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Number of files 31
Last updated Tuesday, 11 April 2023
Total downloads 148,049
Most popular file  Flib Library with 12,548 downloads.

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api92.zip214k01-05-25File is not ratedApi92 SDK v1.1.0
Here is the SDK of Api92, a very powerful library that exports 101 functions (array, VAT, nested folders...) or components (ListView,ProgressBar,...)
brwselib.zip13k23-03-16File is not ratedFile Browser Library
complib.zip4k98-09-16File is not ratedComplib Library
Library to compress and extract files. Used with Compress v1.0 by Marc Teyssier.
fargray.zip1k98-07-11File is not ratedFarGray Library
fer3lib.zip1k98-08-09File is not ratedFernando 3 Library
A library used by the game Fernando 3.
ffp68343.zip12k98-05-27File is not ratedFFP68343 Library (fast floating-point support)
Motorola s MC68343 Fast Floating Point Firmware
filelib.zip2k98-06-04File is not ratedFileLib Library (file manipulation functions)
flib.zip2k98-04-10File is not ratedFlib Library
genlib.zip279k00-03-06File is not ratedGenlib v0.99.10
A powerfull library for games
graphlib.zip2k98-06-04File is not ratedGraphLib Library (graphical functions)
gray4lib.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedGray4lib Library
gray7lib.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedGray7lib Library
hexlib.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedHexlib Library
hufflib.zip2k98-01-18File is not ratedHufflib Library 1.1
i2clib.zip6k99-08-07File is not ratedI²C Bus Interface Library
This is a library for interfacing the TI92 to the I²C bus in single master mode via the link port.
irlib.zip3k99-03-01File is not ratedIR Link Library v1.0
linelib.zip1k98-03-28File is not ratedLinelib Library
lzsslib.zip42k98-07-11File is not ratedLZSS Compression Library v1.1
General purpose compression library
menulib.zip1k98-06-04File is not ratedMenuLib Library (two powerful menu functions)
mulib.zip11k02-04-02File is not ratedµlib
Sample release of a 3D library
mxmlib.zip6k98-04-17File is not ratedMXMLIB 1.2 (for saved games)
mxmtsr.zip12k98-04-17File is not ratedMXMTSR 1.01 (for TSR programs)
mzlib.zip2k99-12-25File is not ratedMzlib v5.83
pk92lib.zip5k23-03-16File is not ratedPk92lib Library
shrnklib.zip69k23-03-16File is not ratedShrinkLib
Compression library, using LZ & Huffman deflation
sndlib.zip4k98-07-24File is not ratedSound Library v1.0
soundlib.zip12k23-04-11File is not ratedSoundLib Library
Play sound via the TI-92's serial port.
tinxlib.zip3k98-06-28File is not ratedTinxLib Library
Library that generates landscapes for Tinx.
triglib.zip5k98-04-08File is not ratedTrigLib Library 4.0
Trigonometric Library
ugplib.zip8k23-03-16File is not ratedUgplib Library
Library for decoding UGP images generated using ugpconv.
userlib.zip1k98-06-04File is not ratedUserLib Library (password functions and others)

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