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Last updated Tuesday, 13 September 2022
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ti92_plus_fresh_skin.zip4592k22-09-13File is not ratedTI-92+_Fresh_Skin
This is an ultra realistic TI-92+ skin for VTI and TiEmu. The machine is fresh from the original box with no dust particles, no fingerprints, no scratches.
ti89titaniumultrasharp.zip568k21-05-27File is not ratedTI-89 Titanium Skin - Ultra Sharp
TiEmu Emulator Skin for the TI-89 Titanium Calculator. High Quality Image.
alphasleekti89tskin.zip2926k21-01-24File is not ratedAlphaSleek TI-89 Titanium Skin
AlphaSleek is a TI-89 Titanium skin that strikes a balance between realism and clean design. Based on the TI-89 Online Simulator.
v200_ti89t_hires_skins.zip597k20-06-22File is not ratedV200 and Ti-89T Hi Res Tiemu Skins
High resolution skins for Voyager 200 and Ti-89 Titanium. These are drop in replacements for the original Tiemu low resolution skins.
ti89_92plus_hires_skins.zip546k20-06-22File is not ratedTI-89 Landscape, TI-92plus Hires Tiemu skins
18 June 2020 High resolution TI-92+ and TI-89 skins for Tiemu in landscape display
tiv200brightbig.zip226k18-06-21File is not ratedTi-v200 bright and big skins for TIEmu
Big (1560x1500) and bright skin for TiEnum. I made this skin from scratch and optimized it for my purpose. I don’t like to use the mouse much. Also I relabeled the diamond (to CTRL) and 2nd (to ALT) keys. CLEAR became DEL. So this is more keyboard-friendly. There are now only two ENTER keys left - I still think this is one too many. Also removed one of the 2nd (ALT) keys. I hope you enjoy this skin and will let me know by rating it or leaving a comment. Please post issues (requests, etc.) on github: https://github.com/foreachthing/skins
tiemu_skins_new.zip648k18-02-21File is not ratedNew skins for TIEmu emulator.
It contains new skins for emulator TIEmu, for calculator TI-89 Titanium. It replaces poor skin in crude resolution.
ti89t_dark.zip761k17-02-10File is not ratedTI-89 Titanium Dark Skin
A high-quality, minimalist, dark skin for TiEmu.
ti68k_skins_for_tiemu.zip1237k15-01-11File is not ratedTI68k Skins for TIemulator
Super skins (serie TI89, serie TI92, TIvoyage200) for TIemu
v200spanishkeyboardmap.zip26k14-11-05File is not ratedV200 spanish keyboard map for TIEmu
Spanish keyboard map for TIEmu running V200plt or TI92
ti92_plus_clean.zip85k14-08-31File is not ratedTI92 Plus Clean Skin
This is a TI92 Plus Skin for Virtual TI. It is meant to be clean and easy to read, but also duplicate the look of an actual TI92 Plus.
ti89classictitanium.zip493k13-09-19File is not ratedTI89 Classic Skin for Titanium OS
For those who prefer classic TI89 skin, but who wants to use Titanium OS v.3.10. It is based on nice Flatbed TI-89 skin by Becker Béla, but only with changed HW type to TI89 Titanium - so TiEmu thinks this is skin for Titanium version. Now you can enjoy old style classic skin of TI89 with newest Titanium OS :-)
flatbedti89.zip493k11-12-13File is not ratedFlatbed TI-89 skin
A realistic, high quality skin for the TI-89. The calculator's face was scanned with a flatbed scanner, the result is a beautiful skin without optical distortions. There is also a more compact landscape version within.
v200_no.zip1k10-02-28File is not ratedVoyage 200 norwegian keyboard mapping
Norwegian keyboard mapping for TiEmu running Voyage 200 (norsk layout).
v200_okw.zip130k10-02-27File is not ratedVoyage 200 Skin (hi-res)
High resolution skin of Voyage 200 for TiEmu.
ti89_titanium.zip207k09-04-08File is not ratedVectorial image of TI 89 Titanium
High quality image of TI 89 Titanium.
ti89titaniumoriginal.zip148k09-04-08File is not ratedTi-89 Platinum NEW
This Ti-89 Platinum skin is better than others previsous versions. Sharp quality, real colors and without the ugly banner. I make it myself.
v200_highres3.zip836k08-09-17File is not ratedVoyage V200 High Res Skin (up to 1600x1100)
This Skin was created from an Image with 1606x1112px, so it has the highest resolution available. You can resize your TI to full screen even on large monitors.
ti83blue.zip77k07-09-08File is not ratedTI-83 Plus Translucide Blue Edition
Skin of the new TI-83 Plus in Blue translucide. Very beautiful !
titablack.zip116k07-09-08File is not ratedTI-89 Titanium Shiny Black
Skin of the new TI-89 Titanium Shiny Black for VTI. Nice shiny black, very beautiful !
compact89skin.zip390k07-09-08File is not ratedCompact89 Skin for TI89
Compact skins that still preserve the look and feel of the original TI89. Uses much less screen space, wastes nothing, yet much clearer and easier to use than actual calculator image. Large buttons for ease of use. Completely Legible. Includes: 1) Vertical skin (matches TI89) * 2) Horizontal skin (slight button rearrangement) ** 3) Horizontal skin w/ decal *** +) extra files used to make skin (excel layout, png samples) ?) helpful tips for making skins included in readme file.
tinspire89.zip307k06-08-20File is not ratedTi-nspire 89 skin
This is a skin for the 89 that uses the design of the new TI-nspire
v200_ti89_skins_lcd.zip462k06-08-05File is not ratedTI-89, TI-92 plus Voyage- 200 skins with realistic LCD
Skins with a realistic LCD, for TI-89, TI-92 plus, Voyage 200. For VTI emulator 2.5beta5 and TIEmu.
v200_ti89_skins.zip430k06-07-15File is not ratedTI-89 TI-92Plus and Voyage200 Skins
A few skins for the TI-89, TI-92Plus, and the Voyage200. For VTI emulator 2.5beta5.
skinti89tibank.zip134k06-01-28File is not ratedSkin TI-89 TI-BANK
Skin TI-89 TI-BANK for VTI.
ti89titanium.zip106k06-01-22File is not ratedTI-89 Titanium Skin
Great skin for the TI-89 Titanium.
ti84plus.zip62k05-03-02File is not ratedTi-84 plus
A ti-84 plus skin for vti. I have a ti-84 and wanted my vti to look like it, so i made a skin from a pic i found on the web. put it in the vti folder. You need a ti-83 plus rom to run it.
ti89cadskin.zip319k04-11-20File is not ratedTI-89 CAD-designed VTI skin
Very nice TI-89 skin for Virtual TI. Designed with Photoshop, and includes the original Photoshop skin image if you want to changed/edit this skin yourself.
skincollection.zip3265k04-11-04File is not ratedSkin Collection
This is a collection of 45 VTI skins for the 82, 83, and 83+. All of them are based off of real images of real calculators. Some images include the Blue 83+, inverted skins, and even 84+ skins with different colored faceplates. There are also skins of different calcs for a particular calculator. For example, there are skins of the 82, 83, and 85 for the 83+, etc. Images of the skins are also included.
ti86ppcskin.zip82k04-10-04File is not ratedTI86 skin for Pocket PC
I have modified the skin that comes with VTI for Pocket PC with buttons that are clear to read on a Pocket PC screen.
ti89tskin.zip91k04-09-16File rated 6.64TI-89 Titanium Skin
This Titanium skin is of better quality than those previously available. Clear, and in color.
ti_voyage_200.zip113k04-08-24File is not ratedVoyage 2000 Skin
This skin was created with Adobe Illustrator, then exported to Photoshop for finishing touch. Since it did not come from scanning image, the quality is much better than other Voyage 200 skins I could find. With this skin your VTI emulator will not show window borders around the calculator. That gives a more realistic feel of using a actual Voyage 200. It's recommended that this skin to be viewed at Large (2x) view.
ti83plus.zip64k04-06-15File is not ratedTi83+ Realist
This Skin was created from a numeric photograph of my Ti83+.
v200hires.zip185k04-05-11File is not ratedVoyage 200 skin Hires
Real Hires-Skin in V200-look for the TI92+
ti92plushires.zip228k04-05-05File is not ratedti 92 plus hi res bmp
rusty has a great emulator, but the image for ti 92 plus is not clear at double resolution, this skin is nice at doulble resolution.
platinumskin.zip92k04-03-28File is not ratedPlatinum Skin For Pocket VTI TI-83 Plus
Skin for use only with the Pocket PC version of VTI, Only for TI-83 Plus Rom. Hope this helps you read buttons better, it's the reason i made it, just couldn't read the small print over the buttons on the original. God Bless -Warren =) Put it in the VTI \ Skins folder on your Pocket PC.
skinz.zip411k04-03-28File is not ratedRob's Skin Pack
These are some skins I made when I got bored. I skrewed up and saved as a GIF, so some colors were lost. Skins look better than pic, I am just too lazy to redo the picture.
gba83p.zip62k04-03-16File rated 4.41GBA 83 Plus
Have you ever wondered if your Game Boy Advance could double as an 83 plus? Well, now your VTI can double as a Game Boy Advance calculator! (sort of)
titanium.zip129k04-03-13File rated 3.23TI-89 Titanium Skin with Color
The TI-89 Titanium skin for the TI-89 calculator on VTI. Please note that this is NOT the actual TI-89 Titanium, but is the skin for the TI-89. Titanium is coming during spring of 2004.
ti89titcolor.zip146k04-03-07File is not ratedTI-89 Titanium Color Skin
This is the TI-89 Titanium color skin, since I now have ink. It is in color and easy to use due to its clarity. Enjoy.
ti89titgrp.zip222k04-02-19File is not ratedTI-89 Titanium Skins
Included are two skins - TI-89 Titanium and TI-89 Titanium Black and White. The first of the two is a tad fuzzy and pixelated: use at your own risk. The second is much clearer, but in black and white (printer low on ink). They are only skins and not the real thing; they only take the characteristics of the TI-89 since that is what they are for. Enjoy!
ti89ne.zip121k04-01-02File is not ratedTI-89new_edition
This is the TI-89 new edition calculator. The image is disgusting not the SKIN ;-)
ti82.zip93k03-12-28File is not ratedTI-82
A TI-82 VTI white skin. I think it's nice !
realti92.zip247k03-12-22File is not ratedreal TI-92+
it's the real TI-92+ with no modification. Beautiful !!
tiwidescreen.zip4k03-09-17File is not ratedTI Widescreen
For all types of calculators (just edit the skin). Symplistic and graphical.
pixel83ps.zip38k03-09-12File is not ratedPixel Calc 83+ SE
This is a hand-bitmapped TI-83+ Silver Edition skin designed for the 2X LCD.
pixel83p.zip37k03-09-12File is not ratedPixel Calc 83+
This is a hand-bitmapped TI-83+ skin designed for the 2X LCD.
pixel83.zip35k03-09-12File is not ratedPixel Calc 83
This is a hand-bitmapped TI-83 skin designed to use the 2X LCD.
pixel82.zip31k03-09-12File is not ratedPixel Calc 82
This is a hand-bitmapped TI-82 skin designed to use the 2X LCD.
ins92.zip210k03-09-12File is not ratedI-N-S 92+ Skin
A VTI skin for 92+ rom
dummyskin89_2.zip97k03-09-08File is not ratedTI-89 Skins for Dummies 2
I made some skins about 3 years ago, and I decided to make a sort of iMac Pill skin. It has the keyboard shortcuts added to the keys so you dont have to keep using your mouse or checking the readme so you can press keys like "mode" or "apps". Also has a totally remapped keyboard similar to the 92 and it is far more compact. This is an improvement over my previous attempt
ti92pb.zip69k03-06-09File is not ratedTI-92+ / Voyage 200 Skin
This is a TI-92+ skin for VTI. The layout is more like that of a Voyage 200, and it fits nicely on a PC screen at 2x zoom. Feel free to copy and modify this design. It would be even nicer if someone could render the same layout as a photographic bitmap. Aaron Hughes? Ran Cohen? You both seem to be very talented at editing photographic images. This layout would be worth tinkering with, because the larger display is easier to read compared to the TI-89.
remote92p.zip32k03-05-05File is not ratedRemote 92 Plus
This is a hand-bitmapped TI-92 Plus skin designed for the 2X LCD. The keyboard is seperate from the LCD as though it was a remote control.
pixel86.zip47k03-05-05File is not ratedPixel Calc 86
This is a hand-bitmapped TI-86 skin designed for the 2X LCD.
pixel85.zip44k03-05-05File is not ratedPixel Calc 85
This is a hand-bitmapped TI-85 skin designed for the 2X LCD.
simple89.zip20k03-03-26File is not ratedSimple Calc 89
This design tries to be more radical than most by putting the function and arrow keys on either side of the screen and minimizing the others in a row at the bottom. It oddly reminds me of a widescreen TV, where all of the controls are discreetly hidden away.
wide89.zip34k03-03-26File is not ratedWide Calc 89
This VTI skin file is designed around the 2X LCD with the standard-colored TI-89 keyboard at the right. This design is very space-efficient and will even fit on a 640*480 screen without loss of key access.
ti85_cad.zip46k03-03-09File is not ratedTI-85: CAD designed VTI-Skin
A very nice and a high quality VTI-skin for TI-85 created with CAD-software.
yosskin92.zip154k03-03-06File is not ratedYosSkin92+
A TI-92+ Skin for VTI that actually resembles a 92+!
ti893d.zip86k02-09-27File is not rated3D TI-89 Skins for VTI
i think that this is the only readable skin. thanks to Aaron Hughes
vti86simple.zip31k02-07-22File is not ratedvti-86-simple
A Virtual TI Skin.Uses the official keys font to show a 2nd key layout for ppl like me who cant remember it at all... Apart from that, fairly plain, and not too big (screen real estate wise)
v200skin.zip148k02-07-03File is not ratedVoyage 200 Skin
A simple skin for the upcoming Voyage 200.
orcskin.zip484k02-01-01File is not ratedSkin TI-92+ (Orc Calc)
Virtual TI Skin for TI-92+
skinleox.zip283k01-12-22File is not ratedLeonardox Calc (TI-92+ Skin)
Leonardox Calc is a skin for Virtual TI,with the TI-92+ selected. This is the best skin!!!
aquarios.zip158k01-12-16File is not ratedTI92 Plus AquariOS Skin for VTI
This is a Skin for the Virtual TI and a TI-92+ Rom. It is based on the Aqua OS for the Apple Mac. It is best used on at least a 1024x780 resolution and is fully functional. To use simply place in the VTI directory and select it from the right click menu on VTI.
ti83innewlook.zip57k01-07-11File is not ratedSkin for VTI
There is a new look for the TI-83 and I made a skin of it
83psilvr.zip64k01-05-29File is not rated83+ Silver Edition Skin
Finally a skin for Rusty Wagner's Virtual TI that is really the Silver Edtion
ti83s.zip267k01-03-25File is not ratedTI 83+ Silver Edition Skin
TI 83+ Silver Edition Skin ( Same skin for other calcs coming soon)
ti86ins.zip76k01-01-06File is not ratedTI-86 inards skin for VTI
A skin using the inside of the TI-86. The only problem is you kinda have to know where all the keys are since the PC board isn't labled.
squ86inv.zip38k00-11-13File is not ratedSquished 86 Inverted
This is for those of you that like VTI at a 2x magnification but don't have high enough screen resolution or just don't want VTI to take up the whole screen. The keys ARE ledgible, and the whole calc is inverted!
squish86.zip39k00-10-24File is not ratedSquished 86 Skin
This is for those of you that like VTI at a 2x magnification but don't have high enough screen resolution or just don't want VTI to take up the whole screen. The keys are nearly ledgible... you can tell them apart if you know what they are supposed to say.
ti82ws.zip42k00-09-28File is not ratedJuan's Wide VTI-82 Skin (simple)
Apparently, some of the keys didn't work even though they looked fine in the skin creator, but I fixed em anyway, so now they all work just fine.
vti82wide.zip49k00-09-07File is not ratedJuan's Wide VTI-82 Skin
Skin made to go side-to-side so both LCD and Buttons are well-sized.
gel_set.zip358k00-08-31File is not ratedVTI 83+ Gel Skin Pack
This file contains six versions of a translucent variation of my Basic Gray skin.
bas_gray.zip45k00-08-29File is not ratedBasic Gray 83+ Skin
A simple skin for Virtual TI and a TI-83+ Rom. Readable at 800x600 screen resolution. Screenshot included.
dummyskin89.zip468k00-07-14File is not ratedTI-89 Skins for Dummies
These are new skins for the Virtual Ti - There are 5 all together. These skins have the keyboard shortcuts added to the keys so you dont have to keep using your mouse or checking the readme so you can press keys like "mode" or "apps". Also has a totally remapped keyboard similar to the 92 and it is far more compact. Also includes 5 different color screens from white to blue to green etc.
ultskin89.zip103k00-07-14File is not ratedUltimate TI-89 Skin
A better skin for the Virtual TI, Best viewed at 2x, makes the Ti89 appear like a Ti92 plus. High Res color and you can clearly see all buttons horizontally
ion86skin.zip71k00-06-10File is not ratedIon 86 Skin
This is a skin that I made by changing the properties of the default TI-83 skin
catskn86.zip32k00-06-04File is not ratedCat Skin for TI-86
A skin of an orange cat with super-imposed buttons. Compleatly functional. use at 2x size.
super89.zip305k00-04-15File is not ratedSuper TI-89 skin for Virtual TI
Simply a non-traditional skin for the TI-89, for use with Virtual TI. The arrangement of keys are more like a TI-92 Plus -- the LCD is to the left of the keypad, not above it, as with the real TI-89.
skin8283.zip58k00-04-11File is not ratedWin Style TI-82/83 Skins for Virtual TI
These skins are made for excellent button clarity while fitting easily on a 800x600 screen at 2x size. To use them un-zip them to your Virutal TI folder.
ryanskin.zip60k00-04-09File is not ratedWin Style TI-85/86 VTI Skins
Un-Zip the files into your Virtual TI folder and you can use the skins with VTI. They work best at 2x size. They are made to make the buttons VERY easy to read. You must have a TI-85 or 86 rom to use these.

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