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Last updated Saturday, 31 March 2007
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cdtest.zip1k00-11-24File is not ratedTest for Summation Series Convergence/Divergence
This program allows you to do a simple test of a summation series for convergence or divergence
converge83.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedTest for Convergence v1.1
Procedure for determining convergence: Tells you what test to use and if the series converges or diverges. Includes the nth-Term, geometric series, p-Series, integral test, ratio test, comparison, nth-Root, and the alternating series test.
fibonaci.zip1k00-07-14File is not ratedFibonacci Sequence v1.10
This program executes various functions dealing with the Fibonacci sequence.
fibseqs83.zip1k07-03-31File is not ratedExtended Fibonacci Sequences
This program allows you to view an extended Fibonacci Sequence. You can view the normal Fibonacci Sequence by entering "2" when prompted, as each number is the sum of the two before it. Similarly, enter "3" to have a sequence with each number being the sum of the last three numbers. This is sometimes called the tribonacci sequence. You can enter in any number between 1 and 20; after 20, it takes too long to calculate.
fib.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedFibonacci Sequence
gauss.zip1k00-07-14File is not ratedGauss Sequence v1.10
This program executes various functions dealing with the Gauss numbers (triangle numbers).
iter.zip2k00-10-13File is not ratedIteration Suite
Displays numerical values and graphical representations of the iterations of a function.
macs83.zip1k02-06-16File is not ratedMaclaurin Series v1.1
Displays the 7 maclaurin series with the sigma notation, interval of convergence, and 1+x... format separated by categories.
partial83.zip2k02-05-20File is not ratedPartial Sums of a Recursive Series
Sequence and graph of partial sums. Table and graph option included.
partials.zip1k00-06-12File is not ratedPartial Sums v1.0
Calculate partial sums of the function t(k).
pascal2.zip1k00-09-24File is not ratedPascal's Triange v1.11
This program lets you find certain values dealing with Pascal's Triangle.
pascal3.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedPascal's Triangle Row Finder
See readme file
pascal4.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedPascal
Program that calculates all the numbers in any given row of the Pascal Triangle
pascal5.zip1k02-02-20File is not ratedPascal's Triangle
Draw the first 9 rows of Pascal's Triangle, or compute any row.
pascal.zip1k98-07-31File is not ratedPascal's Triangle v1.2
Lists the terms of any row, find the sum of any row, and displays the number given a row number and a term number.
recurs83.zip1k02-11-28File is not ratedSuper Recurs-O-Matic 83
It does Recursive Series.
rest_z80.zip2k03-12-16File is not ratedRest
Programme utile en spé math (Terminale S), pour savoir le reste dans la division de a^n par b selon n Ce prog utilise l'écran graphique mais le retitu tel qu'il était avant.Retrouvez plus de programmes pr le lycée sur www.Ti-Gruge.fr.st
sequence1.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedSequence Solver
This program allows you to solve problems dealing with number sequences. Comes with an extensive readme with information on the problems that can be solved by this program.
sequence83.zip1k07-03-06File is not ratedSequence Rule Finder
This program will find the general rule for any 'n'th term in a sequence. A useful, fun, and educational math tool, be sure to download this! This version is for the TI-83 only, and does not have the cool big graph screen font.
sequence.zip1k98-01-19File is not ratedSequence 1.1 (AShell83 Compatible)
series.zip3k01-06-14File is not ratedSeries and Sequences v1.10
This program is a combination of what used to be my series evaluator, gauss, and fibonacci programs. It deals with displaying the series and individual values of the Gauss and Fibonacci sequences, as well as various functions regarding arithmetic and geometric series.
tenchipascal83.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedPascal`s Triangle
All you have to do is enter the row number you want to see. Then, it will automatically, after calculating the row, show you all the numbers in that row you requested.

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