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approxiamtions.zip3k01-06-11File is not ratedApproximations v1.2
Calculates the Linear/Quadratic Approximations and displays the first 6 polynomials for the Taylor/Maclaurin seriesV 1.2 adds the Delete Variables function. After running the program, there is no more messy variables to clog up the 'VAR-LINK' menu.
arsq.zip1k00-04-14File is not ratedArSq
This program finds Arithmetic Sequences. Helpful in Algebra II, and Geometry. Give it a try. Very easy to use.
arsr.zip1k00-04-15File is not ratedArSr
This program solves Arithmetic Series. You enter the first number, the last number, and the total amount of terms, and it gives you the total of the series.
converge.zip15k00-01-08File is not ratedSeries Convergence 2.0
Series Convergence 2.0 by ChaoticSoft. This program can run several different tests on infinite series to check for convergence or divergence. These include test for divergence, geometric series test, alternating series test, integral test, limit comparison test, ratio test, and the root test. The program is also capable of solving the radius and interval of convergence of power series. Estimates of infinite sums can also be mading using the integral and alternating series approximations. This is the *BEST* program available for testing infinite series.
exponentialfourie.zip148k07-10-27File is not ratedExponential Series of Fourier - Step by step
[English]:The program found the exponential series of fourier of the function that the user have entered, allowing to keep the partial results in home. They will be been able to work values symbolics and numerics, and the program will propose possible values of "n" that generate indetermination in Cn.If the user wished to find the series trigonometrical, the program showed An, Bn, Ao/2 and the result of the trigonometrical series.(English version included)[Spanish]:El programa hallara la serie exponencial de fourier de la funcion que el usuario haya ingresado, permitiendo guardar los resultados parciales en home. Se podran trabajar valores tanto simbolicos como numericos.El programa propondra posibles valores de "n" que generen indeterminacion en Cn, pero de todas formas el usuario podra modificar y supervisar estos valores de "n".Si el usuario deseara hallar la serie trigonometrica, el programa mostrara An, Bn, Ao/2 y el resultado de la serie trigonometrica (Version en Español incluida, con su manual).Works with ti-89/t,v200,ti-92/p.
fibonacci.zip1k01-03-03File is not ratedFibonacci Number
Quickly calculates the nth Fibonacci number using the solution to the recurrence relation.
fibonacc.zip1k02-04-30File is not ratedFibonacci Sequence 1.1
This program will give you the Fibonacci sequence.This new version is faster than the previous version.
fibonaciexp2.zip2k14-06-30File is not ratedFibonacci Sequence (optimized for large terms)
Find the nth term in the Fibonacci Sequence, but is significantly faster for finding the 56th term and beyond (i.e. terms in the hundreds of billions). Negative numbers are not supported. 44 bytes. Input must be an *exact* integer, not an *approximate* integer.
fibonaciexp.zip1k11-06-02File is not ratedFibonacci Sequence
Find the nth term in the Fibonacci Sequence without simply recursively calling itself upon smaller numbers. This allows it to work on negative term numbers, too.
fibonaci.zip2k06-04-19File is not ratedFibonacci Sequence Generator
This set, for the TI-73 -- V200, generates the Fibonaci sequence and stores it to a list. When running, it may appear to do nothing - it's actually working almost a fast as possible by not displaying results until the end.
fibphi.zip45k07-01-07File is not ratedFibonacci Series Program version 1.0
This is a great small and fast program that shows the relationship between phi and the Fibonacci sequence. See the screenshot. An interesting program to watch. A must download!
fib.zip1k04-08-24File is not ratedFibonacci Number
This is a simple and very quick function that will return the nth term of the Fibonacci Sequence. Only 52 bytes!
fourier.zip29k01-06-05File is not ratedfourier
calculates the fourier-sequence with a0,an,bn and the function with n elements
fsgen.zip3k11-10-26File is not ratedFourier Series Generator
Returns a specified number of terms of the Fourier series expansion of the given function over a period. Good for checking the accuracy of results or just having fun.
fs.zip416k14-02-07File is not ratedFourier series
This program calculates Fourier series coefficients (a0, a(n), and b(n)) of a given function. The function can have any number of piecewise continuous intervals. Results will be stored in one letter variables “o” (=a_0), “a” (=a_n), “b” (=b_n) and “f” (= sum of the series as a function of “k”). Resulted coefficients are a function of “n”, therefore, for example, finding a(15) would be easy (type a|n=15 in the entry line)...
hfib.zip22k04-09-27File is not ratedBig Fibonacci Calculator v1.7
Calculates, in just a couple seconds, very large Fibonacci Numbers that would normally exceed the calculator's abilities. These functions are now extended to include the Lucas Numbers or any other Generalized Fibonacci sequence. The companion functions provide further information useful for the study of the digits of any Generalized Fibonacci sequence. Examples: The one-trillionth Fibonacci Number has 208987640250 digits and begins 425842268899. The last eight digits of the one-billionth Lucas Number are 61328127. Included are versions and source code for TI-92/92+/V200, and also the TI-89 Titanium.
lgib20.zip15k04-11-20File is not ratedGeneral Fibonacci Final Digits 2.5
Function developed for the high-speed calculation of the final digits of any Generalized Fibonacci Number G(a,b,n). Configurable to calculate any number of final digits up to two hundred or more. Configuration is now nearly twice as fast. Returns twenty digits in less than 8sec on the V200 - 17sec absolute worst case. Available for the TI-89/ 92Plus/ V200. Added a version for the TI-92. Example: Last eighty digits of the trillionth Lucas Number are returned in 12.8sec and are ... 8107402237 8151629520 2428526180 8761835664 0376812699 1914147577 6463747024 5361328127
modfib.zip4k05-09-13File is not ratedModular Generalized Fibonacci Functions v1.0
Collection of functions that will very quickly calculate the values of the Fibonacci, Lucas, Generalized Fibonacci, and Perrin Sequences to any modulus. Speed improved by using modular exponentiation with the Q-Matrix method, performing 32-digit calculations in about 15sec and 64-digit calculations in one minute.
pascal68k.zip3k03-06-03File is not ratedPascal's Triangle Matrix
This stores many rows of pascals triangle to a matrix for easy viewing. Just type in 'pascal(x)' where x is the number of rows. When finished type in pas to see the matrix.
pascal_row.zip2k11-06-23File is not ratedPascal's Triangle Row
This program returns the given row of Pascal's triangle as a list. This program sacrifices speed for a small size, so beware. Tip: it can also be used to find the coefficients of a binomial expansion.
pascaltri.zip1k04-04-18File is not ratedPascal Row Finder
This function can find any row of Pascal triangle. For example, if you type in pascal(8) at the home screen, the program will return, "1,8,28,56,70,56,28,8,1", which is the numbers in the 8th row of the triangle. See animated screenshot for more info.
pascal.zip3k03-08-06File is not ratedPascal's Triangle
This is a function that efficiently returns the row or selected portion of pascal's triangle as a matrix. All you do is enter pascal([row start],[row end]) and it will return those rows inclusively, or enter pascal([row],[row]) to receive only that row.
perinseq.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPerrin Sequence
Obtains the nth term in the Perrin Sequence.
programmefourrier.zip271k05-04-19File is not ratedFourrier analyse
A french program which permit to find an and bn coefficient of Fourrier's series. Ce programme trouve an,bn, valeur moyenne, valeur efficace, taux de distorsion, équations des harmoniques jusqu'au rang voulue, representation graphique du signal avec autant d'harmonique qu'on veut. La différence avec les autres est que la periode peut être composé d'autant de fonctions qu'on veut.
seri.chebyshv.zip1k12-07-09File is not ratedChebyshev Series
Returns elements of the Chebyshev series.
seriesunk.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedSeries Solver
A valuable program that can solve many different aspects of both geometric and arithmetic series. Makes use of actual formulas, not simple for & while loops, so unknown variables are supported. Makes use of local functions so as to speed up program execution, as well.
series.zip1k99-06-13File is not ratedSequences & Series v1.3
Adds Geometric Mean and Arithmatic Mean. Now does every formula in Chap 15 of Adv Algebra/College Algebra
seri.spread.zip1k12-07-09File is not ratedSpread Series
Returns elements of the spread series, which is essentially a Chebyshev series of the first kind.
seri.trianglr.zip1k12-07-09File is not ratedTriangular Series
Implements an efficient algorithm for computing nth elements of the triangular number series.
sfourier.zip6k00-08-15File is not ratedSeries of Fourier v2.3
This is a program that calculates the Fourier Series Coefficientes Trigonometric and Complex (now Spanish & English!!) New features, you can make the graph of the serie, bug fixed!!!!!!! Enjoy it !!!!!!
tay2d.zip3k01-01-04File is not ratedTaylor Series
Polynomial approximations of all orders for functions of two variable.
tribonaci.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedTribonacci Sequence
Obtain the nth Tribonacci number without simply recursively calling itself upon smaller and smaller numbers. This program is much faster and can generate exact values for up to about the 60th term.

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