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Number of files 75
Last updated Tuesday, 11 April 2023
Total downloads 275,212
Most popular file  PCTOOLS98 v0.73 Beta with 9,434 downloads.

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forth92.zip144k23-04-11File is not ratedForth92
An ANS-Forth for the TI-92, including word-sets for floating-point, file-access and graphics.
fsrout4b.zip7k23-03-16File is not ratedFSRout4B
Assembly File System Routines to be used by TI Basic programs
fpl.zip16k23-03-16File is not ratedThe Fargo Program Launcher
fpl2.zip71k23-03-16File is not ratedFPL II
Fargo Program Launcher II, supporting strong program compression
sfx92.zip78k23-03-16File is not ratedSFX92 1.01
Compresses Fargo .92p programs to self extracting Fargo program archives.
ugpbrwse.zip57k16-05-17File is not ratedUGPBrwse v1.00
sublink.zip231k03-11-08File is not ratedSUBLINK V1.01 (Connect TI92 and CControl-1-Computer, german
Sublink is a program for the TI92(II)(OS2.1) based on FargoII enables the TI to act like a CControl-1 micro computer board. Thus you can download compiled CCBASIC/CCPLUS programs and SYS code from your PC to the TI92 and from there to the CC1. Also you can upload the EEPROM dumps from CC1 to the TI and back to PC. Therefore no laptop is required to change the programm of your CControl-1 in field. (german description)
exec.zip7k01-04-07File is not ratedExec
The exec() function for ti-92
sndfargo.zip2k00-09-08File is not ratedTI-92II Send Fargo v0.2 Alpha
This program sends the entire memory (a backup...) to another TI-92II. In v0.2 Alpha : Major Bug Fixed !
yprotec.zip18k00-03-02File is not ratedYprotec
A password protection with a very nice graphical presentation.
argent.zip15k99-12-30File is not ratedArgent v2.0
Administer your current account from your Ti - Gerer votre compte en banque sur votre Ti
ontic.zip311k99-12-29File is not ratedOntic v0.1 Beta
An on-calc C compiler.
sview.zip9k99-09-20File is not ratedSView v1.0
A text viewer.
e2bin92.zip11k99-07-17File is not ratedExpander2 TI-92 Driver v2.00
life.zip3k99-05-14File is not ratedLife Game v1.0
A small life universe where 'cells' (pixels) evolve depending on their neighbors.
allsony.zip5k99-04-20File is not ratedTest All Sony Codes with the IR Link
A new program similar to Allphps but with Sony devices.
findit.zip2k99-04-19File is not ratedFind it ! v1.0
Enter a word, it will search through all the TEXT files, and return you the folder's name and file's name.
pct98.zip41k99-03-20File is not ratedPCTOOLS98 v0.73 Beta
A powerful file manager with plugin support
whizz.zip43k99-03-02File is not ratedWhizz! Alpha 5
Pseudo operating system for TI 92I and TI 92II, fully rewrote :
protec.zip2k99-03-02File is not ratedProtection v1.0 Beta
A protect system for the TI92
baseconv.zip8k99-03-02File is not ratedBase Conversion v1.0 Beta
Decimal hexa... conversion
irremote.zip6k99-03-01File is not ratedIR Remote
a new program which already exist for the 89 and 92
irchat92.zip5k99-03-01File is not ratedInfraRed Chat v0.1
I have ported irchat on the 89 to the 92 with permission
allphps.zip5k99-03-01File is not ratedTest All RC5 Codes with the IR Link v2.2
a new version of all phps
xetal.zip42k99-01-03File is not ratedXeTaL v1.15
Formatted text viewer
textes.zip11k98-11-02File is not ratedText Tester v2.0
Allows to move know the position of a phrase.
compress.zip8k98-09-16File is not ratedCompress v1.0
Compress and extract files on the TI-92. Required libraries: flib, complib.
tv.zip3k98-09-09File is not ratedTV v0.1
Files viewer
hide.zip1k98-08-07File is not ratedHide v1.0
Utility that lets you hide/unhide variables so they don't appear in the var-link menu.
linkport.zip2k98-07-12File is not ratedLinkPort Dump
Displays everything received from the linkport on the screen. Everything you type on the keyboard is sent out the linkport.
ti92dump.zip754k98-06-10File is not ratedTI-92 Dump v1.1
ROM dumper program for the Graph Link cable
test.zip8k98-06-05File is not ratedExample TI-BASIC and Fargo Factorial Functions
textview.zip2k98-05-30File is not ratedTextView v1.01
View any TI92 s text quickly, easily and with pictures incorporated
doorspic.zip1k98-05-27File is not ratedDoors Picture Viewer v1.0
xinu92.zip581k98-05-22File is not ratedXinu OS Multiprocessing Kernel
Full OS runs alongside TI OS, multiprocessing
tidos.zip20k98-04-29File is not ratedTiDOS v0.9.1
db92.zip30k98-04-27File is not rateddb92 v0.7.2
lok.zip1k98-04-19File is not ratedLOK v1.0 (password protection)
password protection
tsrpass.zip5k98-04-17File is not ratedTSR Password 1.0
xedit.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedXedit (little text editor)
port.zip2k98-04-11File is not ratedI/O Test 1.00
romdump1.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedDump ROM to Link Port (raw)
testfunc.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedTest Function
sprite.zip2k98-04-10File is not ratedSprite Test
sierpin.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedSierpinski Triangle
romdump2.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedDump ROM to Link Port (ASCII)
langston.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedLangston's Ant
hexdump.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedHexadecimal Memory Viewer
fterm.zip2k98-04-10File is not ratedFTerm 1.0.9
fbrowser.zip2k98-04-10File is not ratedFBrowser 0.3.1
key.zip1k98-04-09File is not ratedKeyboard Remapper 1.0
hexview.zip4k98-04-08File is not ratedHexView v2.5
contrast.zip1k98-04-06File is not ratedContrast 1.0
CONTRAST 1.0 by Ryszard Szklany
iog.zip1k98-04-05File is not ratedIOGraph (prgmIO screen to graph screen)
keycode.zip4k98-04-04File is not ratedKeycode 3.0
Return the hexadecimal code of a key
password.zip3k98-03-28File is not ratedMXM Password Protection 1.4
torus.zip9k98-03-28File is not ratedTorus Demo 1.1
qv.zip4k98-03-24File is not ratedQuickView 1.91
Text viewer
mandel.zip12k98-03-15File is not ratedMandelbrot Set
A fractal generator
bigjoke.zip5k98-03-10File is not ratedReal MultiTasking Kernel
stablizr.zip2k98-03-04File is not ratedSystem Stabilizer 0.7
error.zip2k98-03-04File is not ratedError Tester
bcircle.zip4k98-03-03File is not ratedBresenham's Circle Algorithm
bline.zip2k98-03-01File is not ratedBresenham's Line Algorithm
fprotec.zip5k98-02-15File is not ratedFProtec 2.3e
update english and french version
txtsurfz.zip23k98-02-13File is not ratedTextSurfer 2.2 with Compression
Textsurfer with compression update
txtsurf.zip3k98-02-13File is not ratedTextSurfer 1.2 Lite
Textsurfer Lite update
apd2.zip1k98-02-13File is not ratedAuto Power Down Changer 2.0
Changes the time a TI 92 takes to Auto Power Down
sine.zip1k98-02-10File is not rated3-D Effects with Sine Waves
bmfnctns.zip3k98-02-07File is not ratedBit Manipulation Functions 1.0
Bit Manipulation FUNCTIONS pass parameters, return value
tester.zip2k98-02-05File is not ratedCode Tester 1.0
ftext.zip2k98-02-04File is not ratedFargo-Text 1.3
Write Fargo Style Text on the Graph Screen
safe02.zip1k98-01-24File is not ratedSafe-T-Calc 2.0
Password calulator protection program
apd.zip1k98-01-23File is not ratedChange APD 2.1
hex.zip4k98-01-17File is not ratedHex Editor 1.3

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