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Last updated Sunday, 30 November 2008
Total downloads 7,493
Most popular file  Accelerate Factor 2.0 (Mirage OS version) with 5,149 downloads.

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trigmtry.zip34k04-09-21File rated 6.72The Trig Machine v3.6
THE ULTIMATE TRIANGLE SOLVER! Simply stated this program will solve for any angle or side of a triangle that you don't know. Input any variation of 3 different angels or sides and the program will automatically find and solve the resulting unknowns. The program also displays an option of viewing the area of each triangle. There are two different ways to view the results, including a graphical display and a list option. In addition the program also checks and makes sure that the triangle is in fact a real triangle. An error is displayed if it is not. This is a direct ASM port from the BASIC version, has many more features, and of course runs faster. Added in this upgrade from the original is a list view along with the GUI view.
acceleratefactor2.zip11k04-09-11File is not ratedAccelerate Factor 2.0 (Mirage OS version)
Who says you can't use Mirage OS for math programs? Now you can factor numbers in very little time by using Mirage OS!! The program will calculate the factors of any natural number (for example, the factors of 24 are 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24) and store the values to a list named FACT. This program is about 3 times faster than any BASIC programs of the same type! Maximum for factoring is 1^127. This program will reliably store up to 999 factors for a number. Caution: To prevent your calculator from getting messed up (i.e. Mirage will not detect this program), do not even try to type in numbers greater than 1^127.
acidbase.zip11k05-04-05File is not ratedWeak Acid/Base Solver v2.1
Using this program you can quickly find the pH of any weak acid or base and is in general a very useful tool for acid/base equilibrium problems.
approxomaxmirage.zip5k05-06-11File is not ratedApproxomax 2.0 - MirageOS
This program calculates the decimal equivalent of the ratio of two integers to a nearly infinite degree. The original program has been ported to ASM and is now MirageOS compatible.
baseconvertor.zip16k03-06-02File is not ratedBase Convertor
This program is designed as an easy-to-use quick base convertor, capable of converting a word (two bytes, or 16 bits). It was written originally by Robin Kay for TSE, which I don't use. Hence you'll find both an ION and a MirageOS version inside the zip.
tempconvert.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedTemperature Converters
With these converters, you can convert Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. Instructions in Readme. NOTE: I strongly recommend that you have MirageOS to launch these programs.

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