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Last updated Thursday, 5 June 2003
Total downloads 119,208
Most popular file  Baseball '99 v1.1 with 34,444 downloads.

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zpenalty.zip56k07-03-30File is not ratedPeno Football
Ceci est un jeu de tir de pénalties. On peut jouer à 1 ou 2 joueurs. Il "pèse" seulement 2.6 ko. Le code source est totalmente commente en Francais! This is a penalties (soccer) shooting game. There are 1 and 2 players modes. It takes only 2.6 kB. The source code is fully commented in French.
bcsk8r.zip4k05-11-19File rated 7.97Big City Skater
Big City Skater is a fast-paced skateboarding game. Perform tricks jumping from rooftop to rooftop in a randomly generated (constantly changing) environment. Only 8 tricks so far, looking for ideas/suggestions. (NOTE: This is a beta version and contains no known bugs, but is not a fully functional game, i.e., no scoring system as of yet, etc.) PS - I found this on my computer from about 2 years ago, its really fun and thought I would share it with anyone interested in helping finish the project.) Enjoy!
sb12uk.zip12k03-06-05File rated 8.70TI Slimeball
Now works in MirageOS too! This is a volleyball game featuring two slimes. I admit the idea has been used before, but I love the way it works, and it havn't been done for a miniconsole yet afaik, so I hope you will too. You can play head to head or versus an ai controlled player. Read the source for documentation. I can almost promise a great amount of fun :)
xtremegolfalpha.zip9k03-05-09File is not ratedxTreme Golf Alpha - Engine Demo
Help! I've got this engine sitting on my HDD, and don't know what to do with it... the low resolution makes it quite bad for a golfing game... so please email me support and/or ideas! Check out the screen-shots below for a quick preview of the 'quality' of the engine - it's quite fast too!
sk8brd.zip11k03-03-14File rated 7.30TI-sk8brd
TI-SK8BRD is a halfpipe game in which points can be scored by doing tricks. The objective is to score the most points before crashing or running out of time. Many different tricks/combinations, high scores, and bonuses, too.
arcadevolleyball.zip1k02-09-06File is not ratedArcade Volleyball
Arcade Volleyball is just what it sounds like, arcade volleyball. Try and get the computer to miss the ball or hit is three times on his side. The rules are in the documentation. Hope You enjoy. E-mail me about anything or not. I don't care. Have Fun!
advt.zip15k02-04-22File rated 8.38Adv. Tennis v0.5
This game has definetely come a long way, I fixed the "Ion freeze at the beginning" bug. A tennis game, currently only 1 player. play against the computer in a 1, 2 or 3 set match . Good graphics and good computer. Have fun, thnxs to everyone who provided feedback on the past versions.
ftball.zip12k01-03-25File is not ratedChris' FootBall v2.1
A great football game for your calculator. What you do is run to score a touch down like in football. But you have to get threw the defense. You may need to find new ways to get threw them. GAME IS VERY FUN. If you want to tell me anything about the game email me at chrisdabomb@angelfire.com
box.zip8k00-09-05File rated 4.02Atari Boxing v2.0
Atari Boxing is a port of the old Boxing game for the Atari 2600. This version includes both one & two player modes in which you fight against either the calculator or another human opponent (on the same calculator). There will be updates in the future to improve on the cruddy AI that this version incorporates..
base.zip20k99-12-20File rated 7.24Baseball '99 v1.1
A 2-D baseball game based on a Tiger Handheld game
slopes2.zip19k99-11-09File is not ratedSlopes v2.0 with Level Editor
A skiing game not unlike Microsoft's SkiFree.

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