x is the depth you want. This has been made for ALL TI's

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