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FarGray Library


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Filename fargray.zip (Download)
Title FarGray Library
Author Kristian K. Nielsen (jkkn@ctav.com)
Category TI-92 Assembly Libraries (Fargo II)
File Size 1,000 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jul 11 23:07:57 1998
Documentation Included? No
Source Code Included? No


Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Suitability: 7/10 Accomplishes its purpose, but could use more automation.
Ease-Of-Use: 9/10 Most menu options are basically self-explanatory.
Overall: 8/10 Useful and versitale program.

FarGray is a DOS program which can convert .BMP images into grayscale images which can be displayed with Fargo II. Its purpose is an incredibly useful one. On its own, it can be used for things such as scanning diagrams from your class notes and storing them as images in the calculator to cut down on paper in your notebook (note: I do not endorse using FarGray to cheat on tests. Please don't do it; it's not nice.) and keeping a picture of someone you love in your calculator. I'm sure someone very bored can come up with other uses for it.

It's also useful for programmers, in that you can hand-draw or draw in Paint Shop Pro an image, convert it with FarGray, and use it as the title screen of your new game.

The program works by taking a .BMP or .RAW image (already converted to 4 or 7-color grayscale in a paint program) and converting it to a binary image file for Fargo. It also provides the option to automatically write a simple asm file to display the image in Fargo. It's fairly easy to edit the asm file generated by FarGray to add text to the program or something, even for someone with my asm ability.

The current version of the program is unfortunately not very user-friendly, however. You have to go through numerous steps to create the final .92P file. Start by resizing and converting the image to the proper number of colors in a paint program, then converting it in FarGray, then compiling the asm program. Hopefully, future programs of this wil produce greater automation in the process.

The final .92P files are not incredibly large, so you can have a number on the calculator at one time if you need to. (One I have on mine is a little over 4K, and it's 7-color grayscale with a few added text commands.)

Overall, this program is a fairly valuable resource for programmers and for people just wanting to put nifty images on their calculator.


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