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Number of files 81
Last updated Monday, 29 March 2004
Total downloads 294,260
Most popular file  Super Mario Land 0.5 with 8,823 downloads.

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bowlingsol92_17.zip15k04-03-29File is not ratedBowling Solitaire 92+
Card Game of bowling solitaire for ti92+. Pick up to 3 "pin" cards and remove them with 1 ball card to score just like real bowling. See program help for game play.
ftron.zip3k98-07-11File is not ratedFTron v1.0 Beta 2
sprint.zip8k98-04-09File is not ratedSprint 1.1 (tunnel clone)
roxb1.zip2k98-03-17File is not ratedROX 1.0 Beta
jezzbal2.zip12k98-03-09File is not ratedJezzBall 1.3 (by Thomas FERNIQUE)
now 20 balls
supercar.zip12k98-03-01File is not ratedSupercar 1.0
drive a car
falldown.zip6k98-02-14File is not ratedFALLDOWN 1.0
move down a ball
landedit.zip38k98-02-11File is not ratedDune IV 0.7 Beta
A strategy game
dyna92.zip7k98-02-01File is not ratedDyna92 1.21
Version 1.21
klondike.zip3k98-01-10File is not ratedKlondike 0.8 Beta
fi.zip5k98-01-10File is not ratedFInvaders 1.0
A Space Invaders Clone
frpg.zip10k98-01-01File is not ratedFRPG Beta
Role playing game
sorbo.zip19k97-12-25File is not ratedSorbo's Quest 1.1
tinx.zip23k97-11-23File is not ratedTinx v1.00 Beta 5
TINX 1.00 Beta 5
samegame.zip7k97-10-27File is not ratedSameGame 1.1
tetris.zip13k97-10-27File is not ratedTetris 1.21
raptor92.zip9k97-09-07File is not ratedRaptor 92 v0.1 Beta 1
tinoid.zip13k97-09-04File is not ratedTInoid 1.2
diamonds.zip14k97-08-31File is not ratedDiamonds 1.0
hogs.zip3k97-08-25File is not ratedHedgehog Racing v1.00
tunnel2.zip1k97-08-16File is not ratedTunnel
sol2.zip8k97-07-30File is not ratedRusty's Ultimate Solitare 1.51
mine.zip11k97-07-24File is not ratedMinesweeper 1.0
MineSweeper (v1.0)
fbomb.zip2k97-07-24File is not ratedBombardment 0.0001
Bombardment (v0.0001)
brk1r.zip4k97-07-24File is not ratedFargonoid 1.0R
Fargonoid - breakout clone (v1.0)
loder.zip6k97-07-17File is not ratedLode Runner Beta 2.0
slider.zip7k97-07-16File is not ratedTile Slider 1.0
ttt10.zip3k97-07-02File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe 1.0
diamond2.zip5k97-07-02File is not ratedDiamonds 1.0 with sound
mario.zip4k97-06-26File is not ratedSuper Mario Land 0.5
atomix.zip2k97-06-26File is not ratedAtomix 1.1
galaga92.zip14k97-06-24File is not ratedHyperGalaga 92 v2.0.033
mineswp.zip7k97-06-24File is not ratedMineswp 92 1.0.006
fkart.zip6k97-06-24File is not ratedFKart 1.0.002
lunoid.zip12k97-06-22File is not ratedLunoid 2.0.016
nibbles0.zip8k97-06-22File is not ratedNibbles 0 v31
bytron.zip1k97-06-20File is not ratedBy-Tron 1.0
pong2.zip1k97-06-18File is not ratedPong
dragon3.zip8k97-06-16File is not ratedDragoN III 1.10
terbod.zip1k97-06-14File is not ratedTerboDeath
galaxian.zip12k97-06-13File is not ratedGalaxian 1.2.008
pegs.zip3k97-06-13File is not ratedPegs 1.1
pacman97.zip11k97-06-08File is not ratedPac-Man 97 v78
Pacman clone with 4 levels external level support
slippy.zip4k97-06-04File is not ratedSlippy 1.2
dstar.zip3k97-05-31File is not ratedDStar 1.3
solitare.zip9k97-05-31File is not ratedSolitare 1.0
tunnel.zip2k97-05-30File is not ratedTunnel 1.3
scram10.zip4k97-05-26File is not ratedScramble 0.10
felda.zip6k97-05-16File is not ratedFelda 0.32 Alpha
tic.zip2k97-05-16File is not ratedTic Tac Toe 1.0
sokoban.zip4k97-05-15File is not ratedSokoban 1.3
lightout.zip3k97-05-12File is not ratedLights Out 1.0 Beta
nibbles.zip5k97-05-09File is not ratedNibbles
tron.zip18k97-05-08File is not ratedPPZTM's MeGa TrOn v1.0 Beta
snake.zip4k97-04-27File is not ratedSnake 1.1
simon.zip3k97-04-27File is not ratedSimon 2.2
tipong.zip7k97-04-27File is not ratedTI-Pong 1.05
A pong game with sound. One or two player modes. Three levels of difficulty.
ttt.zip5k97-04-27File is not ratedTic Tac Toe 1.1 Beta
sqrxz.zip9k97-04-27File is not ratedSqrxz 0.85 Beta
Guide Sqrxz though many levels while you kill monsters and eat sausages.
polepos.zip2k97-04-27File is not ratedPole Position 0.3 Beta
pong.zip3k97-04-27File is not ratedPong Beta 1
planejmp.zip4k97-04-27File is not ratedPlane Jump 1.2R
lotto97.zip2k97-04-27File is not ratedLotto97 1.0
magicsq.zip2k97-04-27File is not ratedMagic Square 1.0
hellcats.zip4k97-04-27File is not ratedHellcats 0.6 Beta
guessit.zip2k97-04-27File is not ratedGuess it 0.3
guess06.zip2k97-04-27File is not ratedGuess 0.6
jezzball.zip2k97-04-27File is not ratedJezzBall Beta 1
ftris.zip5k97-04-27File is not ratedFTris 1.0 Beta 4
pacman.zip10k97-04-27File is not ratedFPacman 1.4.1
fcraps.zip4k97-04-27File is not ratedFCraps 1.2
FCraps 1.2 dice game of craps
connect4.zip4k97-04-27File is not ratedFConnect4 1.1
FConnect4 1.1 connect4 game for Fargo
fpoker.zip2k97-04-27File is not ratedFPoker 0.5 Beta
fmosaic.zip3k97-04-27File is not ratedMosaic 1.0 Beta 3
Mosaic 1.0 Beta 3 a tile game
dumbadv.zip4k97-04-27File is not ratedDumb Adventure 2.0
Dumb Adventure 2.0 RPG game
cosmo12.zip8k97-04-27File is not ratedCosmo 1.2
columns.zip1k97-04-27File is not ratedColumns Beta 2
bjack21.zip3k97-04-27File is not ratedBlack Jack 21 v1.0 Beta 1
Black Jack game for Fargo
bd.zip25k97-04-27File is not ratedBoulderDash v1.0 Beta 5
BoulderDash dodge rocks collect diamonds
vidpoker.zip3k97-04-22File is not ratedVideo Poker 1.0 Beta 1
A simple video poker game. Flush recognition, nice format, keeps track of hands played. NOT A COMPLETE BETA.
djm.zip8k97-04-22File is not ratedDumb Jumping Man v3.3
Keep the dumb jumping man from landing on the ground and dying

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