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Last updated Monday, 11 August 2008
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Most popular file  Crypt 89/92p/200 v1.0 with 7,041 downloads.

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calcchat.zip17k05-08-10File is not ratedCalcChat 1.55 for 89/92/92+/v200
CalcChat is, so far, the best chatting program ever. Why, you ask? Well, look at the screenshots and see for yourself. **NEW IN selv1.55** Can automatically set self to Diamond+9 | Can skip log-in screen | TI-92 version | And more
chat68k.zip1k04-07-15File is not ratedChat 68k
This is a chatting program for your 89. I made it on my Ti-89 titanium and it works fine on it, but i havent tested it on any other 89's. So have fun!
chat89.zip1k00-02-27File is not ratedTI-89 Chat v1.0
This simple chat program lets you chat with each other using 2 TI-89.
chatdlx.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedChat
This program is nearly identical to winchat. Unlike other programs of its kind the people on both calculators can talk simultaneosly so you don't have to worry about taking turns and that annoying stuff.
chatplus.zip3k00-08-29File is not ratedChat+ 4.5
Another updated version of the premier chat program for the TI-89: now features better file transfers, no more link transmission errors, and a french readme file as well - still with a relatively small size. Check it out!
chatpropluspack.zip6k02-10-14File is not ratedChat Pro Plus Pack
Chat Pro Plus Pack is the upgrade from Chat Pro v1.01 This is not the full version but does contain everything except the games. You may download it to make Chat Pro upgrade....I will have the games created in about 2 more weeks. I will create an upgrade package to reformat the program. Thanks
chatprov1.zip2k02-10-14File is not ratedChat Pro v1.01
This is a chat program that will let you type and recieve messages all at the same time. Very small and compact format. Chat Pro Plus Pack is coming soon, this will include games, screen savers, and a Lockdown program to protect your calculator.
chatrn.zip2k07-06-09File is not ratedChat 1.0
A simple chat program thats uses a dialog to talk to people next to you (such as in a classroom where talking is prohibited). It just inputs text and displays it above the text input. It has a 5 message history and is easy to exit from the program quickly.
chat.zip4k02-11-12File is not ratedChat version 3.0
Ce programme en français permet de "chatter" entre caltos ! Choisissez qui parlera en 1er, envoyer un message à un pote, qui verra le message s'afficher sur son écran, et qui vous réponds immédiatement, puis c'est à vous de parler,etc...
crypt89.zip2k04-10-09File is not ratedCrypt 89/92p/200 v1.0
This is the ULTIMATE encrypted link-chat program for the TI-89. The algorithm is very complex, the vars are localized and deleted as soon as they are no longer needed, and the values that the calculator transmits seem entirely random. (In fact, the engine is so good that they nearly are!) {-1575000744.14 -2627044.07217 652230630.016 -121727130.029 -236810414.29 -931201049.947} "å"
dskchat.zip4k02-07-23File is not ratedDsKChatt v1.0
A realtime calc2calc chatprogram thats allows both users to write/recieve messages at the same time.
gblchat.zip15k00-03-13File is not ratedGBL Chat v1.0
This program allows you to chat with two TI-89 calculators
instmesg.zip2k00-02-28File is not ratedInstant Messenger
Chat in real time on your 89.
livewire.zip2k00-03-04File is not ratedLivewire v2
This is an almost immidiate upgrade of the former program Livewire. You can still send and recieve messages, and choose from a longer list of backgrounds. You can now see more notices due to complaints of calcs malfunctioning because of morons trying to send without being linked. Try it out, you wont be disappointed. : Þ
masterchat.zip2k00-03-04File is not ratedMaster Chat v2.0
This is the final upgrade of the program Livewire. It now has a wait feature which allows you to make the calc run a screen saver while you link up with your friend. Then after you are done linking, you can continue the program as usual. IT IS WAY COOL
novell89.zip2k02-03-28File is not ratedNovell89 Network For The Calc
Have you seen Novell on the computer? Well, this is a network that has up to 25 usernames and passcodes. The passcodes are stored encrypted. (you can change the users to more than 25 in the source). The usernames are in a dropdown menu and looks neat.
simpchat.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedSimple Chat
A very simple chat for TI-89 Titanium.
speaker.zip1k01-08-06File is not ratedSpeaker v1.0
Un utilitaire efficace de dialogue entre 2 TI-89 absolument nécessaire !
speak.zip1k01-01-14File is not ratedSpeak v2.06
Speak is a chat program which is not very interseting with the Ti-link but it can become very interesting if you use the IR-Link... What else ? After sending a mail, Speak asks you about getting an answer from your friend.
ti89im.zip2k01-06-02File is not ratedTI-89 Instant Messenger
A chat program that lets people to chat with each other through their calculators connected by a link cable. Users have screen names, and this program keeps a full history of all messages that can be scrolled in the program.
tichat.zip2k00-08-22File is not ratedTI CHAT 5
The latest TI CHAT version
tiim.zip4k00-12-10File is not ratedTI Instant Messenger
New TI 89 chat program which uses its own word processor so that you can have your own background on a graph screen. It's pretty fast and has many choices like sending macros or special combinations of characters. It also shows the previous message of the other chatter like the real Instant Messenger. This is only the first version, many more updated on will come soon. Have a good time!
titanium_network.zip2k04-08-24File is not ratedTitanium Network Program
this is a program that demonstrates an idea I had to create a network whith titaniums. If you have access to multiple titaniums please try this out. it will send a string or number to several titaniums connected together.
virtualharddrive89.zip46k02-01-01File is not ratedTI-89 Virtual Harddrive
This program allows you to browse a selection of the contents of your computer's hard drive with your TI-89. You can also rename, copy, move, and delete the files on your calculator and have the same changes made to the actual files on your computer.
willchat.zip4k03-07-28File is not ratedWill's Chatter
This is a group of very simple chatting programs. Please send me info regarding your opinion, especiallyif you find bugs.
wiretalk.zip1k98-11-01File is not ratedWiretalk
A chat program that enables two TI-89's to chat via the link cable.
wonderchat.zip19k03-03-11File is not ratedWonderChat 1.5
This program functions as an encryptable chat program between the TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage™ 200. Al Dio estu la glorio.
xmsg.zip5k02-09-07File is not ratedXmsg 0.93
Programm that allow you to chat between two calculators, to execute remote command like displaying a picture, and more...

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