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Last updated Tuesday, 22 November 2011
Total downloads 49,704
Most popular file  AHangman with 6,408 downloads.

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eraman.zip6k11-11-22File is not ratedEra-Man V 1.1 for Era-Systems V 2.11
This is Hangman, the game where you you have to guess a word and if you guessed for too many times your hangman will die. PLEASE NOTE: This is an app for Era-Systems V 2.11 (or later). You must download and install it before you can play! New features: - MULTIPLAYER: The Multiplayer is now working!!! - WORDS: ThereĀ“s now a word-install-engine. This means you can install wordpacks with the installer which can be found in the folder of this app. Much fun wishes Era-Comp. :-) On the 22nd November 2011 I released a wrong version of this file. It contained the main program of the ealier version, sorry about this. I fixed it now with this version!
hangmanx83.zip3k04-05-30File is not ratedHANGMAN X83
Hangman X83 is certainly a game that blows away the competition. To start off it has great graphics, tied in with a perfect horizontal screen setup which enables easy gameplay. Its features include: 1 and 2 player mode, over 220 words for 1 player mode, a maximum of of 44 chars, low memory requirements, and graphical menus. One of the special things about this clone, is that on the Outer Limit Software site it tells users in detail how to create their own word lists for others to play with. That way the words will never run out, and the program will not become obsolete. Made by Bryan Thomas. Only from Outer Limit Software. Visit http://www.olsoft.tk. ***UPDATE*** This game is now 500,000 times faster then the original, using advanced word wrap equations, it searches through the words with a universal speed. It also has easier navigatable menus, and even a solve function where if the person knows it, they can solve the word instead of typing each individual letter. This is THE best BASIC Hangman EVER!! (screenshots are from older version, they do not do this game justice)
hangman83.zip1k03-04-07File is not ratedHangman
Play hangman. The first player enters the word (using alpha-lock) then the second player must guess it.
hangguy.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedHanggguy v1.0
2-player hangman-game, with good graphics and easy gameplay
superhangman.zip5k03-02-11File is not ratedSuper Hangman
Superb hangman game with great graphics and single or multiplayer interface. 150 words included with the game for single player. In multiplayer, Player one types in a word for player two to guess. Really fun and entertaining. E-mail me for the word list format or email me a word list and I will make one for you.
surprise2.zip1k02-07-26File is not ratedSurprise
A fun game that scrambles letters into a random position for you to solve. The surprise comes at the end when your word is used in a very funny sentence.
wof.zip2k01-08-05File is not ratedWheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune game. Great graphics!!
hangmanx.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedHangman X
Hangman with numbers instead of chars.
ahangman.zip2k01-02-04File is not ratedAHangman
A very nice and fun hangman game created by Black. You can play with 2 or alone!
hangman4.zip3k00-09-28File is not ratedHangMan
Two player hangman game, players share the calc
hangman.zip2k00-09-16File is not ratedHangman v1.0a
Removed the screen shots from the .zip file in order to make the file size much smaller. 2-player Hangman game.
hangman2.zip3k00-08-15File is not ratedHangman v1.0
Made the screen shot smaller which made the archive size smaller. 2-player Hangman game. Also, in the Archive Contents is a link to my online TI-83/TI-83 Plus BASIC programming tutorials called BASIC Guru Online. Click on the link to be automatically sent to the website.
hangman3.zip8k00-06-26File is not ratedHangman
A puzzle game for 1 player vs. calculator or 2 players
hanglady.zip2k00-04-15File is not ratedHanglady v1.0
An neat graphical game just like hangman, and you can add your own words to a a word database. The program picks a word randomly. Comes with a premade database of words. Very Fun! - Recently Updated
hang4ever.zip4k00-03-31File is not ratedHang4Ever
hangmn2k.zip6k00-02-28File is not ratedHangmn2k
The best one or two player hangman game! Packed with features!
hangman1.zip4k99-07-28File is not ratedHangman
A one and two player hangman game.

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