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Last updated Saturday, 22 September 2012
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Most popular file  Ion v1.6 with 281,013 downloads.

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addonsfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Shell Addons
oldfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
axesh.zip2k12-09-22File is not ratedAxeSh
Axe programmers, here's a tool that allows you to manage both Axe source and executables ! With this shell-like program, you'll can directly compile your Axe sources, launch your nostub executables and lock and delete files ! It replaces efficiently the Axe app and a shell, but you can still launch the Axe app from the shell too ! Make sure to give it a try ;) Needs Axe.8xk to work properly.
plasma141.zip21k08-11-29File is not ratedPlasma 1.4.1 (Unofficial)
Fully Ion compatable shell that runs programs by copying them out of FLASH rather than unarchiving them. This saves on the flash chip and doesn't produce any Garbage Collect messages. If is also sporting a nice 82 style GUI. 1.4.1 fixes a bug when loading an appvar from the archive. **I (Envian) take no credit for the writing of this application. See included copyright** I'm posting this without permission because as far as I can tell, the original project has been abandoned.
freitazos.zip24k06-08-25File is not ratedFreitazOS (Beta version 1.0 P.)
This is only a beta... are much to see look arround...Contains: the application, 3 programs that can be installed in FreitazOS, a pic, and documention. It's a shell with windows look.
raosx.zip5k05-08-21File is not ratedRAOS X v11.2
RAOS is a shell for the TI-83 Plus. You can run BASIC and ASM programs in the ram or the archive. This also includes settings, a command prompt and much more. Check the readme file for all the features and the screenshots for a preview. Coming soon: run ion programs.
globalos.zip6k03-10-23File is not ratedGlobal OS
Another Demo of what GlobalOS is coming to be. This version has much more content, a bit more functionality, and it is 98% more stable. There are still a few places that cause the program to go into a loop. But nothing that will make your calculater freeze or have to clear the ram. Just simply try to exit it a few times and it will.
win2k3.zip1k03-04-22File is not ratedWin 2k3
This is a demo of what is to come for my assembly version of my BASIC Win 2003 shell that I released a good year ago. It still has a lot of work and right now doesn't do much of anything except check the batteries. The final version should be out in a couple of months or so.
plasma14.zip21k02-02-16File rated 7.95Plasma 1.4
Fully Ion compatable shell that runs programs by copying them out of FLASH rather than unarchiving them. This saves on the flash chip and doesn't produce any Garbage Collect messages. If is also sporting a nice 82 style GUI.
pse.zip9k01-03-24File is not ratedPurple Haze Special Edition
This shell will revolutionize the ASM world. I am currently working on making PSE to recognize basic programs. It is much like ion, but it has some stuff that Ion just doesnt have. This has 100% ion emulation. All ion programs can be used on this. Programming for this shell is exactly like programming for Ion. This is because well it uses the same include file (ion.inc). Full documentation included.
tsekrnl.zip26k01-01-06File is not ratedTSE II v1.0
TSE II is the latest version of TSE, a multitasking shell for the 83+. With ease, you can task-switch between programs. An Ion-emulation shell is also included. This latest version features advanced program management, a free RAM indicator, major optimizations in the kernel, and more!
izzard.zip3k01-01-06File is not ratedIzzard v1.0
An Ion-compatible shell. Has a easy-to-use GUI, folder support, password protection, and lockdown feature.
ion.zip19k00-06-18File rated 7.76Ion v1.6
Ion is an assembly language shell for both the TI-83 and the TI-83 Plus.
ice.zip3k99-12-24File is not ratedIce v0.91
An ion compatible assembly shell for both the Ti-83 and the TI-83 Plus.

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