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Last updated Tuesday, 24 April 2012
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Most popular file  Tetris v.1.1 with 343,013 downloads.

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tetrisx83plus.zip7k03-03-08File rated 8.28TETRIS X83
Tetris X83 is the best Tetris BASIC game ever created, period. Tetris X83 requires no engine, shell or additional features to run only a working TI-83/+/SE. This advanced game offers so much. It has Untouchable graphics, 3 difficulty settings, 2 game modes, high score and more!! This game plays so well you'll think it isn't programmed in BASIC. Any TI-83 Archive is incomplete and obsolete without this game. Tetris X83 brings a whole new level to BASIC games. Download now!! Only from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe!! www.outerlimit.tk !! Go there for a complete message board and game downloads!!
tetris.zip3k00-03-19File rated 4.25Tetris v.1.1
This is a gorgeous looking Tetris clone for the TI-83+
blckdude.zip2k07-09-08File is not ratedBlock dude Basic
This is BASIC block dude. Enjoy!
blockcht.8xp1k02-02-16File is not ratedBlockDude (PuzzPack) Cheats
The passwords of BlockDude (PuzzPack) up to level 7!
blockdude.zip18k09-10-22File is not ratedBlock Dude: The Sands of Time (xLIB)
Block Dude: The Sands of Time is a BASIC xLIB-run clone of PuzzPack’s Block Dude with a few changes. I’ll cut to the chase: the DEL key now reverses time similar to the Dagger of Time in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, although where Prince of Persia’s feature backed up ten seconds, Block Dude can reverse up to twenty moves without any actual time limit constraint. (Be aware that walking into walls, attempting to pick up nonexistent blocks, etc, count as moves! I’m not sure if this is more of a glitch than a feature; I may try to change this in a future version.) Now you don’t have to fear walking off a high ledge, accidentally cornering yourself in a tight area, or anything of the sort. There are a few other minor changes. First, being programmed in BASIC, it is slightly slower, but not unplayable. Also, since BASIC doesn’t allow for keys being held down in combination with other keys, 2ND now toggles look mode rather than enabling it while held. You can also select which level you want to play without having to remember the password. Block Dude: The Sands of Time also allows you to change the wall, block, and goal sprites (I made up a castle theme) as well as use the inverted sprites for a nighttime effect. prgmBLOKDUDE is the program you run to play. Although prgmENGINE can be run by itself, I don’t recommend in unless you accidentally break execution; even so, you will not be taken to the next level when you beat it. The program uses xLIB’s execute archived program function, so you don’t need to keep the LVL programs unarchived. I may later write a mapmaker for this game, as the code has been set up so player-created levels could be easily implemented.
blocks1.zip9k06-05-25File is not ratedBlocks
The game is similar to jawbreaker on palm computers or JT's Blocks on Yahoo. You select blocks that are the same kind touching each other and they will disappear. The blocks above them will drop down and if you clear a row the rows will slide together. The more blocks you have together the more points you get. Swirly shapes are mixers and will mix the surrounding blocks. The more of the board you clear the bigger the bonus. If you achieve the score needed to move on you will go to another level.
blocks.zip4k01-03-08File is not ratedBlocks v3.0
All of the tetris-like arcade game action that one would ever want! (or need)
blockup.zip2k09-12-14File is not ratedBlock Up
This is a great game inspired by BlockDude from PuzzPack. The point of the game is to get to the top row of the screen as fast as you can, and go on to the next level. There are 2 different ways to play; Fixed map and Random map. For more information, look at the ReadMe.
blokdudebasic.zip1k05-08-31File is not ratedBlockDudeBasic
This is an update of my previous upload. Blockdude basic. In the previous version when you ran it and then pressed a key... it quit. I have fixed that bug simply by adding a final "end" at the bottom of the code! i hope you all have fun with my blockdudebasic program!
bricks.zip4k01-12-10File is not ratedBricks v1.0
Bricks is a puzzle game made after the game called Brick by Brick. Only five levels are included, but in the next version there should be many more. Move and flip the blocks to create the brick wall design pictured.
buildersblock3.zip15k05-12-01File is not ratedBuilder's Block 3
Builder's Block is back! Take on a whole new environment as you make your way through brain-busting puzzles. Over 30 levels of hardcore problem solving as you attempt to create buildings of black and white pieces. Plan each move and think ahead because shots are limited. If you think you can handle a mind-boggling puzzle frenzy, give this game a try!
buildersblock.zip21k03-12-28File is not ratedBuilder's Block
A moderately challenging puzzle game with over 50 levels included. See text file for details.
cavedweller.zip5k09-12-14File is not ratedCave Dweller
This game is modeled after an old DOS puzzle game called Tunnel Man. You are a miner trapped in a cave-in. The goal is to collect all the dynamite and blast your way through the exit at the end of the level. As you move sideways out from under bricks, they fall, potentially trapping your character. A level editor is included. This game won the pure BASIC category of the summer 2009 platformer game programming competition at www.omnimaga.org.
collapse.zip1k03-07-08File is not ratedCollapse
Kind of based on Bejeweled. Select chains of numbers to make them disappear, and any above fall down. Has 4 different difficulty levels.
columns.zip24k04-08-03File is not ratedColumns
Updated twice! Columns is an addictive puzzle game with 3 save files. You are given a 3x6 grid and you have to try to make columns have all the same numbers. You do this by picking a row and all the numbers in the row go up by 1. Game features 3 save files that store top 3 best scores, average score, total accumulated points, and games played.
dino.zip6k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Dino Eggs
Dino Eggs is based on the PuzzPack game Dino Puzzle. The object is to match falling shapes with similar shapes on the field. You do this by moving a cursor and switching two rows at a time to align them with the two incoming shapes before they land and another pair descends. The game starts slowly and increases speed with each point you gain. The high score is saved, and you can save one game at a time.
dotstorm.zip79k09-02-01File is not ratedDotSTORM
New beta version of puzzle game DotSTORM. Erase all the dots on the screen, but beware, you might create one, too. This game still has no levels, but includes a new easy level editor to make your own!!
factoryfreenzy.zip7k09-05-09File is not ratedFactory Freenzy
Factory freenzy is a fun way to kill time. the whole point of the game is to make money, and the machines that make the money have one problem... they break. can you make the highscores by using the money you make from failing machinery to fix them. i have writen 3 difficult settings and 3 challange modes. there is even a custom mode where you set the rules. Warning: My CEO setting is the hardest. prepare to lose... badly
fallblok.zip3k02-05-14File is not ratedFalling Blocks v.1.00
This is my first game over 5000 bytes:) Anyways, this is a Tetris-like game. However, there aren't any of those other shapes. This program only has horizontal and vertical linees of different lengths. A row will clear when it is filled up. The block falls into the lowest empty space there is. BTW, the background is black because when the blocks are dropped, it turns white. This program requires you to have Pic1, 2, and 3.You can play this game on MirageOS if you want.
ftris.zip12k08-09-23File is not ratedFtris
This is a simple puzzle game where you must drop tetrominoes into the playing area to clear rows. Features a hard drop and next piece. Takes up only 1.5K! Includes pictures and documentation.
jontetris.zip2k05-11-10File is not ratedTetris
A tetris game I made that in my opinion is the best basic version out there. Runs fast, has no bugs, and is very fun! Try it out.
lpc.zip6k10-06-12File is not ratedLink's Puzzle Challenge
This the entry that finished 2nd at the Cemetech Contest #5. It's an ASCII puzzle game where you have to move blocks to find you way through the maze. Supports external levels, and 2 demo levels are included.
melisma83p.zip2k03-10-31File is not ratedMelisma v1.0
This graphical puzzle game is based on programs such as Tetris Attack and others, but with an important twist. You must go through a set of 40 levels to beat the game, increasing in difficulty. You must eliminate squares wiht letters, numbers, and symbols by matching them horizontally or vertically. Once you clear the board, you advance to the next level. New level sets will soon be available, so that when you complete the included set you can continue to play. You can also make your own level sets. If Str5 gets deleted, simply run MLSMREST to restore it. Check out this fun and engrossing game!
overflowlite.zip3k03-09-08File is not ratedOVERFLOW LITE
Basically the same game as the regular OVERFLOW. Only now, I decresed the graphics and saved gameplay speed. Therefore improving its gameplay. Only from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe!!! Please visit us at www.outerlimit.tk !!
overflow.zip4k03-07-19File is not ratedOVERFLOW
OVERFLOW is an awesome game. The object of the game is to prevent the stacking blocks from overflowing the screen. It is your job to delete these bloacks as they come. This game has a score function where it stores every score into one long list. That way you will never forget your scores. It has Superior graphics, low memory requirements, and 3 difficulty settings. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!! Please support Outer Limit Software by going to www.outerlimit.tk and registering for our forum!!! Only from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe!!!!
sovietblok.zip11k08-09-23File is not ratedSoviet Blok
Soviet Blok is a unique game where you must drop bloks to make 3-in-a-row or more to collect bread. Avoid stacking the bloks to the top! Takes up less than 1K, includes pictures and documentary. "In Soviet Russia, blok drops YOU!"
starlightcrystalv2.0.zip5k03-06-21File is not ratedStarlight Crystal v2.0
An updated and highly graphical version of my puzzle game Starlight Crystal v1.0 Beta.
starlightcrystal.zip1k03-06-04File is not ratedStarlight Crystal
This is a game where you rearange pieces on a board and blow them up when you have a row of 3. The object of the game is to leave 1 piece left on the board. Its very addictive and very fun.
switchet.zip1k04-01-02File is not ratedSwitchet
This is a sweet little game based off of the NES's "Yoshi" which is also what the popular puzzle pack game "Dino Puzzle" is based on. The idea is to match up falling blocks. If two don't match, however, they will begin to stack up. I it ever reaches the top, you lose. The game continually get's harder as you gain levels. Make all the block's dissapear to gain a level and a bonus. Otherwise get 10,20,30 and so on point's to advance to the next level. Have fun.
tetris2.zip2k00-12-10File is not ratedTetris v1.0
A recreation of the classic NES game. It's in BASIC, but it's fast, and accurate to the original.
tetris3.zip8k03-04-10File is not ratedTetris v2.2
This is a fast, text-based tetris game. Version 2.2 includes all new pieces, even faster drawing routines, as well as an added bonus, a demo of v3.0beta, a fully-graphical version. Check out the screenshots!
tetris4.zip30k06-06-18File is not ratedTetris: xLIB Style
Tetris: xLIB Style is a small tetris program enhanced with the power of xLIB. The result is a tetris game that is graphically and characteristically equivalent to assembly level programming. Despite the obvious lack of speed in some areas, this game manages to pull together outstanding graphics and playability to earn the title of being one of the greatest tetris programs available.
tetrisn2.zip7k05-12-10File is not ratedTetris
A great Tetris game featuring all 7 tetris shapes, super small size (1830 to be exact), just one program, very fast for basic, great graphics, and saved highscores.
tetrisn.zip8k05-06-23File is not ratedTetris by nitacku
This tetris features: - only ONE program - ALL 7 tetris shapes - FASTEST basic tetris - Only 2877 bytes on RAM - SMALLEST tetris ever - Wonderful GRAPHICS - Difficulty progresses with level - HIGHSCORES are saved - ADDICTING game play :)
tetrix.zip6k09-04-12File is not ratedTetrix
The perfect Tetris port has arrived in pure TI-BASIC. Tetrix has the original features of Tetris without the combersome size (only 2,267 bytes!). And best of all, it's only one file! Choose your preferred control scheme (see readme), send it to your calc, and start clearing lines. TI-83 + SE or better to run properly.
theblockpuzzlegame.zip1k10-08-27File is not ratedThe Block Puzzle
A fun, challenging block game in which you have to move the big block to the exit. It should take a bit of time to finish.
thegridgamemappack1.zip1k12-04-24File is not ratedThe Grid Game: Map Pack 1
The first Map Pack of The Grid Game. The objective of the game is to fill in every black space in the map. Every time you move, the space you were on gets filled in. There are 8 levels to complete, and when all are complete customization of sprites is unlocked in the menu. Some of these maps are a real puzzler, and it takes a while to complete them. The first four levels are introductory to teach you the basic concepts in the game, while the last four are the real challenges. Future map packs are in the making. Map pack 2 will include a new block to create a whole new level of gameplay! Map 6 and Map 8 credits goes to JL.
tiles.zip79k10-12-23File is not ratedTiles v2.0
"Tiles v2.0" is an upgraded version of "Tiles". It is a puzzle game in which the object is to clear each level of all the tiles that are in it. You start on the first tile and as you jump to the one next to it, the one you came from will fall down. Continue jumping around until all the tiles are gone, it's as simple as that!

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