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Last updated Monday, 24 October 2022
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Most popular file  gb68k v0.5.6 with 28,366 downloads.

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vxstudio.zip169k06-08-05File rated 8.28VX.Studio
VX.Studio (v1.4) is the professional solution for creating voxel landscapes directly on the calculator. It is fully compatible to the V2-Engine and will also be compatible to future versions of this software. This is an optimized build and some bugs has been fixed. You may also find some video tutorials here: http://www.kaikostack.com/ti89_en.htm The maps created with this software can also be imported into the open source 3D software Blender by converting the voxels into polygons. More details on my website.
gb68k.zip144k05-12-10File rated 8.27gb68k v0.5.6
This is a gameboy emulator for the TI-89, TI-92+, and V200 calculators. See the readme for all the details. This version fixes some nasty bugs.
afw.zip2623k10-03-01File is not ratedAnother Fantasy World (AFW)
AFW is an engine, which allows you to create your own 2D final fantasy like RPG without having to write your own engine. All you need to do is to create your weapons, armors, potions, magics, mobs, maps, and storyline. Editors for these things do exist, but in another file. AFW is not something to take lightly. It is an extensive engine allowing for 1000 of each item type and for 1000 different magics. Mobs and maps are limited to ram. You can also create your own graphics, although over 400 different sprites are already included (you can have up to 1000 different sprites). AFW includes its own scripting language with 64 different tags that can be used to create a storyline. There are over 60 pages worth of user guides on how to create your own RPG by using the AFW engine. A Main game without a storyline is included.
bscrew.zip1k01-06-12File is not ratedBrain Screw v1.01
Game where the computer screws with your brain.Fun to play when you are bored.Small file size.
chip8ti68k.zip667k22-10-24File is not ratedchip8-ti68k v1.0
A full-featured (S)CHIP-8 emulator for your TI calculator. Supports all ti68k graphing calculators and all SCHIP-8 ROMs.
d20dice.zip1k03-05-06File is not ratedD20 system diceroller
This program is used to randomly generate D's on your calc without having to accually roll a dice it features a D2,D3,D4,D6,D8,D12,D20,D100
dontpress89.zip4k10-10-26File is not ratedDo Not Press Enter
A model of Do Not Push the Red Button. The calculator says DO NOT PRESS ENTER, and of course you will.
foblub.zip127k03-04-14File is not ratedFoblub
Foblub is a Z-code interpreter for the TI-89/TI-92+/V200. It allows to play the classical Infocom games on these calculators. Infocom games are interactive fiction, that is, text-mode adventure games ; information about them can be found on several websites, e.g. http://www.latz.org
ftfrdr.zip37k04-07-06File is not ratedFighting Fantasy Reader 1.1
Fighting Fantasy Reader is a tool that enables to play Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. You can easily jump to paragraphs, simulate dice rolls, and create your own gamebooks.
gunrange.zip27k03-05-14File is not ratedGun Range 89
It's just another day in class and you just got an 'F' back. Naturally, you want to take your anger out on something, so come to this FBI/CIA/Army/Whatever shooting range and take your anger out on a paper (virtual) target with either a rifle or a submachine gun.
juggledude.zip68k08-08-24File is not ratedJuggleDude
This is a sequel to Juggle Sim. I believe this is the best juggling animator for any calculator out there. It has an actual juggler juggling on screen. It can handle multiplexing (up to 6 balls at a time) and the actual pattern can have up to 59 balls! Also there are grayscale graphics. There is a built in siteswap library too!
juggler89.zip64k08-08-24File is not ratedJuggle Sim
This is what I think is the best siteswap animator for any calculator. It is the only one I've seen with "hands" and it takes advantage of the wideness of the screen by displaying the animation sideways. It will juggle any asynchronous (non-multiplexing) siteswap. Enjoy!
mathgame.zip4k02-04-02File is not ratedMath Game
This is a really unique game. The idea is to solve math problems as fast as you can, with a lot of fun things added to it! You have to check it out! :)
moveme.zip3k01-03-12File is not ratedMove Me
This is a really stupid program where you use the arrow keys to move a dot around the screen. I mainly wrote this to begin learning C, and the sourcecode is included to help others learn too.
mp_argument.zip20k06-02-02File is not ratedMonty Python's Flying Circus: An Argument
The plot is to say the opposite of what on orator says. All is in the readme.
penguin.zip3k06-10-02File is not ratedWalk the Penguin
Move the cute penguin around the screen with the arrow keys. If you leave it alone for a bit, It'll walk by itself. Press [F1] to watch it juggle.
simon68k.zip6k01-06-08File is not ratedSimon 68k v1.0
The classic Simon game. The computer creates a pattern, and you follow it. Includes hiscores, speeds, and difficulty levels. Similar to the Milton Bradley Electronic Simon (you know, the round black box with flashing lights and colors).
simon89.zip17k01-12-16File is not ratedSimon 89
Simon Says for the TI-89
starflight.zip4k01-07-16File is not ratedStarFlight 89: Galaxy Flight Demo
This is a nostub demo of the galaxy flying engine that I will be using in my current project, StarFlight 89. All you can do right now is just fly around a 20x20 galaxy, that has about 14 solar systems spread throughout. There's no scrolling because I don't know how to do it, yet...
tirayx.zip18k03-12-28File is not ratedTiRayX
new engine of my raycasting engine please report bugs by Email
tiray.zip3k01-03-14File is not ratedTIRayX
Raycasting Engine V0.10

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